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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Winter 2015. NYC Issue #41
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LIVE TONIGHT: Mufassa Reunion Show at Kelly's Olympian

Mufassa is not dead!! At least for tonight, Portland's soulful garage rock band is alive once more. However we can’t undo the wildebeest stampede from The Lion King, as much as we might like to.

Don’t miss out on this delightfully unexpected Mufassa reunion show at Kelly’s Olympian. If you’ve seen them before you know this is going to be a monster of a set. If you haven’t...well, it’s going to be a monster of a set! Think classic rock meets psych, done in a dirty basement by total beefed out dudes. Reminiscent to the smooth sounds of King Kahn, these boys croon. Check out the song “Tyrone” from their 2014 debut album Pride, then listen to the next track, “Down,” for a totally different side of their musical spectrum. Mufassa had been making quite a name for themselves over the past couple years before taking an indefinite hiatus after their lightning-fingered bassist Stephen Moore ran off to architecture school in San Francisco. Moore heads back to sunny California tomorrow, so don't hold your breath for more opportunities to catch this band again anytime soon.

Also playing tonight are stoney psych-shredders Cambrian Explosion and new guys, Lightning Rules. All brought to you by Jeremiah from Eyez Front booking.

- Chandler Strutz

Photo by Todd Walberg


And And And to Release Debut "The Failure" 1.15

Over the last half decade tat Portland's And And And has been bumping and grinding, they have become the epicenter of a bubbling scene of melodramatic dark-rock bands that make their home in the city's inner east side.  However, due to family troubles and self-admitted depression bogging down frontman Nathan Baumgartner, the band only managed to release two EPs and a few singles over the last five years. Though they still managed to earn themselves the title of Best New Band in 2011 by the Willamette Week, and are some of the most diversely active and friendly menbers of the local music community as a whole. 

Alas, these Portland staples are finally ready to unveil their long awaited debut full lenth. Out on Party Damage Records, And And And will celebrate release of The Failure on January 15 at Doug Fir with the support of Hosannas and Ah God.  But for now, wet your whistle on their brand new, silly ass hobo-fest of a video for the album's first single, "A Real Case of the Blues." 

- Travis Leipzig 



A New Year And New Music From Black Pussy

Along with the New Year comes the inevitible wave of new releases to music listeners ears. One of the first through 2015's freshly opened door is Portland's psychedelically sludgy stoner pop outfit with perhaps the must crude band name in all the land, Black Pussy, who are set to release a sophomore album, Magic Mustache, on February 17 through China Records. Though their new album isn't available in full for another month and a half, they've recently released two singles off of Magic Mustache, one including a brain burner of a music video, for you to wet your whistle on in the meantime. Judging from these new tracks alone, Black Pussy's upcoming album may just blow their now three-year-old debut, On Blond, out of the water. I'm stoked to hear more. 

- Travis Leipzig


Video Premier Exclusive: Seance School's "Carcajou"

One of the Deli Portland's current Artists of the Month (we have two bands sharing the AOTM title resulting from a tie in the polls), Seance School who is more or less a brand new band to the city, is hitting the ground running fast as hell. The man behind the curtain of sound, Robin Washburn, creates a unique blend of ambient shoe-gazey indie pop with dark melancholic melodies and vocals reminiscent to Elliott Smith. With two full-length albums released in late october, the self-titled Seance School and Skeletal Noise: More Songs From the Static, there's no doubt in my mind that Seance School will be gracing ears with a whole new plethora of recordings in 2015. 

It is our pleasure to present the exclusive premier of Seance School's brand new, trippy ass light party of a music video for the track "Carcajou" off of the self titled album. 

- Travis Leipzig



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