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Drowned in Sound: Pixies - Indie Cindy
A Heart is a Spade: The Range Remixes CHVRCHES

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Recap: KahBang Festival 2012 - Kick-off Party

The kick-off party for the KahBang Festival 2012 took place in and around downtown Bangor, ME last Thursday. The tucked-in but vibrant town is brought alive by KahBang each year and offers showcases at its multitude of quality bars and restaurants.  Besides Portland, Oregon, Maine has the most home-brewers per capita in the US. This prevalent DIY ethic is what has powered KahBang into its fourth year. Somewhat surprising is how many devoted supporters of the arts live and work right here to bring this understated discovery festival to the thriving yet understated city.

One of the most intriguing aspects is the familial of the affair. (Big ups to The Hornet’s Nest - our camping home at KahBang!) While many festivals are either ostracizing or overwhelming, KahBang instead focuses on exploring the vast musical spectrum of New England and bringing them together to Bangor with some heavy hitters. They celebrate (overall) bringing like-minded people together to experience art, film, and music and the connection of that common bond.

For the opening evening of the fest, we came for the music and stayed for the drinks. The beer was flowing like water at the kick-off Beer Fest with a bunch of artists, like Trisha Mason and sultry alt-rocker Valerie Orth, entertaining the drinkers on the Pickering Square Stage.

Over on the West Market Stage, we caught performances by alt-rock oufit Beach The Whale, who reminded us a bit of At The Drive-In at times, as well as KahBang headliners Deftones. They were sharply dressed, and delivered some solid, angular power rock. They also talked about seeing the night’s headliner, Jacob Augustine, a decade ago when he and his brother were cutting their teeth in metal bands. 

An exuberant Portland, ME group Sunset Hearts caught our ear and captured our hearts with their 80’s styled synthpop that Robert Smith would be proud ofThey filled the pretty big stage with lots of members who all could really shred, and looked like they were having a hell of a time doing it. Besides overflowing with soul, they also had the crowd dancing more than any other act that night.  Everyone keep an eye out for these guys. They are dope.

The night came to an official close with a blistering set by hometown hero Jacob Augustine, who is not actually from Bangor, but you get the idea. His “Family Band” consisted of his brother, sister, and girlfriend, among others. Together, they brought to life much of Jacob’s newest EP Bikini Island, as well as a rapturous version of Frontier standout “Pulse and Hum,” among others.  Jacob’s massive voice and presence was undeniable as always, and really raised the bar for the rest of the weekend.

Make sure to check out all our photos from the night right HERE.

- Adam G.


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The Deli's Staff


KahBang Festival 2012 - Yeah, We’ll See You There!

As we sit in beautiful downtown Portland, we at The Deli are eagerly anticipating the start of the KahBang Festival 2012 up in Bangor, ME, whom we have partnered up with this year for a weekend of fun times. The festival has a strong dose of EDM and Hip-Hop, including the Maine MCs Jamezy, Spose and Educated Advocates, who are representing a somewhat strange but undeniably rich hip-hop community in the state. The headliners may be at the top of the marquee, but the focus is on the local indie music scene (and that’s what we’re all about), with a pretty large number of the artists from the New England area, bringing the heavy stuff, the breezy stuff, and everything in between.

While the whole shindig goes down from this Friday - Sunday, one of the most exciting performances is sure to be the headlining set of Lincoln, ME’s bearded prophet Jacob Augustine on Thursday at the KahBang Kickoff Concert & KahBlock Party! Fresh off a short tour armed with nothing but his guitar and voice, Augustine has compiled a monster 7-piece rock band to bring his epic folk compositions to life. He will also be playing his new Bikini Island E.P. (which, like everything else the man makes, is available for free download via his Bandcamp) in it’s entirety. Oh, did we mention that Thursday also has a beer festival? Yeah, we’ll see you there!


