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DC based Nitemoves opens for Tycho during early 2017 tour

DC electronic musician Nitemoves is starting 2017 on the right foot, opening for ambient electronic all-stars Tycho on a tour of East Asia and Australia. The Tycho+Nitemoves bill makes for a wonderful pairing of Tycho’s boundary pushing, emotionally charged ambient electronic, and Nitemoves’ blend of classic house sounds and pathos heavy futuristic soundscapes. With the music of both artists suitable for both bedroom listening and drug-laden trance fests, their work represents some of the best intelligence dance music has to offer. A promising and versatile artist, Nitmoves may be well on his way to joining the upper echelons of the international electronic music scene. Check out Nitemoves’ album “Don’t Ask” released in October, 2016.


Satisfying low key jams from DC area art-rock musician Herschel Hoover

Rambling/satisfying chord changes, perplexing lyrics, and downtempo grooves define the music of DC area art-rock musician Herschel Hoover.  Owing much to 90s avant-garde Hoover’s album “High-Grade Migraine” offers well thought out jams with driving instrumental solos backed by some nice interplay between the instruments in the rhythm section.  Melodically the music is driven in equal parts by guitar and vocals, with neither of the two straying far from the timbre of the rhythm section.

You can catch Hoover with Purple Orange, Hello Dharma, and Trajectories February 3rd at Velvet Lounge. 


Two Inch Astronaut brings fresh sounds to 90s alternative

Two Inch Astronaut is an admirable attempt to pick up where 90s alternative left off. Twangy, out of tune, distortion heavy guitars mash against open hi-hat hits and restrained bass lines harkening back to the instrumental sounds of early Modest Mouse and Fugazi.  Cutting through the mish mash are somber, angsty vocals, of the Built to Spill variety.

While most of the big 90s bands have since broken up or moved on to new sounds, Two Inch Astronaut hopes to prove that 90s music is still relevant, and they are doing a fine job. 

Check out Two Inch Astronaut February 3rd at Black Cat.



April+VISTA's modern approach to soul grooves

Genre bending duo April+VISTA bring an eclectic modernist approach to traditional soul sounds. With electronically chopped R&B drum beats and soaring soul vocals, the duo brings to life what they call “FutureSoul”. Amidst the group’s slow grooves and passionate lyrics are touchingly restrained ballads like “Touch”. Check out April+VISTA’s latest EP, “Note to Self”.


DC band Cigarette offers charming ambient shoegaze

 Released by local DC label Sister Polygon records, Cigarette’s “warm shadows” is a dreamy mix of 90s shoegaze and the music of 2009’s chillwave summer.  But it’s not just nostalgia for dated genres that keeps their music interesting, Cigarette uses lush string and brass orchestration to add an extra nostalgic aesthetic to their music.   

Catch Cigarette with Governess and Scanners January 18th at Black Cat. 




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