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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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The Deli LA Presents: Haunted Summer at The Echo Tonight

Mystical duo Haunted Summer have been enchanting audiences each monday during this spook-filled month of October for their residency at The Echo. This coming Monday, to close out the whole shebang, The Deli LA will be presenting the night. Their residency is centered around the release of their EP, ‘Something in The Water.’ Playing songs off the EP as well as new tunes written during their recent honeymoon in Paris, John Seasons and Bridgette Eliza Moody, will be backed by a full band. Last week, they debuted the live version of a former B-side, “Ain’t One,” which is streaming below. It was a showstopper, featuring Moody’s light-as-air vocals soaring above the band’s signature psyched-out sound design experimentation. The line-up for the final week is stellar, featuring a Deli Mag favorite, Touché, who we reviewed earlier this year, alongside recent singees to Innovative Leisure whose music has mysteriously evaporated from the interweb, De Lux, as well as densely, spaced-out newcomers, Historian. It’s sure to be one of those epic, celebratory evenings made for re-telling. Head to The Echo’s site for more info and set times. - Jacqueline Caruso

Mooner on Rooftop Sessions

Rooftop Sessions Chicago has released a fantastic performance by Mooner. The band's latest single is called "Making Americans" and can be downloaded for what ever amount you like below.

You can catch Mooner on Oct. 30th at Quenchers performing as Zevon.



Kid Sister "Hoes In The House"

Kid Sister has released a new single called "Hoes In The House". The new track was produced by Valentino Khan.


Coastgaard releases new single from upcoming debut album

We've been writing quite a lot about NYC indie popsters Coastgaard this past summer, and we are glad to hear that the US college radios have been enjoying their music too: the band recently rose to #64 on CMJ's top 200 radio charts. They just released a new dreamy single "Beach 3 (Ocean Blue)" from their self titled debut album, check it out below.


Best of our CMJ: Big Ups releases 'Eighteen Hours of Static' LP in January 2014

For certain genres of music, the quality of the live show resides largely on the performance of the lead vocalist. Big Ups play some kind of post-hardcore that cannot be easily described - it must be experienced. We live vicariously through the bands we see; they go mad so that we can satisfy our need to go mad. In this respect, Big Ups deliver, and their songs, with their short, Minutemen-like lengths, venture far beyond the typical hardcore shtick. We saw them again at the OhMyRockness CMJ show last week, after booking them at Spike Hill at our 2012 NYC B.E.A.F. fest. The band has perfected their own loud/quiet dynamic, and they take all sorts of wild divergences, even dabbling a bit in funk and psych, with absurd lyrics to add further to the chaos. Check out the preview single 'Wool' from their upcoming album "Eighteen Hours of Static" streaming below, or the more aggressive title track here.



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