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Portland's Hottest Bands

Here at the Deli Portland, we're all about being professional. Always educational and more on the reserved side, The Deli Magazine exemplifies "serious" music blogging. We would never think of doing something immature, like, for instance, posting who we think some of the hottest local bands are - oh wait, yes we would!

Here is my list of the guys and gals from some of our favorite local bands that make my heart skip a beat. This is purely my opinion, so feel free to comment with your faves; in fact, we encourage it!



The indie/new wave band Dropa’s members look more like they belong on the cover of GQ than a record. Their tight fitted T-shirts and well groomed 5 o' clock shadows might just distract you from their true goal, which is their music. And if you need even more convincing of how hot this band is, the keyboardist and drummer are brothers, which makes them practically twins (fantasy!). They bring some major eye candy to the group and really complement singer Micah’s geek-chic look.

Nice Boys

You can tell by the smirk on these boys faces that they are anything but "nice," and I like that. Their '70s Mick Jagger style works well with their psychedelic punk sound. It takes a confident guy to pull of the white John Travolta pants, and the Nice Boys most definitely have that. I applaud them for keeping alive the '70s rock style that still makes bands like The Rolling Stones and The Black Crowes so popular today.

Stephanie Schneiderman

This ambient-pop princess controls the stage with her voice, and enchants us with her girl-next-door face and feminine style. She looks equally as hot in jeans and a T-shirt as she does dressed couture. She has a mystery about her that keeps you wanting more.

Very International Love

If you are into the electronic pop style and sound, you will squeal for this baby-faced duo. Maybe it's the singer’s long eyelashes, or the guitarist/keyboardist’s perpetual curl in his hair. Whatever it is, it works, and makes female and male fans alike fight desperately to get their attention. The problem is figuring out which one you like more.

Beyond Veronica


Much like some of Bonnie Veronica's influences - like Blondie and The Yardbirds - the Beyond Veronica vocalist is a front woman through-and-through, and her male band mates don’t seem to mind that one bit. Who wouldn’t like a hot, fun rocker chick fronting them in knee-high boots and a short skirt? Punk Globe magazine called them one of the best bands they have heard all year, but I call them one of the hottest bands I have seen all year.

Toxic Zombie

The rockabilly, horror-pop band Toxic Zombie has everything I love: tattoos, zombie attire and hot go-go dancers. If you haven’t seen this band perform, you are sorely missing out. They have a fun, catchy sound that is best seen to enjoy, and once you catch a glimpse of their sexy zombie go-go dancers/back-up singers Kelly and Robyn gyrate on stage, and their sweaty, shirtless guitarist Sam jump head first into the crowd, you will understand why I call them one of the hottest bands in Portland.

Bonus Category: Hottest celebrity band

She & Him


Two words, Zooey Deschanel.

- Deanna Uutela


Nick Jaina Kicks Off West Coast Tour with a Record Release Show at Doug Fir this Friday

Nick Jaina’s got a busy month ahead of him. He’s wrangled up 11 musicians, some from the likes of bands such as Loch Lomond and Laura Gibson, to play with him on his West Coast tour. And what better way to say Bon Voyage than with a record release show? The alt-folk bandleader’s celebrating the release of A Bird in the Opera House, his fifth album on Portland-based label HUSH Records at Doug Fir on April 2—a little early for its April 13 release, but necessary considering it is also his tour kickoff.

The record was conceived when Jaina’s friend, Lee Howard, offered the musician not only the opportunity to record in his basement studio, but a room in his home to stay in as well. The two gradually recorded the album in the studio’s in-between times, allowing Jaina to sit in his room and have time with his songs, to think about the direction they were taking, to deconstruct them and put them back together.

“Sleep, Child,” the first single off A Bird in the Opera House, is a gleaming example of the importance of time and intimacy in the recording process. The song’s structure begins simple—guitar chords accompanied by faint percussion and Jaina’s strong, smooth vocals—but the absence of a chorus allows the track to build on itself, swelling with intensity and ending in a beautiful orchestra of vocal harmonies, pounding drums, and soaring violins.

With this taste of the album, I cannot wait to hear more.

Listen to “Sleep, Child”:


Check out the video for “Days in My Room,” also off A Bird in the Opera House:



4/2 -Portland, OR - Doug Fir (CD Release Show!)

