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A Heart is a Spade: The Range Remixes CHVRCHES

This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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iiii ends 2013 on a high note

iiii (pronounced “four”) capped off 2013 with two releases: its self-titled debut album in November and the EP Run iiii Cover in December. The group’s brand of R&B is breezy, jazzy and fun, carried by Laila Smith’s smooth, skillful voice. “Sweet Talk,” from its December EP, will have you dancing without even realizing it – jumpy piano and jittery drums give the song an effortless, inescapable groove. If you’re in the mood for something slower, check out the ballad “A Case of You,” wherein Smith sings, “I could drink a case of you, darling, and I’d still be on my feet.” On the other hand, if you like the classics, download closing track “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” which the band makes its own with the help of time signature changes and an extra dose of upright bass. – Jake Reed


New England's Open Submission Results for The Deli Magazine's Year End Poll, 2013

The first phase of the Deli New England’s Year End Poll has come to an end – and we have the results. The Open Submissions leaders are a testament to the diversity of talents in the New England area, ranging from genres like Surf Rock to Ambient and Prog Metal. 

Of course, the Deli New England editor wasn’t eligible to vote for the bands in the New England scene. Instead, the submissions were voted on by three other editors, including Deli Editor-In-Chief Paolo De Gregorio.

Acts advancing to our Readers/Fans Poll with a ranking above 7.5:

1. Pale Cowboy (Alt Folk) – 9
2. Magic Island (Indie Rock) – 8.33
3. Big Big Buildings (Ambient) – 8.17
4. Miss Geo (Electro pop) – 8.17
5. Atlantic Thrills (Garage/Surf Rock) – 8
6. Mals Totem (Prog Metal) – 7.5

Honorable Mentions (ranked above 7.0):

Blackbutton (Alt Rock) – 7.33
The Rare Occasions (Indie Rock) – 7.33333333333333
Ula Ruth (Indie Rock) – 7.17
Little War Twins (Alt Rock)  – 7.17
Anna Lombard (Songwriter) – 7.17
Tales Of Olde (Indie Folk) – 7.17
Vary Lumar (Synth Pop) – 7
Michael O. (R&B) – 7
The Burners (Americana) – 7

Total submissions from the New England scene: 85

WHAT'S NEXT: Now that the first stage of the poll has come to a close, the next step is to unveil the artists nominated by our local jurors: venue promoters, bloggers, etc. (In other words, the people who know the scene best.) Then, our readers and writers will get a chance to vote on the poll.

A big thanks again to all of the bands who submitted their music. We hope to see you all continue to write the music that makes New England such a rich and diverse local scene.

The Deli Staff


Miss Geo, Atlantic Thrills and Mals Totem qualify for next stage of our Year-End Poll

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the top three bands in our Open Submissions, here are the runner-ups. In fourth place is Miss Geo, an indie pop duo from Newport, Rhode Island. The pair’s song “Waves” is a groovy, fun ditty with synths lifted straight out of the 80s, and they’re preparing a new album to be released this spring.

Atlantic Thrills was the fifth place finalist. To drum up noise for their upcoming album, set for release on February 4, the band recently released the video for its single “Day at the Beach.” The song is a catchy surf rock tune and its video will have you longing for summer.

Last but not least is Mals Totem, in sixth place. The band’s self-titled EP, released in September, has its share of quiet moments, but the band is best when it’s at its loudest. For the best example, just take a listen to the driving chorus in “Gargantuan.” – Jake Reed


Pale Cowboy takes first place in New England Open Submissions

Congratulations to Pale Cowboy for placing first in the Open Submissions for our Year-End Poll. Based out of Northampton, Mass., the five-piece band finds the happy medium between American and indie rock. 2013’s Shelter EP has all you could ask for: unpredictable chord progressions, harmonized vocals, glimmering synths that never try to steal the show, and some truly unique production – and daring tempo changes – shown off on the set’s title track. It’s no surprise that the band was named the Deli New England Artist of the Month back in December. Take a listen to Shelter on Bandcamp now. – Jake Reed


Magic Island take second place in New England Open Submissions

After being featured on our site in November, Magic Island has placed second in the Open Submissions for our Year-End Poll. This year, the band made noise with its second EP, “Falling Through Space.” Opening track ”Himalayas” is layered with texture, from harmonized vocals, icy keys and gruff guitars, while “Hang High” features groovy riffs and a sneaky-catchy chorus which finds vocalist Drew Valera singing, “I just wanna get you on your own, I don’t wanna leave you all alone.” The band is hard at work on new material, so it’s pretty certain they’ll keep up the momentum in 2014, but "Falling Through Space" is available on Bandcamp and iTunes now. – Jake Reed


Big Big Buildings places third in New England Open Submissions

Scoring an 8.17 in the Open Submissions portion of our year-end poll, Big Big Buildings has placed third amongst all submissions in the first round – and will be moving ahead to the Readers/Fans Poll. In June, Big Big Buildings (real name Adam McElreath) released Full Color Pharmacy, his third full-length album, and its name is a testament to the spectrum of sounds across its twelve songs. On album opener “Just Over Young,” he touches on the sonic weirdness of Animal Collective and later the sparkling guitars of post-rock giants Explosions in the Sky. “There Is A Wall” is straight-up indie rock, while “Polyhimalayan” is pure ambient, with bubbles providing texture beneath a slow, resonating keyboard melody. Check out the album on Bandcamp to hear what other colors the album is stocked with – Jake Reed


Aloud to play at Great Scott alongside Brooklyn's Cold Blood Club

In advance of its fourth album, It’s Got to Be Now, set for release in April, Boston-based Aloud will take to Great Scott alongside Brooklyn’s Cold Blood Club. While the retro rock four-piece will likely debut some new material at the show, you can expect plenty of the classics as well: the band’s first three discs (and especially its most recent, Exile) were critically acclaimed by publications including Driftwood Magazine and Stereo Subversion. Eight-piece indie dance outfit Cold Blood Club will play in support of a new album as well, previewed by recent single “Down.” If you want to get a taste of Aloud’s sound before the show, check out Elmore Magazine’s premiere of the new single “A Little Bit Low” here, then check out both bands at Great Scott on January 11. – Jake Reed


2013 Year End Polls For Emerging Artists: Results Scene by Scene


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