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A Heart is a Spade: The Range Remixes CHVRCHES

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Russian Circles Video Series

Russian Circles are releasing a three part video series of performances from their latest album Empros. The album was their full-length released worldwide exclusively via Sargent House.

You can catch Russian Circles on August 23rd at Lincoln Hall with Marriages and Chelsea Wolfe.


Well Hung Heart plays Molly Malone's 8.10

Why reinvent the wheel if it spins just fine? A fierce female voice and some rolling engine-like basslines spell rock'n'roll in dirty major, loud and sexy, a great cocktail if you ask me. Well Hung Heart is Greta Valenti and Robin Davey, a high-energy duo from Orange County with a crisp sound and a taste for shreds to top it off. The basics, a little conventional perhaps, but only 'cause they don't care as long as it hits the spot, and for sure, it does hit the spot. They released a couple of weeks ago 'Devil', the video for which is featured below, first single off their upcoming debut album 'Young Enough To Know It All' (announced for October). A catchy track, packed with youthful arrogance at a blues-laced crossroads between The Kills & early Stooges, which, take it or leave it, has the kick of Jet's classics. In the wait for more, see them live at 9pm at Molly Malone's Irish Pub tomorrow evening (8.10). - Tracy Mamoun


The LookOut Kids play Echo Country Outpost 8.10

Travis Warren and Sarah Scarlata's story goes back ten years, when the pair began playing with Rain Fur Rent, a San Luis Obispo indie rock quintet that disbanded in 2006. It's only in 2011, after both drifted their own ways, that they eventually came back together and formed The LookOut Kids, as a duo led in alternation or in harmony by Warren's lush soulful vocals (which already attracted attention as he fronted Blind Melon post-RFR) and the furious outbursts of his partner. He's on guitar, she's on drums, sounds familiar doesn't it? The energy of the performance, a glorification of the riff perhaps, is a trait they share with Jack&Meg, but their influences are deep rooted in straightforward hard rock, heavy metal and glam too certainly, cooking up something big, bold and loud with striking vocal freak-outs and distorted guitars. Their first EP 'Snitches get Stitches' will be out on August 14th.

You can catch The LookOut Kids tomorrow (8.10) at The Echo Country Outpost, with solo artists Daniel Hart & Sleepers Work for an evening of live music, which they'll be kicking off at 9pm. - Tracy Mamoun



David Thomas Jones releases single from solo project

I realize how much of a hipster this is going to make me sound like, but David Thomas Jones is the best new indie act off the block and he hasn’t even released an album yet. I know, I KNOW. But Jones’ new single “Our Lives” and his wide accretion of musical projects is well worth the premature praise and, more importantly, your time. While being the front man for the immensely entertaining and immensely lo-fi band Watch Out For Rockets, Jones has played drums for The Murdocks, played bass for Scan Hopper, and is currently co-producing Les Rav’s fourth record. Such a hardworking and talented individual should not go unnoticed. His new single sounds like The Talking Heads mixed with The Drums - if only David Byrne weren’t so disappointed with humanity in general. Its rhythm is energetic and the backup vocals are charming to say the least. Jones has shown that the typical indie dance song doesn’t have to be maddeningly unintelligent. - Taylor Browne

New Hooray for Earth track from upcoming release

I guess September is approaching! Until a few days ago we were struggling to find interesting stuff in our press releases, now it's an explosion of pre-releases, this one from Hooray for Earth, from an upcoming single on Devecote Records. - Read a Deli interview with the band here.


High Highs releases preview track from upcoming album

Brooklyn via Australia High Highs is one of the best example of artists playing what we call "Mellow Core" - i.e. a branch of pop that's at once very melodic and slow (check out also Lia Ices, Dark Dark Dark and Chris Garneau). The band put out some incredibly beautiful tunes in their debut EP - this is our favorite - and has been working on their debut album for quite some time, while accumulating an impressive 10k+ Facebook fans. They just premiered the track below from the upcoming LP, which is as dreamy and soft as expected. - Read a 2011 Deli interview with High Highs here.


This Is Hardcore Fest Is Back & Bigger Than Ever!

This is Hardcore Fest is bringing a bit of brutality back to Philly (ha…like we need more of that) for its seventh year, with a venue change and a slew of hardcore stars in store for fest-goers. The festival has moved from its original home at the Starlight Ballroom to the Electric Factory (except for tonight’s opener at Union Transfer), and will continue to unite hardcore's legends (including Gorilla Biscuits, Cro-Mags and Suicidal Tendencies) with up-and-comers and some Philly/PA talent like Title Fight, Wisdom in Chains and Code Orange Kids. Although this thing tends to sell out in ridiculously short order, if you didn't manage to snag tickets for these four days of chaos, you can live vicariously through a photobook compiled by organizer/Philly stalwart Joe "Hardcore" McKay that showcases the festival's first six years. Thurs. August 9th @ Union Transfer - Doors 5:00pm/1st Band 5:30pm. Fri. August 10th @ The Electric Factory - Doors 5:00pm/1st Band 5:30pm. Sat. August 11th @ The Electric Factory - Doors 11:30am/1st Band 12:00pm. Sun August 12th @ The Electric Factory - Doors 11:30am/1st Band 12:00pm.


NYC Artists on the rise: Roam plays Rockwood on 08.18

Take a deep breath, let it out. Roam has given us a breath of fresh air with new single ‘Wake Me Up’ (streaming below), perhaps the band’s most epic sound to date. If the vocals sometimes take a backseat to the urgency of the music, this only makes their eventual climb to the repeatedly screamed refrain ‘wake me up’ feel all the more towering, when it finally hits near the song’s end. It’s not often I hear a group blend haunting anthem over jangly rock basics

The NY quartet has just released an EP, and they are fashioning their first full-length as we speak (and making some line-up changes from what I hear), I’m hoping we’ll hear more from the band this fall. In the meantime, you can see them live at Rockwood Music Hall's Stage 2 on August 18. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)



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