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February 2010
The Secret History
"The World That Never Was

Well it seems like the sounds from the 80s are back in vogue, right? All the cheesy blips and the "housy" synths and the gasping vocals and the campy clothing and so on and on and on... Well you won't find all this in The Secret History's debut CD "The World That Never Was". You will find references to to great artists from that decade which followed a more personal and sincere musical path though. We are referring (for example) to the melancholic, beautiful and supremely blip free tunes of 10,000 Maniacs, or the daring, electric songs of The Throwing Muses, and their spin off super-dreamy project Belly. Besides the songwriting, what really hits you here is Lisa Ronson's voice - warm and strong, it confers character and personality to the band's elegant tunes through melodies that are never banal nor foreign. We also recommend you to check out the band members' previous project, "My Favorite", which probably failed to emerge because of an unfortunate name choice in this "Google Age", but that has recently garnered some post-mortem attention from music scene fat cats Pitchfork.com.

Deli Party with Glass Ghost, Flotilla, Naked Hearts Tonight! $10, 19+

Don't miss the Deli's 21st issue party tonight at The Studio at Webster!

Glass Ghost - the band gracing our latest issue's cover - will be headlining the bill. The Brooklyn based duo's sparse, trippy, enigmatic and subduedly subversive sound conquered the Deli NYC editorial staff's ears.

A slew of 5 other emerging local bands are opening, including NYC/Monteral's Flotilla and other orchestral-ish acts like The Loom and Miracles of Modern Science. Echostream and Naked Hearts will contribute with electronic fluorishes and indie rockness respectively.

Here's the schedule:

Doors at 7.20 - $10, 19+
7.30 The Loom
8.15 Echostream
9.00 Miracles of Modern Science
9.45 Naked Hearts
10.30 Flotilla
11.15 Glass Ghost

Webster Hall is at 125 E 11th Street in Mahnattan

P.S. Apologies for the quick flier... we are still recovering from the insane amount of work related to our Year End Polls!


Elastic No No Band plays Anti Folk Fest at Side Walk Cafe on 02.17

Justin Remer and his Elastic Nono Band could be considered a little bit like the NYC Antifolk scene's own Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - for the unstoppable productivity, for the cluttered arrangements, for flirting with absurdity and ridiculousness, for an uncontrollable urge to mix up the genres, even for the preference for what we will call graphics with some sort of "expressionist" vibe to them. Of course you'll find a lot more folk, country, rockabilly and silly jokes (and no jamming at all) in the Nono Band's latest double CD entitled "Fustercluck" - an effort that succeeds once again in being funnier than Bright Eyes (this has been the band's mission since 2004). The punk element that theoretically should belong to any antifolk artist (but which doesn't in a majority of cases) is replaced in the Elastic Nono Band's music by a "Weenesque" repulsion for the idea of seriously conveying feelings through music - now that's definitely something that goes against folk music's clichés. Mr. Renerwill play The Anti Folk festival at The Side Walk Café (the East Village AntiFolk hub that for some reason rejects our magazines 9 times out of ten - no, we're not bitter...) on 02.17.


Michael Leviton back in style with video + new band: The New Jerk Times

Michael Leviton - who managed to play with the sexiest (now defunct) NYC band of the mid 2000 (La Laque) and tour with the least sexy NYC duo of all times (They Might Be Giants - which we dig by the way) - is back with what he calls "a single for singles" to help "emotionally prepare you for Valentine's Day". The song is aptly titled "You're Somebody Even If Nobody Loves You". The man sure has sense of humor, as also testified by the name of his new band: The New Jerk Times. Don't miss their upcoming shows at Zebulon on 02.16 (258 Wythe at N. 3rd in Williamsburg) and Sway on 02.17 ((305 Spring at Greenwich).


News from Elika: limited edition EP ready, LP on its way

Ethereal duo Elika must have kept pretty busy in the recording and CD manufacturing departments lately. The band announced at once the release of their hand made "There Was No Summer" EP (available through Chat Blanc Records,) and the completion of the upcoming full length album, scheduled to see the light later this year. The EP (in the picture), limited to 111 copies, handsewn on dark gray cardboard, could become a collector's item. The actual CD is NOT handsewn nor made of cardboard - more info about it here.


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