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Supercute! and the sound of freedom

We've never been huge fans of teen bands - "early teen bands" in particular, just to be more specific... Yeah, there's something about that which somehow bothers us a little ("rock'n'roll" always brings to mind those two other words starting with "s" and "d" that nobody feels comfortable mentioning in the presence of kids). But it's not just that: firstly, there's always the feeling that these bands are not exactly spontaneous gatherings of like minded musicians but groups assembled (and directed) by their parents; secondly, we are often dissatisfied by the songwriting for obvious reasons (we don't care THAT much about perfect performance, it's only rock'n'roll after all...) But somehow Supercute! conquered us from the first few chords. Maybe the fact that the band stems from an established musicians' collective that has the words "family" and "slideshow" in it reassures us (Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players). But all prejudice aside, the bottom line is that these girls have some really good songs - particularly reminiscent of our favorite rock'n'roll genius: Syd Barret, a man who - quite fittingly - never grew up. This allowed him to be free and - most importantly - to sound free. Isn't this sense of freedom - a "sound of freedom" - one of the things we look for when we listen to indie music?


Glint release new EP + travel to Austin

New songs from the Glint’s self-titled EP could be considered dreamy, sexy, and even haunting. No matter what they’re called, the tracks on this EP are down right satisfying. Check out “Freak”, which offers sleek vocals from lead singer Jase Blankfort, and catchy guitars that would make any indie girl’s heart skip a beat. If that song doesn’t reel you in, “Friends,” explores the band’s infatuation with electronica, and “Damaged Goods” is another eerily stimulating tune. The EP is a follow up to the band’s 2008 debut album, SOUND IN SILENCE, which was released on Rely Records. The Glint will be at SXSW this month, so make sure you stop by and see the band’s official showcase on either nights: March 18th @ The Dirty Dog Bar, or March 19th @ The Blind Pig. Visit the band’s blog page for photos from the latest live shows. - Melissa Wong


Dawn Landes' video + SXSW plans

Somehow we missed this video by lovely Dawn Landes, who recently released a new album entitled Sweet Heart Rodeo. Dawn is definitely going to be one of the hot "items" this year at SWSX - enjoy the video!



Freelance Whales busk at Bedford Avenue L stop - today at 6pm

If you live in Williamsburg and work in Manhattan, you may have a very crowded trip back from work today: buzz blessed Freelance Whales have scheduled a Live Subway Performance TODAY At the Bedford L Stop At 6 PM. As this picture demonstrates, the band has a history of busking in weird places... this one is going to be interesting!



La Strada releases new CD + plays Bklyn Vegan Party at SXSW

La Strada, our brand new artist of the month, are a collective of truly talented musicians on a mission to create beautiful folky music with a very personal orchestral approach. The band - that we had the pleasure to see live a couple of years ago at one of our Deli parties - has been particularly productive as of late with an EP released in 2009 and a full length scheduled for release in April. They are also about to hit "the road" (that's what "La Strada" means, by the way), basically making a few stops on their way to Austin for SXSW for a couple of dates in North Carolina and New Orleans. In Austin they are scheduled to play Brooklyn Vegan's SXSW party, which is bound to create some deserved buzz around these guys. You may as well start listening to them now, why wait?


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