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Hesta Prynn readies new album, plays Pianos on 01.27

Hesta Prynn should know by now that you DON'T lick the snare on a freezing day!!! The singer - formerly of the hip-hop group Northern State - is putting the final touches on her first solo album due out later this year. Hesta’s new sound pits euphoric beats and distorted basslines with punkish guitar overlays to create and energetic, edgy sound. New Yorkers will have another chance to catch her live this Wednesday, January 27th at Pianos.


Third Border brings its legendary band members to Pianos on 01.30

Third Border is the name of the band formed in 2003 by Ben Miller, a veteran of the alternative scene who pioneered psych-rock in the fecund late '60s Ann Arbor scene, and later teamed up with Stooge Ron Asheton and Michael Davis of the MC5 in the seminal art punk outfit Destroy All Monsters. The band's new album, Return Return, was recorded in 2008 at The Kennel Studio in East Williamsburg Brooklyn by NYC underground producer Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Helmet). Those who love noisy rock music shouldn't miss their CD release party at Pianos on Saturday 01.30.


Fun video from our Open Blog: Top Ten Lovers

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Top Ten Lovers Say: "We love, hate, and aren't sure about...owl caricatures, buffalo hunting, Betty Davis, people that need a lot of attention, Paul Westerberg, perfect hair, Tom Waits, hangovers, trains, fog and steam, Dwight Yoakam, TV, Television, indecision, heartache, Sly Stone, Velvet underground, J Lindeberg, Woo, catching wild animals with your hands, loud-ass guitar amps, falling in love, Mark Bolan, Sleep Dirt, THE CLASH!!! staying for one more, Scott Walker, non-guys, Russian Animation, burgers, stealing cigarette lighters, beating on the brat, Brooklyn, late night jams, Sexy beast, revolution, drumbo, the shaving of the widows peak, Silver apples, Adidas, computers, coffee, war, Leonard Cohen, hurricanes, fire places, secrets, black clouds of smoke, automatic weapons, the smell of dead leaves, Daniel Johnston, Joe Tex, Mitch Mitchell , Dave Davies, hey buddy deli phone chat, mods and rockers, blues hammer, empty socks, carrying stress in the jaw, chick chat, Hasil Adkins, Hudson river,The War on Drugs, pop culture, dropping out, Townes Van Zandt, tape machines, sleeping late, distant cousins, fugazi, a sharp knife, a deck of cards, mass media, drones, sheep, and their behavior, fingerino, hillbilly junk, texas, panic, scroungers, peepers,stoners".


NYC Artists on the rise: Hypernova

Iranian-born rockers, turned New Yorkers via Los Angeles, Hypernova, are set to release their debut album “Through the Chaos” through Narnack Records this spring. Raam (vocals/guitar), Jamshid (bass), Kami (drums), Kodi (guitar), and Poya (rhythm guitar) have endured the chaos and limits of Tehran and the competition of the music scene in American metropolises only to emerge on top. The quintet masters rollicking and bright guitars, accompanied by forceful, syncopated drums, and an interchange of tormented and hopeful lyrics about their struggle, journey, and fortitude. The group’s fast-paced, dark dance-rock fits comfortably into the New York groove; and with the new album on the way, these determined gentlemen are sure to fulfill their American and rock n’ roll dreams. - Meijin Bruttomesso


From our Open Blog: Childe

Some may say that by the sheer sound of their music, Brooklyn based trio - CHILDE - was born out of the side of a dragon’s fiery head or perhaps the hairy gut of a bearded gypsy. But reality has proven that the strangely heroic and poetic rock of this new band stems from the wit and spit of their hard work. CHILDE has sprouted a surprising new sound – something earth shattering and soul satisfying – a solid sense of proportion and passion amidst the vast vagueness of music in our culturally over-saturated contemporanea. A fiery blend of stoned-out punk rock and psychadelia with a pop sensibility to make any music lover feel they are on the edge of a great vastness with no strings attached. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


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