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The VeeVees play Knitting Factory on September 28

Opening with an eerie rendition of Peggy Lee's classic hit "Fever" before exploding with a gut-wrenching scream and three minutes of visceral rock-and-roll, the self-titled first track (streaming below) on "Cream of Heaven," the latest EP from Brooklyn's The VeeVees, is a charismatic throwback to the in-your-face attitude that rock was built on. The group puts out a vibrant and dynamic energy that will have you banging your head along with the overdriven guitars and driving drums. Lead singer Sophia Urista's voice is raw and powerful, bringing an element of punk to the rock-and-roll instrumentals, and commanding the attention of listeners. The EP, released back in June, starts off strong and is unrelenting over the course of its four songs, clocking in at a fast-paced fifteen minutes. The group recently performed at Irving Plaza and you can catch them next on September 28th at Knitting Factory. - Patrick Wolff


Take a breather with Elohim's latest, "Xanax"

Complimenting her first single, “She Talks Too Much”, Elohim's latest, “Xanax”, creates a stimulating, relaxing emotion similar to the effects of the actual medication. Elohim has taken on a whole new meaning to the original text as the electro-pop artist takes a step into the luxurious spotlight of true LA creativity. After closely listening to both singles of the AA-Side single, released July 24th, I have come to the conclusion that there are conscious similarities with “She Talks Too Much” and “Xanax”. One dealing with a girl who obliviously talks too much, and the other dealing with panic attacks and taking a drug that calms you down. Hop in the car, roll your windows down and cruise to The Rickshaw Shop on October 2nd in San Francisco to see her live. - Kayla Hay



New Video: “Frances Quinlan Will Get Her Revenge On Philadelphia” (Live) - The Superweaks (formerly known as The Weaks)

Recently rebranded (Check out their hilarious introduction video HERE!) and formerly known as The Weaks, The Superweaks made a stop at Little Elephant in Toledo, Ohio to record a live performance of “Frances Quinlan Will Get Her Revenge On Philadelphia” from their LP Bad Year via Lame-O Records. Heavy thumping backend and searing guitars create an in-your-face intensity that is balanced by harmony to produce a most enjoyable surge of pop punk. The band is slated to perform at Boot & Saddle on Friday, September 18 on a lineup that also includes Teenage Bottlerocket, Pears, and Mannequin Pussy.


New Track: "Foolish Heart" - August John Lutz II

Levee Drivers are gearing up to record a new full-length album this fall at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, Mississippi with Andrew Bryant (Water Liars). All that will take some time to complete and see the light of day so until then, frontman August John Lutz II has a solo EP, entitled O' My Foolish Heart (which he recorded with The Lawsuits's Brian Dale Allen Strouse and Josh Friedman), to share. You can take a listen to its lead single "Foolish Heart" below, and he'll be celebrating the album's release this Saturday, September 5 at Bourbon & Branch. (Photo by Q.D. Tran)


The Deli Philly’s September Record of the Month: Hardcore Friends - Lithuania

Lithuania’s debut full-length album Hardcore Friends via Lame-O Records begins with the mad-dashing punk jolt of “God In Two Persons.” The song quickly gathers momentum as a rush of power chords and percussion develop an instantaneous flow of energy, and Eric Slick’s controlled agitation questions and states, “What is on your mind?/You do it all the time.” “Pieces” pushes a crusty grunge aesthetic, as the spoken lyrics linger, embedding them in one’s mind. “I need something that I can’t hold on to./Please believe I would never do you wrong.” What initially speaks to a fundamental instrumental rawness is balanced by a melodic refinement.
Dominic Angelella unlocks the window of vulnerability in “I Wanna Drink Poison.”  A simple percussion and guitar allow his delicate vocals to etch a confession that aches with authenticity. Eventually, the light breeze of instrumentation transforms into a powerful gust, and Angelella laments, “I Don’t See Anybody.” With it’s bare acoustic guitar lead, “Coronation Day” provides an uplifting tonal change - a brief yet well-placed breath of fresh air. “Deaf Gene” begins with a gentle drifting before reaching a high-pressure, uncorked rage -  “…My hands are tired it’s the first time since time…” releasing the frustration until Angelella’s vocals soothe Slick’s aggression giving it a moment to simmer before relinquishing the reins and roaring to its conclusion.   
Densely packed drums and guitar quickly rouse one’s senses in “Place Of No Tomorrow,” revving the engine between short yet effective exhibitions of force. Its vocals are exuberant, while still having a disgruntled bite as that universally need for a new scene appears in the chorus reverberates, “God, this part of town is killing me./I need to breathe and see the place of no tomorrow.” Closing with its title track, Hardcore Friends leaves a lasting impression. As Angelella poignantly questions, “If I fall in love with an idea again, if I fall in love, would you make sure that I’m careful with it?” The guest vocals of Frances Quinlan (Hop Along) and Rachel Browne (Field Mouse/Anomie) offer a dynamic sense of earnest support as the album rumbles to a close.
A pair of hardcore friends in Eric Slick and Dominic Angelella has sealed its brotherly bond with an album that fuses punk-rock attitude and assertiveness with a resounding melodic pop sensibility. The energy and emotion are palpable. - Michael Colavita


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