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This V-Day week go see KINGS at The Camel

A project of Richmond, Virginia based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists Kelli Strawbridge (KSTRAW) and DJ Harrison, KINGS is high-tier funk made by experienced musicians. KSTRAW, who has shared the stage with Grammy award winning musicians Snarky Puppy and Terrance Simean, brings a sense of urgent eroticism to the vocals while DJ Harrison keeps the effects heavy sound crunchy but cohesive.

Don’t miss KINGS with New York’s Escaper February 17th at The Camel in Richmond, Virginia.


-Written by Michael Dranove



Cornel West Theory shows potential on “MR COLVIN (sir)”

Cornel West Theory’s “MR COLVIN (sir)” starts out with an attention grabbingly raw, expletive heavy introduction, segueing into a truly funky beat, just begging to have rhymes dropped over it. To this end, the group does not disappoint, delivering some hard and fast poetry over the beautiful instrumental track. In short, the first two minutes of the track are a slam dunk, truly cutting edge material; a great intro, an irresistibly funky beat, and smooth, hard flow.

Check out “Mr Colvin (sir)” by Cornel West Theory, from their album The T.A.B.L.E. TOO.


-Written by Michael Dranove



New music video from playful emo up and comers “The Obsessives”

After making a name for themselves with their 2015 debut LP “Heck No, Nancy”, DC two-piece The Obsessives are back with a music video for the song “Surfer Rosa” from their forthcoming self-titled second album.

True to the emo spirit, “Surfer Rosa” focuses on the cathartic expression of disappointments and shortcomings, opening up with the line, “Baby I can’t remember, the last time I pleased you”. But don’t get the wrong impression; far from being focused on doom and gloom, The Obsessives tackle their subject matter playfully.

Here’s “Surfer Rosa” from The Obsessives’ upcoming self-titled album.


-Written by Michael Dranove


Groovy folk rock from Richmond group Griff’s Room Band

Describing themselves as “fiddle-infused pop/rock”, Richmond, VA band Griff’s Room Band has a tight and well thought out sound.  The songs are constructed with some care; with a solid rhythm section, good singing, and nice solos from the fiddle and guitar.  This is a band that sounds like it would be fun to see live.

Here’s Griff’s Room Band with the song “Tie Me Down”.



-Michael Dranove


Bad Moves helps keep DC punk great

Bad Moves is part of what keeps DC punk moving forward. Infectious pop tinged with adolescent sadness, this is music for the young, hopeful and deeply discontented masses. Music full of yearning for a better society amidst the soul crushing mundanity of everyday life. And although DC’s alter-globalization movement has ceased to become relevant, punks like Bad Moves are keeping its spirit alive.

Listen to “Shitty Tomorrow” from Bad Moves’ self titled debut EP


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