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Alec Ounsworth and Special Guest at JB's Jan. 14


Former Clap Your Hands Say Yeah frontman Alec Ounsworth had a busy 2009. On October 20th, he released his first full length album, Mo’ Beauty, with a whole new lineup of musicians. He also unveiled Skin and Bone on August 11th with his all-star side project Flashy Python.  The new year brings a bunch of newly added dates supporting indie darlings the Cold War Kids, and far more dates after that. Needless to say, with all of the positive attention he has been getting, Ounsworth’s music is worth a listen or two, or seven. His lively folk-pop is aglow with layers of vocals and glossy guitar. Horns punch through, helped along by surprisingly propulsive drumbeats. Although many things seem out of place in the music of Mo’ Beauty, everything is tied down expertly by Ounsworth’s brilliant song crafting. The best song is the uplifting “That Is Not My Home (After Bruegel)”, filled with a reverb-drenched chorus and sporadic brass instruments that provide a wall of splendid pop sound. Catching your ears and nailing them to your headphones, Ounsworth takes you through the mind of a maestro, and you return from the journey with more than your money’s worth. Catch him at Johnny Brenda’s tonight with special guests Meth Beach and Jamey Robinson (of Buffalo Stance). Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, 21+ myspace.com/alecounsworth - James Sanderson



Cheers Elephant Havin' Fun at North Star Bar Jan. 14


Cheers Elephant provide a menagerie of psychedelic folk sounds filtered through rock drains and poured into the bodies of four talented young artists. Recognizable by their Brit-pop sound, Cheers Elephant has been making the rounds at all the local hot spots and churning up compliments all along the way. Their live sets channel a raucous party where bass lines carry your body through each song into the next without ever missing a beat as you travel through time, across genres and far and away from where you began. When you consider that they have been compared to The Kinks and Jefferson Airplane it is no wonder that Cheers Elephant is causing such a stir in our happy little town. If you love a good melody, a crazy jam session and are ready to watch four musicians have more fun on stage than you thought humanly possible, then Cheers Elephant is just the ticket. Don't be fooled when you check out their tracks on the band's MySpace page. They are not as sweet and innocent as they appear; a Cheers Elephant live show is full of rock show chaos. They’ll be joined by Sweden’s Movits! and NJ's River City Extension, a band that we wish would move to Philly already so we can write more about them. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 9pm, $10, 21+ myspace.com/cheerselephant - Meaghan McCafferty



Things to Look Out for from The Deli in January!


We’re super busy here at The Deli in January, but in a good way. We wanted to let you know about all the fun things that we’ve planned and put together for you. Of course, there is The Deli’s Best of Philly Emerging Artist(s) Poll going on until midnight Friday, January 15th. Vote!!! It’s your right! And to celebrate the end of this exhausting process, The Deli staff is ready to throw down hard this Friday night when we present (our January CD of the Month) Orbit to Leslie’s CD Release Party at Johnny Brenda’s with our favorite why-the-fuck-aren’t-they-signed-yet-band Aderbat (they’ll also have a surprise for you about a new project that they are working on), post rockers who have been turning into balls-to-the-wall rockers as of late Grimace Federation, and most excellent experimental popster Power Animal. If you’ve ever seen these bands live, then you know why we are all so excited about this show! We almost can’t believe that this sweet, sweet bill is really happening!
But there is no rest for the weary because we’ll be bringing our drunken crew of misfits out next week to join one of our favorite psych-folkers Michael Johnson’s Ape School, The Deli’s January Band of the Month The Circadian Rhythms, good time boys and former "Tunes Whiz Wit" performers New Motels and Brooklyn buzz outfit Savoir Adore on Thursday, January 21st at Kung Fu Necktie. As if all this wasn’t enough for you, we will be debuting our mostly acoustic concert series of local emerging artists called “The Deli’s Lunchtime Escape” at The Bellvue Hotel - swanky. Yes, who would’ve thunk it? The Bellvue came to us about putting on a live concert series every last Friday of the month at noon to entertain the hoards of 9-to5ers that they get in their food court area, but all you unemployed Deli readers shouldn’t feel bad about swinging by and escaping with us. On January 29th, you will be treated to performances by one of the world’s premier Hang drum masters and YouTube sensation with performance videos receiving well-over 2 million views Dante Bucci, the captivatingly earnest vocals and storytelling of Andrew Conly from Holcomb Family Band, and the female reincarnation of Woody Guthrie, Spirit and Dust. Does all this sound like a lot for just the first month of 2010? Well, it is, and it’s all for you. We hope that you can make it out to enjoy! - The Deli Staff



