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Weekly Special #183a: Josh Mease (tours with Van Dyke Parks)

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Josh Mease is a bit of an explorer. Originally hailing from Houston, Mease recorded his debut LP, “Wilderness,” in sessions that took him from Texas to Connecticut and back to his own bedroom a stone’s throw from the BQE. The most fruitful wanderings of his, however, take place within the confines of his imagination—the lush sonic dreamscapes of “Wilderness” recall, at times, the music of mid-century animated Disney films the elegant “Eleanor” in particular sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place in Alice’s wonderland, sung by a chorus of harmonizing flora. “White Diamonds,” the album’s first single, is an impossibly infectious tune a delightful video for the song, as well as a clip for “Eleanor,” can be found online at his MySpace page or on Youtube. From the lovely opener “You Found Me” and laid-back “Days Like This” through the towering, ambient “Tall Trees,” “Wilderness” is a gorgeously breathtaking first record. The Deli caught Mease with his head out of the clouds long enough to discuss the creative process. - Read Toney Palumbo's interview with Josh Mease here.

Deli Year End Polls 2009 - Submissions Links

About The Year End Polls

The goal of The Deli's Year End Polls is the same as our Mission Statement: to give exposure to emerging artists that shine for origniality, character and/or songwriting skills. This is not a poll that will necessarily reward bands with a big fan base: the vote of our competent local juries - comprised promoters, bloggers, record store personnel, radio DJs who live and breath their scene - will have a big impact on the final results, while the final readers' vote will be crucial in assigning the final positions in our charts.

This being said, the poll is open to every band belonging to the scenes covered by The Deli. A small number of artists (between 3 and 5) will be nominated through an open contest, while most of the other artists will be directly selected by the jury.

Chose your city's link (Deadline is 12.23.2009!)
(if you submit to the wrong city you'll be disqualified)

Last Year's Winner: N/A

Last Year's Winner: Kid Sister - 2008 full list here

Last Year's Winner: Henry Clay People - 2008 full list here

Last Year's Winner: The Protomen - 2008 full list here

Last Year's Winner: N/A

Last Year's Winner: Chairlift - 2008 full list here

Last Year's Winner: Drink Up Buttercup - 2008 full list here

Last Year's Winner: N/A

Last Year's Winner: Maus Haus - 2008 full list here

A team of Deli writers will select the submission that will proceed to the next stage of the poll.

Also also also... your band will stay in The Deli's Charts!
After the Year End Poll is over, your band will stay in our charts organized by region and genre together with all the top artists from your scene... for example:
- THIS is the Top 300 of the NYC based artists cross genre
- THIS is the Top 300 of the NYC based artists playing indie rock

Thanks for your interest in The Deli and Good Luck!

The Deli's Staff




Weekly Special #183b: Blip Fest 2009 at Bell House Dec 17-19

Look UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT at Blip Festival 2009 and you might be awestruck by the lights and sounds surrounding you. This isn’t a vintage video game…this is all real.

Blip Festival 2009 is a festival celebrating the 8bit movement. Every year, people from around the world flock to New York to hear exhilarating music from nostalgic video game consoles (NES, Game Boy, Atari, etc.) accompanied by stunning (although rather "grainy") visuals. This year’s festivities will feature great local 8bit acts as Starscream, Nullsleep and Bit Shifter. The Festival will take place at The Bell House from Thursday, December 17 to Saturday, December 19. Tickets are $15/day or $40 for a 3-day festival pass.

I recently sat down with NYC musical artist Chromix and visual artist Jean Y. Kim. We talked about what one might expect from this year’s festival. - Read Nicholas Palumbo's inerview here.


Adam Green surprise show tonight at Lit + tops Deli Songwriters Chart

Adam Green (currently topping out NYC songwriters "Web Buzz" chart) is playing a surprise full-band show tonight at Lit, $6 cover - do not miss! His new album Minor Love will be out 2/16 on Fat Possum.


The Ropes cut it down + release new EP

"Less is more" is one of those sayings that's good for all seasons. The Ropes stopped incorporating other musicians in their live show in early 2008, feeling that finding permanent members who reflect their ideals was unrealistic. They have described their past experience with band members "a living hell" (NYC musicians, does that ring a bell?). They started touring with an unusual two-piece live setup: while vocalist Sharon Shy plays bass, the bands' other half, Toppy, plays guitar, drums, and keyboards more or less simultaneously. The show is done 100% live. No drum machines or loops are used.
The band has announced details of their upcoming EP “Love is a Chain Store”, first available on the bands' website for download using a Radiohead style "pay what you want" model (beginning on December 15) and then released "properly" on January 12, 2010. Produced by Nic Hard (The Bravery, The Church) and The Ropes, “Love is a Chain Store” expands upon the bands’ previous musings on isolation, individualism, and anti-romance.


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