4/7- Eugene, OR – Sam Bonds

4/8- Davis, CA - Sophia's

4/9- Modesto, CA - Cafe Deva

4/10- Merced, CA - Partisan

4/11- Santa Cruz, CA - Crepe Place

4/12- San Francisco, CA - Elbo Room

4/13- Chico, CA - Cafe Flo

4/14- Los Angeles, CA - Echo Curio

4/15- Joshua Tree, CA - Pappy & Harriet's

4/16- San Diego, CA - Lestat's

4/17 -Flagstaff, AZ - Mia's

4/19- Torrey, UT – The Patio

4/20 – Salt Lake City, UT - State Room

4/21 -Provo, UT - Velour

4/22 -Boise, ID - Early show @ the Modern/Late show @ the Linen Building

4/23- Kennewick, WA - Red Room

4/24- Pendleton, OR - Great Pacific

-Katrina Nattress


Wax Fingers at Rotture this Wednesday


Forget the tribulations of hump day this week. No one ever ends up humping anyway. And what better way to forego your reproductive duties than to indulge in a psych-pop haze at Rotture this Wednesday? I'm willing to bet the guys from Wax Fingers would support you zipping it up for one goddamn night.

With one foot planted firmly in an experimental psychedelic stew, and the other tippy-toed on a tight wire of spastic instrumental noodling, Wax Fingers succeed in injecting their plunky pop with depth, but without the pretension. Case in point would be "Sticky Bees," the band's single off of their debut EP Ones and Threes (available for free download here). The tune emerges cleanly, steeped in bright chords, tinkly piano, lots of guitar effects, and reverb-washed vocals during the lengthy intro and first verse, only to bust open into a tantrum-laced chorus. The surprises don't end there, and you'd be foolish to listen to only a snippet to decide if their worth your tutelage.

The Portland trio will be holed up in the Southeast Industrial District this Wednesday at Rotture along with math-y PDX dudes Duck, Little Brother, Duck! and Yeah Great Fine. 9 p.m. $5 at the door.

- Ryan J. Prado


Pure Country Gold Gets Raw this Saturday at Duckett's


Everyone knows that the reason for starting a band is to get chicks/dudes and party with your friends. Many bands will try to sound more sensitive and “deep” by claiming their musical inspiration came from a dead grandpappy or from some higher source, but when it comes down to it they all just want to live the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. So it is refreshing when a band like Pure Country Gold just comes out and says, “We write songs to make people dance and to impress women!”

Raw talent and pure originality drive this drum-and-guitar duo of Jake Welliver and Patrick Foss. You won’t hear any fancy gimmicks, bass players, or even country music from this band, but you will find an unexpected punk, rock and Chuck Berry blues sound.

The pair never intended to be a twosome, in fact they set out in 2005 to find others for a larger ensemble. But after no luck finding suitable partners, they decided to take their stuff on the road as a duo. Luckily for these guys, their decision has paid off.

The band was asked to play at the Deep Blues Festival in both 2008 and 2009, and their loud, booty-shaking rhythm has impressed reviewers from Portland to the UK. I know they impressed me.

It can sometimes be hard to find something new and daring in the Portland music scene, so coming across a band like Pure Country Gold is like a breath of fresh air. So I guess they have achieved both their goals: Their music is definitely danceable, and they impressed at least one woman... ME.

Check out this live video from the 2008 Slabtown Bender for a taste of the duo:


You can see Pure Country Gold at 9 p.m. this Saturday the 27th with Junior’s Gang, and The Love Dimension at Ducketts Public House on North Killingsworth. 21+ and totally free!

- Deanna Uutela


SXSW day 5 - some of the best Austin Bands

The final day of SXSW 2010 moved in slow motion. Indescribably exhausted, I meandered through a more suburban part of town to Domy Books for the “What by Whatever Day Party.” In the backyard, the sunshine beamed down on a wooden stage that bounced with ever band, beginning with The Eastern Sea (bottom picture), a folksy seven-piece from Austin. Following them were fellow Austinites, The Frontier Brothers, whose vibrant energy radiated and awakened me from my zombie state. Last but not least, The Bright Light Social Hour (top picture) substantiated their recent award from the Austin Chronicle for the “Best Indie Band” (They should also win “Funniest Band.”), closing my SXSW on a high note. Final thought about SXSW 2010: fantastic event, great experience, I only wish venues in Austin were bigger: I had a great schedule planned out but I was unable to get into a lot of shows even with a wristband because they were too crowded... I guess everyone had the same bands in mind! - Meijin Bruttomesso


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