What’s This?: Volcano Rabbit

As I get ready for The KahBang Festival 2012, which will be taking place August 9th - August 11thin Bangor, ME, I came across Volcano Rabbit, who are one of the many burgeoning New England bands to appear at the fest. The group itself may be young, but individually the members have been cutting their teeth for some time now. They are a collective that play with meditative harmonies placed deep in thickets of distorted guitar and percussion. The songs include atmospheric tremolo and spacey noodling, but there are still pointed and catchy melodies within. They kind of remind us of guitarmy Fang Island, who brought vocals into the mix on their new album. This band only has a couple promising demos out, which makes their future that much more exciting. - Adam G.

From our CD submissions: "Lit on the Flash" - Lit on the Flash

Last week, Maine’s two-piece rock band Lit on the Flash released their latest full-length record. The self-titled follow-up to their 2011 debut “Revolution Time” is stacked with memorable hooks and crisp vocals. Combining a 70s classic rock sound with a modern indie rock feel, the band seamlessly blends the old with the new. Lit on the Flash will be touring throughout New England, which will help provide an outlet for all the spontaneous air guitar you’ll undoubtedly be playing after listening to the record. The tour continues with a show in Portland at Big Easy tomorrow, July 28th. The band’s new album, “Lit on the Flash” is streaming below. - Josh Johnson

This artist submitted their CD for review here.

Myra Flynn- Not My Way (video)

Burlington, Vermont’s Myra Flynn released her first music video on June 12. The simple, black and white production is a perfect backdrop for the heart-wrenching, spare track. Its three scenes document the aftermath of a fight between two lovers with Myra literally and figuratively picking up the pieces of… the broken relationship? her broken heart? a little of both? Whichever the case may be this is a beautiful piece of cinema. Watch the video on Vimeo:

. -George Dow

Sand Reckoner- Self-titled

Sand Reckoner’s self-titled debut full-length release is as genre-bending as anything they’ve done to date. This three-piece, Boston-by-way-of-Pennsylvania band has been making a name for itself in the psychedelic indie underground but their debut proves that they are much more than a throwback to the late sixties and early seventies. Sure, there are healthy doses of Crazy Horse, early Pink Floyd and Blue Cheer, but there’s also an equal measure of Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth) and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (minus their trademark irony). Each track moves deftly from one influence to another while remaining a cohesive piece of work. The record opens with the rolling, bluesy “Shooting Bullets”, their most Zeppelin-esque track, moving on to the Neil Young influenced “Morning Star”, an acoustic guitar and harmonica-centric ballad. “The Darkest Dye” could be a lost track from The Band, while “Flesh and Bones” is the bastard child of Jon Spencer and Jack White. And here we are, not quite halfway through the record. Later in the album “Terror in the Massanutten Part I” is a surf-rock, spy movie theme song custom made for driving fast with the windows down. The Thurston Moore influence makes its first appearance on “The Deserter” and sticks through the rest of the album. It is most welcome in “No One’s Veil”, a nearly seven minute trip through all manner of psychedelic influences—call and response verses, guitar noise breakdowns, Pink Floyd-ian, dreamy “woo-ooh” choruses. Many thanks to Sand Reckoner for providing the template for a modern psych revolution. Hear it for yourself at Sand Reckoner’s Bandcamp page. -George Dow

Onslo- A Taste of Purple

For their 6th, ONSLO drop a bite-sized bomb of post-punk, prog-rock goodness. While channeling equal parts King Crimson and Mars Volta, most of the seven tracks clock in at two minutes or less, an amazing feat given the denseness of their songs. As with all of ONLSO’s releases, it’s difficult to tell if the band is dead serious or completely filled with irony. Tracks like “Can You Beat Up A Murderer?” and “I ♥ My Golden Retriever” are delivered with bombastic, wrenching choruses. Their instrumental tracks resemble classical fanfares filtered through the mind of a 12-year old punk rocker. At the end of the day it matters little whether ONSLO are utterly sarcastic or wholly earnest since the songs they deliver are so completely original and filled with hooks. You’ll find yourself leaving this ten minute EP on repeat just to keep the goodness going.

Download A Taste Of Purple at -George Dow


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