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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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January 19, 2016

As their two releases, ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Victor,’ from this past January make vividly clear, Boston’s The Heavies intrigue in reflectively freewheeling country-rock. The drum-thudded third song from the former, “The Jailbreak Blues” (streaming below), for example, details a man’s escape from prison with the kind of gruff warmth that Johnny Cash made his own. “Take Me Back” from the latter effort, a keys-backed song that is delightfully honky-tonk, similarly tells of longing for home but in such a way that is more raw than sappy, more real than fake, yet still allows for pure warmth. The Heavies play at Midway Café in Jamaica Plains, Massachussetts on Tuesday (2/16). – Zach Weg

February 12, 2016

There is an earnestness in the power pop tracks of Boston-based piano man Dan Masterson that is deeply refreshing. As the flowing title track from his 2015-released third EP 'Atlas' shows, the smooth-voiced singer isn’t afraid to convey feelings of loss and restlessness in his music yet seems keen on championing a spirit of perseverance. The Billy Joel of such iconic tracks as "Piano Man" appears to be an influence on Masterson yet, as the alternative rock-tinged "Nobody I Know (Slow Down)" (streaming below) from the album shows, he impressively adds some edge to his celestial songs. Dan Masterson plays at Middle East in Cambridge, MA on Friday (2/12). - Zach Weg 

February 10, 2016

Most of the time, The Deli focuses on the immense talent of the performers in the New England region, but what about the people controlling the knobs and microphones, working hard to make sure the performers sound their best? I decided to turn the spotlight behind the mixing-board for once and shine a little light on a (currently) local engineer & producer, Pablo San Martin.

Born in London, growing-up in Chile, and studying sound engineering in France, Boston-based recording engineer and producer Pablo San Martin has been interested in recording music for over a decade. “I started playing drums with a metal band when I was 13 years old”, says San Martin.  “...I was that nerd in the band that thought the best thing to do was to do it on our own. I started recording my band and realizing that the world of recording and production was extremely varied and I enjoyed it more than playing drums. I've always liked heavy and deep sounds, that's when I started to get into electronic music.”

San Martin currently has a studio inside M-Works Mastering in Cambridge, where he does most of his work. He has helped a variety of artists on different projects both locally and through collaborations abroad. “I keep a close relationship with some of my clients from Europe”, says San Martin. “[T]hey actually do come to the USA to work with me--which is amazing!”

For more info on Pablo and his studio, visit his website.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)

February 09, 2016

This past November, Providence power pop quartet Jets Can't Land released its ruggedly sweet debut EP, 'You Can't Linger On.' As heard in the irresistibly nostalgic, guitar-fuzzed opener “A ‘70s Photograph” (streaming below), which excitingly melds the jagged splendor of Bowie’s “Queen Bitch” with the pure warmth of The Kinks’ “Powerman,” the six-song effort shows a band not so much enslaved by past struggle but ennobled, and even strengthened, by it. Jets Can’t Land plays at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island on 2/19. – Zach Weg 

February 08, 2016

Steep Leans’ latest effort, Grips on Heat, reminds me of a drug-induced dream sequence from the movies--or just that feeling you get when you’re still awake at 4am and questioning what it is exactly that you’re doing with your life. A great combination of lo-fi production, floating vocals and fuzzy guitars, this record certainly deserves to find its way into your weekly listening rotation.

Check out the Steep Leans Facebook page for more info about the band.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)

February 07, 2016

Which of these emerging local acts should be The Deli New England's next Artist of the Month?

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