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Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson's new band: The Bundles

Here's the story of The Bundles'  from their myspace page: "In February 2001 New York performer/comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis was living in Austin, Texas for a few months and then-Moldy Peach Kimya Dawson came to visit him. During that visitation week they made up five songs with Jeffrey on guitar and Kimya on keyboards. In 2002, when Kimya had launched her solo career and was touring Germany along with the Jeffrey Lewis Band, those same five songs expanded into full band songs with the addition of Jeffrey's brother/bandmate Jack Lewis on bass and Anders Griffen (known for his work with jazz great Frank Lowe and Regina Spektor) on drums. One night while playing in a cold, clammy basement venue, all bundled up in sweaters, hats and scarves, the nascent band became known as The Bundles; Jack and Anders soon got in on the writing of some new songs too. Years passed, during which Jeffrey and Jack released five acclaimed records on Rough Trade, Anders drummed and toured with the likes of Dufus, John Ludington, and Diane Cluck, and Kimya stormed the world, touring constantly with 6 solo albums, and recently celebrating the Grammy-winning Juno movie soundtrack. Despite the heavy creative schedules of all involved, The Bundles continued to be resurrected in unlikely times and places wherever in the world the members happened to cross paths. Eventually in February 2009 the four congregated to make some full-band Bundles recordings at the Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, Washington. With troubadour Karl Blau, originally only signed on as session engineer, they recorded some of the pre-existing songs, along with some new ones that all five starting writing together on the spot. On the last night of recording a couple dozen members of the Olympia Free Choir joined them in the studio as well. So on one hand, their debut album The Bundles [KLP214] took just a few days to write and record, on the other hand it took eight years! Will we hear from them again before 2018?"
Well, the record was released a few weeks ago!


Growing announce new album + monster US tour

NYC might be famous for bringing to the masses bands like Blondie and The Strokes, but it's the experimental core of its scene that keeps it edgy and forward looking. Brooklyn based rather young veterans Growing (yeah because when one says "veterans" everybody tends to think about 50 years olds acting like teens...) are back with their 8th album of sonic experimentations, entitled "PUMPS!!" and out on Vice record in early April. The band's music is mostly an instrumental carpet of layered sounds, a beatless drone that slowly evolves, hypnotically. The trio will play Coco 66 on april 6th, date that will kick start their US tour that will bring them from Vermont to Seattle, then down to Santa Cruz and back home through Texas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. A month and a half on the road!


Class Actress release CD + Video

Brooklyn artist Class Actress recently debuted the video for their song "Journal of Ardency" on Pitchfork TV. The title track off their recently-released debut EP, the video stars Elizabeth Harper herself and is directed by Patrick Cleandenim. Class Actress' debut EP, bearing the same title as this song, has just been released on Terrible Records, owned by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor.



Weekly Feature 192a: Acrylics

Molly Shea and Jason Krauber, the creative core of New York's buzzworthy Acrylics, employ an expansive palette of sonic colors and textures not frequently associated with the noisemakers and trendsetters of Bushwick and Williamsburg. The band has been providing a contrast to lo-fi hipsteria by crafting a sound influenced more by radio-friendly 1970's pop-rock and less by a desire to induce ear-bleeding in audience members. Their first release, a five-ditty EP entitled All of the Fire, was recorded in a church and produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, almost instantaneously earning them significant local street cred and building interest for a follow-up LP. - Read Toney Palumbo's interview with the band here.


Weekly Feature 191b: Motel Motel

Motel Motel's raw, emotional brand of indie-infested country rock creates the insatiable need to wear a cowboy hat, drink coffee and strut down the New York streets with a slight attitude. The band's tunes breath new life into the idea of Americana, yet smack of the angular garage rock of The Strokes as well as older folk acts such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Dylan. The honesty that comes rising from the blazing guitar, keys and chameleon-esque vocals, fills the songs with a feeling of desire and camaraderie. There is a humbleness and openness that allows the listener to feel comfort in every song and, instead of a wailing wall of noise, the band comes out plodding sweetly and gives the listener the impression that there's more where that came from. - Read Lauren Piper's Q&A with the band here.


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