The Deli's January Band of the Month: The Circadian Rhythms

From The Beatles to Beck to Olivia Tremor Control, the Deli’s January band of the month, The Circadian Rhythms, let us in on what makes their intricate musical body clock tick. Check them out live at Kung Fu Necktie January 21 and February 13 at Bordz Skatepark in Southampton.

The Deli: When did you start playing together?
The Circadian Rhythyms: Sometime in the summer of 2005. I believe the very first time the four of us made music together was in our friend Tony's parents' basement. I probably have a CD of that recording still lying around somewhere, and it's probably awful.

TD: What are your biggest musical influences and what bands are you currently listening to?
TCR: The Beatles are #1 always for us. Ringo's a big influence on our drummer's playing, and Beatles Rock Band is helping him rip Ringo off even more recently. He just found a sweet record of them playing at some club in Hamburg in 1962. Its great because their harmonies are a little off, it's almost entirely covers, and the crowd sounds like they could give a shit. Other than that, we listen to lots of different music such as the Elephant 6 collective bands (mostly Olivia Tremor Control and Circulatory System), Parliament, The Kinks, Raymond Scott, Parliament, Fats Waller, Mulatu Astatke, The Beach Boys, Franz Liszt and so much more. As for local acts we are super into The Armchairs, Make A Rising, Da Comrade!, and Hermit Thrushes!

TD: What's the first concert you ever attended and first album you ever bought?
Chris: Pop Disaster Tour '02 or something, the one with Blink 182 and Green Day. Sorry for that.
Jim: The first album I ever bought was Beck's Odelay. I still love that album.

TD: What’s your take on the Philly music scene?
TCR: There are a lot of really great bands in Philly right now. I heard myself tell someone that Grandchildren was the best band in the city like two days before I saw they won your Open Contest. Weird. 

TD: What are your plans for 2010?
TCR: We will be releasing an EP on EarSnake (Gemini Wolf, Paper Masques, and more) and hopefully recording a full-length album and playing a bunch of shows. January 21 we are at Kung Fu Necktie and February 13 at Bordz Skatepark in Southampton for the Orange Apples Record Release. Dangerous Ponies are supposed to be there too so it should be super fun! We are trying to plan a tour for July and other than that, just chillin.

TD: What was your most memorable live show?
TCR: This past Halloween was crazy! We played Jim's friends' basement in South Philly, dressed as various animals. I was just a regular lion but I was mistaken for Barf from Spaceballs and a gay lion. I don't see how super short shorts with fur trim automatically make you a gay lion instead of a regular one. Anyway, the place was packed and we played two sets full of every song we know how to play. Super awesome.

TD: What's your favorite order at the Deli?
TCR: Pierogies and chocolate cake.


- Jaime Pannone



Artist(s) Who Deserve Your Friendship: Vilebred


This week’s featured artist(s) is Vilebred who is led by Sam Vile on guitar, keyboards and vocals. Yes, there is another Vile on the Philly indie music scene. Sam is Kurt Vile’s little brother, and the apple doesn’t seem like it falls far from the tree. He’s young with plenty of raw talent. His songwriting shows a lot of maturity for such a baby-faced kid, and his passionate vocals and catchy, interesting lyrics make me believe that we’ll be hearing plenty more from him in the future. (It also looks like he’s inherited the long, wavy Vile rock n’ roll locks.) myspace.com/vilebred - Q.D. Tran



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