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Drowned in Sound: J Mascis - Tied to a Star

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Deli Best of Nashville 2012 - Submission Results!

The results are in from the Open Submissions stage for our Nashville Year End Poll for Emerging Artists. All of the submissions were ranked by Deli Editors from other scenes and the list of acts that have advanced to our Readers’/Fans’ Poll phase are below. We will also be releasing the list of nominees chosen by our local "scene expert" jurors very soon. 

We would like to thank all of the talented artists who submitted. It was our largest Open Submissions pool yet, and certainly a testament to how many rad acts we have in Nashville.
Qualified to the final phase of the Best of Nashville Poll:
Honorable Mentions (score above 7)
Andrew Leahey & the Homestead (Alt Country), Angel Snow (Indie Folk), Digital Jihad (Electronic), Greg Owens and the Whiskey Weather (Bluegrass), Lauren Rantala (Lounge Pop), Lines In the Sky (Prog Rock), Samantha Harlow (Country), The JAG (Psych Rock), The Last Royals (Indie Pop).
Jurors: Gracie Gutman (Deli SF), Ben Toledo (Deli Portland) Paolo De Gregorio (Deli NYC). 
The Deli's Staff

Review - "Wasted Fangs EP"

Wasted Fangs is the kind of entity that can only spring up from ground that's fertile with musical talent:  Two dudes (Nick Garrison and John Hetherington) take a break from their main band (the ever-popular Knifight) to generate their own excellent, uniquely-styled EP.

Knowing what you know, you'd expect the "Wasted Fangs EP" to be something along the 80-ish/synth-powered lines that Knifight is famous for.  Nope, these two have carved out their own sonic path; generating primarily acoustic-driven, shoe-gaze-ish numbers; some bearing a slightly-folksy feel ("When You Sleep"); some driving you to dance with their uniformly-excellent percs ("Smoke and Mirrors", "Slam Poetry 2k12").  But all these tracks bear riffs familiar enough to draw you in, melded into unique compositional shapes - all steering clear of typical ABA format - creating a brand new form that has all the ingredients you like, twisted and turned into something unknown, yet recognizable.  

Great freshman release, great addition to your iPod.  With a release this good, we're curious as to just how involved (or not) their subconscious was in taking on the name "Wasted Fangs". 

--Scott Osborn


Cotillon: January Residency at Harvard & Stone

Harvard & Stone will be serving up a super-sized menu this January. It’s fitting for a month with five Tuesdays; each one carefully curated to feature some of the best local bands in the lo-fi, garage, surf and punk oeuvres. The headliner for each night will be newbies, Cotillon, who have very recently released their first EP, Votive Flower. A potpourri, if you will, of delicate pop melodies straight from the heart, poured out over gritty guitar riffs, and an almost early Beatles-esque frenzy. The heartbroken longings of frontman, Jordan Corso, are tinged with the kind of teenage angst fit for the soundtrack of a John Hughes movie. They will be joined by acts such as Colleen Green, The Abigails, Dirt Dress, Cosmonauts, and Criminal Hygeine, with DJ sets from the likes of Este Haim. Check out the facebook invite for all the specifics - and if you’re looking for an extra incentive, each night is Free. That’s right, everyone’s favorite price. - Jacqueline Caruso

Foreign Fields Tops Best of Nashville Open Submissions

Originally from Wisconsin, Foreign Fields began working on their debut LP, Anywhere But Where I Am, two years ago in an abandoned office building. Shortly after, the five-piece moved their project down to Nashville, where their electric folk sound has become part of the aggregate of bands changing the perception of what Nashville's modern music scene really sounds like.


Nashville Open Submission results: Anna Haas is 2nd Best

Anna Haas is one of the rare natives of the local music scene. After growing up in Nashville and following a career in dance to Boston and then to NYC, Haas found her place in the music industry as a singer/songwriter. Armed with years of stage training and a razor-sharp wit that bleeds through to her lyrics, Anna Haas draws inspiration from various sources, each of them creating a new layer to her textured career.


Nashville Open Submission results: Herschel Garrison comes in 3rd

Born and raised in St. Louis, Herschel Garrison moved to Nashville at the age of 16. After learning to play the guitar and taking the stage at a few open mic nights, Garrison followed his talent to Arizona, where he studied audio engineering and learned to make all of his own beats. Discovering an affinity for rapping, the singer/songwriter-turned-beat maker learned to blend his mosaic of musical talents and returned to Music City, where he currently produces, records, and mixes all of his own music, which he describes as "Lupe Fiasco meets Kid Cudi." 


Nashville Open Submission results: Waked Lunch lands on 4th Place

Described as a side project of Rosemary Haskins, Waked Lunch was inspired by William Burroughs and Angelo Badalamenti and is edited using Burroughs' writing technique, "the cut-up method." After working with saxophonist Steve Mackay on his experimental jazz album, Haskins decided to create her own niche just off the beaten path, utilizing samples, strings, atmospheric sounds, and a myriad of instruments to define her sound. 


Found in the NYC Music Submissions: Erica Glyn

Geeks everywhere unite! Erica Glyn is that rare spirit who's both responsible for the lyrics and vocal delivery of her songs... as well as the world of sounds occupying her music. Indeed, she does all the heavy lifting herself on latest full-length 'Static,' and the result is a deeply personal grinder against life's grinds. Glyn is not one to suffer silently, and her razor blade grooves cut deep on rejoinders like album opener 'Commonplace.' Not to say the record doesn't have its lighter moments, but even when things are quiet, Glyn is always just one step away from throwing her full sonic arsenal into the action. New video 'I'm Not Here' perfectly captures Erica's worldly misgivings by depositing her face around New York landmarks while she tries to convince you otherwise. A true tour-de-force, Erica is a whirlwind of ideas with an attitude to match. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

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