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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

today's the day when The Deli goes international, eh! Please allow us to introduce you to... The Deli Toronto!

From The Deli Submissions: Divining Rod

Divining Rod is a project lead by Miuki Furtado, a multi-instrumentalist who operates in the New York and Baltimore scenes.  The A side off their recent single, "Those Were The Dais," is a wonderfully epic jam, packed with drawling, Lou Reed-esque vocals, not-too-pretentious guitar solos, and a great nod to the 60's and 70's vibes with references ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to Bert Jansch. Stream the single Below.  -Jake Saunders

This band submitted their music for coverage here.


Young Summer releases new single "Leave Your Love"

 Finally. We've been waiting a long time for Young Summer to put out another single. After releasing a series of singles, as well as the "Fever Dream" EP Young Summer became a local star, and received tons of attention from national press. "Leave Your Love"  isn't just another great single, however. It's the lead single for Young Summer's debut album Siren, out August 26th. A full album of electronic pop gems? Sign me up!

I wish it would come out earlier 'cause I want to hear it all now (and isn't August, like, "old" Summer?) Thank goodness the season doesn't end until December around here, so I'll have plenty of time to pop Siren into my car stereo and cruise around Virginia with the wind in my hair and the Sun on my face. At least we have this track to keep us going.   --Natan Press


French Admirals release Closer Than Brothers at RnR Hotel, 8/2.

French Admirals formed in 2013 when "Robert France" (aka Rob Kuczynski) and "The Admiral" (Mike Lashinsky) started what they call a "gentleman troubador" guitar and bass acoustic project. After writing some songs and playing some shows, they added a drummer ("The General"), and went electric. The end result is Closer Than Brothers. Recorded by Peter Larkin (who recently recorded DC favorites Wanted Man, Paperhaus, and Pree) at Lighthouse Recording and Persona Non Grata Studios, the album is a solid collection of sounds from late 90's guitar-pop, from college-rock and power-pop to alternative country and folk.

French Admirals are debuting the album this Saturday, August 2nd, at Rock and Roll Hotel. They'll be joined by local acts Exit Vehicles, Kelly Ann Beavers (of Belles and Hunters), and Patrick Frank. Check out the album preview below.


In It Together Fest!

 It's finally here! In It Together Fest starts tomorrow, Thursday 7/31. The first night features some of my favorite bands in the city, all on one mindblowing bill. Acme's indie-psyche funk, Wanted Man's blazing blues-rock, and Paperhaus' oh-so-tight indie-rock join together for a night no one who loves local music should miss at Fort Loko. The show will be opened with a comedy show (cause, in this festival, musicians are in it together with all sorts of other creative people, see?), and Vundabar (from MA) brings some of my hometown (Boston) sound to the District.

After that, it's like 3 more days of crazy. Look at that map! There's shows everywhere. Which ones do you choose? Which ones do I choose?? How many can we pack in to our memory-holes? I'm getting a bit stressed. I'll tell you one thing: I am going to know the bus routes in this city so well by the end of the weekend. At the very least, there'll be a good show near you at some point. Stop by, make a small donation and support local music! --Natan Press




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