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Exit Vehicles release first EP.

DC’s Exit Vehicles released their first EP this weekend, and you can find them on Spotify and iTunes. Recorded in famed Inner Ear Studio, it’s an exciting introduction to what will surely become a new favorite. Aggressive yet melodic, progressive yet tight, a solid post-punk rhythm section drives a clean alt/indie sound reminiscent of the best in the city’s history. They’re the kind of band you’ll be bragging about seeing when they were small. As of now you’ll have to wait until April 26th to catch them locally at Axum’s Lounge. Until then, the EP should be on regular rotation on your player of choice. --Natan Press


Cigarette, and Janel and Anthony, join Yonatan Gat at Comet Ping Pong this Friday!

DC’s Cigarette is to indie what doom is to metal. They take the pretty guitar sounds and twee vocals and stretch them out into slow tendrils of reverb. Sweet indie lullaby music. If you haven’t picked up their experimental sound on vinyl from Dischord Records yet, you can catch them at Comet Ping Pong this Friday, 3/21 on a fascinating bill. They’ll be joined by DC’s Janel and Anthony, and incredible duo of guitar and cello, pushing their impressive musical talents to the limit in cascades of psychedelic imagery and imagination. Headlining the show is Yonatan Gat (once of the Israeli band Monotonix) who has apparently moved to New York to do a very exciting punk/world music thing. I’m sad about no more Monotonix, who put on some of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen, but I’m super excited about this new project. Don’t miss it! --Natan Press

The Southern Belles on non-stop Mid Atlantic Tour

Richmond’s The Southern Belles have been compared to Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, and even Phish due to their live jams which blend Roots Rock and Jazz in onslaughts of technical precision. But their solid, rocking songs, steeped in Americana and Soul, flavored with psychedelic sounds and funk (and that screaming organ) make me think The Band first and foremost. This isn’t just another jam band (but they’re sure touring like one). The Southern Belles have something for everyone, and you can catch them all over the area over the next three months (I count 25 shows, from PA to NC as of this posting). For starters, check them out at Cary St. Café in Richmond on 3/19, or Ned Devine’s in Herndon on 3/20. If you’re in DC and you don’t like to drive, you can see them at Bayou on 3/21. I could keep going. Just check the links for all the dates (and music), and listen to the new track Away We Go below. --Natan Press


The Deadmen record release show at R&R Hotel on March 15th.

DC’s The Deadmen are releasing their debut EP at Rock & Roll Hotel, on March 15th. It’s an Americana rocker, flavored by the varied tastes and talents of the three songrwriters (all DC music scene veterans) Justin Jones, Josh Read, and Justin Hoben, joined by John Hutchins and Miles Nasta on bass and drums. Fans of rootsy rock genres, from indie-folk to alt-country, will find plenty to love in each of the 5 tracks, filled with bright driving guitars and crisp harmonies. If you miss seeing The Deadmen release their record at the Rock & Roll Hotel, you can catch them at Gallery 788, in Baltimore, on March 16th. Check out the lead single "Let Your Fingers Rule" below. --Natan Press


Alex Vans and the Hide Away at Iota, March 22nd.

Alex Vans is becoming a centerpiece in the DC scene, often recruiting local favorites like Margot MacDonald and Will Rast, amongst many others, to join him and his band, The Hide Away, for rollicking indie rock jam parties that leave the band and audience sweaty and gleeful. All that fun boils down to Alex and his superlative guitar skills, and you can catch the experience at Iota in Arlington, VA on March 22nd with The Beanstalk Library. --Natan Press

Modern Ruins at Holy Frijoles on March 15th

Baltimore's Modern Ruins features local power-pop/alt-country savant Andy Bopp (Lovenut, Myracle Brah, Bleaker Street Cowboys) on baritone guitar, Ken Shopf (Slide, Ligature) on cocktail drum, and Niall Hood (Sixty Acres, DREN Records) on bass. Modern Ruins is like a stripped down Big Star, with clever bare bones arrangements dressing perfect pop skeletons, or a raw roots-rock combo version of the Beatles, relying on strange instrument choices rather than studio magic to lure the audience into their catchy, and heartfelt, embrace. You can catch them at Holy Frijoles in Baltimore on March 15th. --Natan Press


Austin 2014 issue (SXSW)
Read it here


Black Girls Record Release Show!

Richmond’s beloved Black Girls started the year by announcing the impending release of their new album, Claire Sinclaire, with a video teaser.  Finally, you can pick up your first copy (and/or a limited edition cassette with bonus tracks) at the record release show at Balliceaux, in Richmond this Saturday, 3/8, where they will be joined by Sleepwalkers and DJ Rattan. Check out a new surfy instrumental B-side (not on the album) below. –Natan Press




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