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Congratulations to Creature Comfort, Our New Artist of the Month!

 Congratulations to Creature Comfort for winning our Artist of the Month poll.  The quartet put out their album "Fox Tales" last spring, and followed up with a masterful video for earworm "All My Friends," (you may remember us writing about it last month.) Their ambient take on indie rock riffs a little on early Modest Mouse ramblings, resulting in a distinct and entirely addictive sound strong enouth to carry them to victory in our latest poll (guidance from drummer Taylor Cole, who's other project Chalaxy won our poll earlier this year, likely didn't hurt either!) "Karma's Gonna Get You" is should get you pumped for Creature Comfort's show at fooBar tonight at 8pm.  Go down and check them out, then be sure to buy them a beer. -Terra James-Jura  


The Tablets release 'Swallow The Rival' single from EP 'Ground'

There's something very seductive about female vocals delivered in a deadpan way, like in The Tablets' songs, as if the lady behind the mic wanted to implcitly let you know that she is too detached and confident to be bothered by anything, YOU in particular. The Brooklyn band's drone-pop develops on singer Liz Godoy's simple melodies and her band mates gentle dreamy fluorishes, while a spare drum machine contributes in preventing the overall sound from getting too "human." That's at least what we hear in the ban'ds recent single 'Swallow The Rival' (streaming) from the EP 'Ground.' 

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Alien Whale re-emerges from a jammy sea

The idea of a jam-band entertaining Brooklyn crowds may seem like a difficult thing to conceive, but supposedly not when heavy effects and synthetic filth is introduced into the mix. Brooklyn-based Alien Whale - a side project of Talibam!'s Matt Mottel (on keys), Colin Langenus of USA is a Monster (on guitar) and Nick Lesley (on drums), creates a trip of a musical experience, with nightmarish, swirling keyboard tones, and jabby, screeching guitar, like a more drugged-up end of “Sister Ray,” that goes on and on. Like when you wake from a dream to find out you’re still in a dream. When you think it’s about to get stale, a new synth tone, or guitar hook is introduced, altered, and then transformed into something else entirely. The process works well, like you can tell that when these songs were conceived, the trio just understood each other, and everything they liked to create. The end result is exactly what the name sounds like: something otherworldly and huge. The band re-emerged recently to play a bunch of shows, check out opening track 'Mikado' from their 2010 album "Live on Tape." – JP Basileo


New Track: "D'USSE (Freestyle)" - Young Savage

Here's a new freestyle from Young Savage where he uses the beat from Lil Wayne's new single "D'USSE." You can also download his latest EP Camos & Jordans HERE. Enjoy!


In Review: Guantanamo Baywatch at Mississippi Studios 5.23

I feel uncomfortable admitting that I had never seen Guantanamo Baywatch before. The songs performed were largely instrumental, high intensity surf rock. Gazing at the drummer proved to be a show in itself, with his countless expressions exhibiting euphoria, tension, rage and contentment. It was amusing to overhear the bassist ask the rest of the members to slow down due to exhaustion. It made sense though, as their speed was beyond physical comfort. This rush coerced everyone else in the room to dance, push, shove, light up and drive the bouncers crazy. The interaction from the audience was incredible. Lights were blaring through the venue, creating a tunnel of “you’re being escorted out” beaming for several people finalizing their destructive ways. It was nice to finally see this band, since they rarely play Portland. They did it proper, as Mississippi Studios was nearly torn apart.

- Colette Pomerleau



Which of these emerging local acts should be The Deli New England's next Artist of the Month?

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