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Brooklyn Vegan: Mark Bell of LFO, RIP

This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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If you are more a fan of M. Ward's solo work than his work in She & Him that you should check lōnue. Last week, lōnue release a beautiful EP filled with atmospherics, gently played guitar, and soaring vocals. The ep is called "Freemont" and is available for free via bandcamp.


Into It. Over It. "No Amount of Sound"

Into It. Over It. has released a video for the track "No Amount of Sound". The track comes from the new album Intersections (Triple Crown Records).

You can catch Into It. Over It. at Schubas on October 25th for the Intersections record release.


NYC Hip Hop: Mike Larry Draw unveils video for "Get Lite"

Mike Larry Draw directed the video for his new single, “Get Lite.” He boldly opted to step out of the focus and even cast a “young lady” to perform his raps for him as the star. Taken from his newest album, "Profound New Law," it is an upbeat dance jam that showcases his adept delivery and raspy rap style. Imagine Canibus on a younger more idealistic tip; a man with a message yet still unadulterated by labels and management. The album even has a counterpart album called “Profound New Law Commentary,” which showcases several full songs and otherwise provides a preview / commentary on his process and inspirations. He’s a funny guy, an impressive producer, graphic designer, and director. Mike Larry Draw deserves your attention. - BrokeMc


New Track: "Nietzche's Harvest Song" - The Weaks

Below is the official debut track from The Weaks called "Nietzche's Harvest Song." The project is the brainchild of former Dangerous Ponies Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo. You'll find a plethora of artists that live, play and work at Big Mamma's Warehouse on the single like ex-bandmate Kyle Pulley, Algernon Cadwallader's Peter Helmis and Joe Reinhardt, Bandname's Cat Park and Greg Labold, Hop Along's Tyler Long, Mike Bell and many others. We are sure that will be a common occurence throughout their upcoming debut EP The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself and Want To Die. Ha...we're guessing that you can tell there's a touch of emo on the album and judging by this track and the fact that Bernard and Baglivo are ex-Ponies, there will be plenty of power-pop. What began as an ambitious project to write and a record a song a week has also morphed into a full live band for the duo, backed by more ex-Ponies Mikey Tashjian and Andy Black (ex-Nicos Gun). They will be making their first appearance on November 7 with old friends Turning Violet Violet and Dollys (ex-Green Paper).


October 2013
"Weight on the Brain

Battleme’s latest EP, Weight on the Brain, is a balancing act of heavy tones, tight instrumentation and addictive hooks. The four tracks within, though separated by a wide dynamic range, flow together to create a specific tone that ties each to the next. Opening with static, fluent guitar ambiance feeds into a controlled build that breaks into the opening song, “Just Me.” Walls of sound are contrasted by moments of softness as relentless vocals tread between calm and aggressive timbres. The music moves through a vivid crescendo into “I Know,” a song that plays with odd time and expresses confidence through raspy shouts and crisp, seismic rhythms. “Cobweb Portrait” provides a momentary rest in a piano driven progression that fuels one of the most magnetic guitar leads on the EP. The song provides both emotional clarity and intelligent arrangement, every word said with conviction and every note played with intent. “Shotgun Song” completes the EP; composed of driving rhythms and fuzzed out guitar leads, it draws the collection of songs to a close with a staccato note that acts like a period at the end of a sentence. Through strong musical direction, unique tone and progressive flow Weight on the Brain shows that, above all, there are still innovative musicians within the alternative rock genre. Hopefully Battleme will be exploring and expanding its musical landscape for years to come. - Benjamin Toledo



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