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Help Talkative Help You

After four years of fine tuning and three self released EPs, Portland psych rippers Talkative have been busy hammering out their first full length album, Hot Fruit Barbeque, to will be released June 29th. The album is written, recorded and ready to go, but, they need help getting their masterpiece cut to wax. If you thought that recording a studio album might be expensive, you don't want to look at the costs of pressing an album to vinyl--it's an archaic technology that costs an arm and a leg... litteraly, Chad is giving a leg and Casun will be drumming like the guy from Def Lepard... that is if they don't get enough fiscal support from good folks like you.

The boys set up an Indigogo fun-raiser where you can donate whatever funds you can afford to the cause in exchange for some real good stuff. For a donation of $7, you can get a digital download of the album. For $15, you can get a physical copy of the record on vinyl delivered to you in person within the Portland area, or for $20 they'll mail you the record outside of Portland. $35 gets you the grand prize that includes the physical record, digital download, a band T-shirt, and a surprise bonus. Click here to support Talkative!  

Check out their video for 'Hava Nagila' off Hot Fruit Barbeque. - Travis Leipzig

Talkative // Hava Nagila from TALKATIVE SOUND on Vimeo.


Spoken Nerd Album Release Party 3.28

Spoken Nerd (aka Nathan Conrad) will be taking over the East room this Friday, March 28th, for the release party of his sixth album, “We Are Probably Going to Make It In This World After All.” It’s 12 tracks of hip hop that teeter on the brink of Weird Al satire before being pulled back by the integrity of their construction. Conrad can craft a really tight, interesting beat, and even the song titles (“My Comic Book Collection is My Best Friend,” “I Wish Those Jerks Never Killed JFK”) belie the off-center wit brimming in this album.  Case in point: the single “Being a Big Guy Isn’t All That Bad” was released on March 4th for Fat Tuesday. Quiet Entertainer, brainDEAD and Sunset Maintenance join the show on Friday. Doors are at 7, and $5 gets you in. The album is available for pre-order here. –Terra James-Jura


Emancipator at Crystal Ballroom 3.28.14

It could be justifiably argued that Emancipator is the most influential musician to come out of Portland in the past decade. The calm, balanced approach to his electronic productions served as a precursor to the chill wave sound. But that’s not what’s important, what is important is that this Friday he brings the Emancipator Ensemble together for a homecoming show at the Crystal Ballroom. And regardless of importance, his music is as symbolic to Portland as apple pie is to America.

The base of Emancipator’s songs is an addictive and steady drum beat that makes a sturdy, yet tasty crust. The filling is an abundance of real, acoustic instruments looped into danceable melodies that are delivered hot on a cold plate. Before serving, he spreads a top layer of Ilya Goldberg’s smooth violin (cool whip if you’re into that) to make for the perfect late night snack. - Colin Hudson


Little Ass Boombox 3.28.14

The annual Big Ass Boombox Festival is a free showcase of a huge spread of up-and-coming local bands and writers. Building from the festival’s success, the monthly showcase, Lil’ Ass B-Bo, as everybody is calling it, offers a smaller sample of great new bands, authors, and starting this month, comedians. This month's lineup includes Sweet Tooth, Adam Brock 4, Family Night, Max Fortune, and Sioux Falls. You gotta catch 'em all, but definitely catch Adam Brock 4 for sweet pop tunes somewhere between jazz and folk with remarkable vocals, and sioux Falls for a throwback to late 90's indie pop reminiscent to early Modest Mouse crossed with Foo Fighters. 

Little Ass Boombox is happening Friday, 3.28.14 at Kelly’s Olympian. The show is free. - Chandler Strutz

New Video: Re-Entry & Meme Promo - This Is Hardcore

This Is Hardcore will be returning once again to the E Factory from July 24 - 27. Joe Hardcore and crew have decided to team up with Noisey to present this year's festival. They also released a long promo video to update you about its controversial "no re-entry" policy with some stipulations for all you "jagaloons and crybabies." Check out the deets and comedy skits below!



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