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d's "house sounds" shrouded in mystery

Not much information is offered about house sounds, a short gem of an EP released to Bandcamp by d (aka Danielle Capalbo). The lo-fi album features minimal production and instrumentation, mostly relying on guitar and Capalbo’s never-showy voice. Its six short songs are as beautiful as they are muddled, her harmonies often hidden beneath the thick reverb of the guitar. house sounds appears to be an intended accompaniment to “Waking Up: A Zine About Self-Discovery,” a literary magazine Capalbo created with her own writing and photography, which can be purchased on d’s Bandcamp now. – Jake Reed


Glass Arrowhead gets serious on "The Beginning"

Glass Arrowhead explains The Beginning as an attempt to break into new, “more serious” territory after primarily pumping out trap and dubstep jams. The result is breezy and light while still showing off his skills on the boards. For instance, “C++ Shells” melds a bubbly synth with flute flourishes and drums that drop in and out with ease. The collection’s more serious direction was inspired by “Goodbye Again,” a slow-moving ambient piece, accented by an 8-bit synth that grows more present and more distorted as it moves forward. When the drums enter in the song’s final two minutes, it becomes something of a dance-floor stomper – albeit not something you might hear in your standard Top 40 DJ set. We’ll be looking forward to more from this guy in the future. – Jake Reed 


Nautica releases "winter" EP

Recorded in a Vermont basement in January, Nautica’s winter is a charmingly lo-fi set. The four-track EP begins with the fuzzy opening riff of “All I Can Be,” which works its way into a catchy, distortion-heavy frenzy of a love song. The trio shows off a softer side on “Whatever You Want to Call It, James,” accompanying the song’s chorus with falsetto harmonies – before immediately turning the guitar effect pedals back on. A recent post on the band's Facebook page revealed that plans for a short tour later this month have been scrapped, but you can check out the Burlington up-and-comers at the Elks Lodge in Cambridge, MA, on March 23. – Jake Reed


Ladyhips releases B-side, previews upcoming EP

Hartford funk-pop-jazz quintet Ladyhips started off the year with two new releases for its loyal fans – with even more soon to come. The first is “The Crows,” a B-side from 2012’s Best Friends that deviates from the upbeat sound that encapsulated the album. The track is slow-burning, with lyrics to match its apocalyptic, world-is-ending climax: “It’s scary to think that the sand in our hands is fading away,” sings vocalist Sean Rubin, later quipping, “We cannot be trusted … we must stop our beasts from getting the best of us.” The band's latest release came earlier this month in the form of a music video for “In the Ballroom,” shot in a Connecticut farm that makes for an unorthodox but beautiful setting for a performance. “In the Ballroom” is the first of two videos that will preview the band’s upcoming Live at Farmtone EP, set for release on April 22, and given what we’ve seen so far, you’ll want to mark that date on your calendar. – Jake Reed


In the Ballroom from Ladyhips on Vimeo.


Providence's The Range heads to SXSW

Providence's The Range (aka James Hinton) released his latest album, Nonfiction, on the UK label Donky Pitch last October, gaining him recognition both in the States and across the pond. The album's weirdest moments are its best: check out the dialogue that acts as a rap on "Metal Swing" and the slow ascent from spacious introduction to full-on electro jam. On March 25, he will release the EP Panasonic, but not before he makes the most out of a four-day stay in Austin for SXSW. Check out the full list of The Range’s SXSW stops above.  – Jake Reed


Sexy Girls gets to work on second album

Three years ago, Alex Whitelaw left the band that he was in and decided to start his own surf rock solo project called Sexy Girls. His efforts culminated in a nine-song album called The Collection, which was released on Bandcamp in 2012. "Tell Me" should give you a perfect taste of the nonchalant, summery sound that defines the album.

Today, Sexy Girls is a four-piece indie rock band comprised of Steve Kerr (drums), Sam Hatch (guitar), Ben Semeta (bass), and Whitelaw (vocals, rhythm guitar) – but Whitelaw still writes all the music. The Amherst, MA band is currently working on a new album called Satan’s Hands which they hope to release in August, and will perform at the 13th Floor Music Lounge in Florence, MA on April 24. – Mary Reines


June & the Bee keep folk music fresh

If you live in the Pioneer Valley and haven’t heard June & the Bee, well, you need to. The band is led by the spunky stage presence of lead vocalist Emma June, but its versatility is what really sets the folk trio apart. When they took to Jittery’s Live at Smith College in Northampton last night, listeners were treated not just to guitar and vocals, but mandolin, saxophone and violin as well – plus drums and cello thanks to a few extra musical friends. Make sure to check out “Spadina,” which June referred to as a “folk-rap,” and catch them on March 13 at the Habberdashery in Northampton or March 29 at the Jewish Community Center in Amherst. – Jake Reed


Austin 2014 issue (SXSW)
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