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Punk News: Tours: The Pixies

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Willow Previews New EP To Be Released Next Month

Things get weird on “Fixtures,” a song released to Bandcamp last month by Providence band Willow.

Vocals fade in and out, muffled beneath the layered guitars that often pivot from left to right ear bud. The song previews “Slumlord,” the follow-up to “The Roanoke EP,” released last year. From the yuletide bells on “Dakota” and “Iowa” to the handclaps on “Colorado,” there are enough surprises to keep the EP from getting boring, not to mention the mixed bag of guitar tones used throughout its six tracks.

Look for the three-song “Slumlord” EP to be released in full to Bandcamp on December 1 - Jake Reed


Silks Debut LP Release Party @ Fete Music 11/29

Hailing from Rhode Island, vocalist Tyler-James Kelly’s gruff pipes make the Silks’ debut LP, “Last American Band,” play like an Eddie Vedder side project focused on recapturing a traditional Americana sound. If you are skeptical, look no further than the American flag that adorns the cover of the disc. As vocalist, guitarist and a mean harmonica player – make sure to check out “Try all you want” – Kelly is the star of the show, but the band wouldn’t be a complete set without drummer Matthew Donnelly and bassist Jonas Parmelee, who create a perfect backdrop for the blues chords and skillful guitar solos that abound on “Last American Band.” Catch the album’s release party at Fete Music in Providence on November 29 - Jake Reed


Introducing Nominated NE Band of The Month - Boo City

Based in Rhode Island, Boo City is a six-piece “black country soul rock" band (in their own words). 

With a wildly creative musical style Boo City effortlessly straddles a number of vastly different musical genres. In one track you might hear Indie Rock elements rolled in with Country and Blues, while another track will be Reggae inspired, Folky with a Retro Soul feel. With a constant groove set by classic drum arrangements and heavy bass lines, the bands five song LP is driven by the soulful, smokey voices of lead singers Tai Awolaju and Andrew Moon Bain. Check them out at the premiere of their music video for “Nobody Knows” at The Met, Rhode Island on Nov 21.

Bored With Four - Good Weird Pop Music

"Pop music you can't dance to" is the description Bored With Four give for their sound and it’s about right. With a killer voice singer Andrew Brown and his band mates Nick Sollecito and Alex Chapman take the traditional pop song formula and smash it up in such a way that you can't tear your ears away. Their EP We Are Friends* is a happy marriage of catchy melodies, simple lyrics, jazzy drumbeats and funky bass lines. Layered on top of all of this are the violin, synth, cello and viola. It's a feel good combination and a distinctive sound that the band themselves describe as “weird”. Definitely good weird. - Brescia Mascheretti


Fall 2013. NYC Issue #36 (CMJ)
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