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Designer makes noise on "Bye Bye Bible"

Designer’s “Bye Bye Bible” is the strangest homegrown music video we’ve seen in a long time – and we mean that in an endearing way. It looks like five broken VCRs all vying for one screen, none managing to capture more than a second of air time at any moment. The far-from-accessible video is, of course, fitting for the less-than-accessible track, but if you’ve got an ear for grungy punk, “Bye Bye Bible” might actually get stuck in your head. The song previews the Jamaica Plain punks’ upcoming 7” released on BUFU Records, and they’ll usher it in with a release show at Allston’s Great Scott on June 2 alongside Gymshorts, Nice Guys and Speed Trials. – Jake Reed, @jakejreed


We Were Astronauts chases "Doreé" in new video

Ahead of the September release of its new album Artificial Light, Boston-based We Were Astronauts has unveiled its latest video. “Doreé” is a catchy love song that sounds like a Young the Giant track polished with a pop radio sheen, complete with sharp guitar riffs and harmonized vocals. Its video follows the lyric’s story of a man chasing his high school sweetheart later in life – and it allows plenty of time for the band to showcase its performance skills, playing to the dance floor on which the high school love story reaches its dramatic twist. Watch “Doreé” below and stay tuned for the release of Artificial Light this fall. – Jake Reed, @jakejreed


Skinny Bones are pleasantly weird on "Noise Floor"

Upon opening Skinny Bones’ Bandcamp page, one is greeted by “Sleep In,” a track that is understated and yet sparkles with unique production tics. A ghastly pitch-shifted backing vocal supports the primary melody from below, an inexplicable crackle comes in and out during the chorus – and at 3:25, it all swells before disappearing like an apparition into a wonky bass line. The song is just one from their latest album, Noise Floor, a nine-track collection unleashed on May 6. Later on the set is “Jamaica Plain,” a delightfully odd tribute to the Boston neighborhood with a simple repeated hook: “Oh my J-J-JP.” Grab Noise Floor for a price of your choosing (yes, that includes free) and catch the band at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge, MA, this Friday. – Jake Reed, @jakejreed

Photo by Hannah Cohen



Jake McKelvie & the Countertops will have you dancing on, well, the countertops

New Hampshire’s Jake McKelvie & the Countertops have a sound as weird as their name, and after seeing them play in an Amherst, MA, garage last month, I can say that they put on a good (but weird) live show as well. After promising their latest full-length first in March and later for an April release, Solid Chunks of Energy finally hit Bandcamp last week. The album kicks off in high gear with the energetic punch of “Mini Monster,” on which McKelvie’s distinguishably lackadaisical vocal delivery quickly grabs attention. “So Long, the Scrubber” benefits from the same energy, aided by an envelope-filtered bass guitar that dazzles from the backdrop. Like any solid album, the collection slows down with “Woke Awake” and “Aside From Your Hair,” but the Countertops are best when commanding a mosh pit. If you’re ready to join the pit, catch them tonight at Anchors Up in Haverhill, MA, or June 28 at West Street Parking Lot in Gardner. – Jake Reed, @jakejreed

Magic Man Ready to Take on Boston Calling

As the city of Boston prepares for the next installment of the increasingly-popular Boston Calling music festival series, fans may be surprised to see locals Magic Man listed alongside the likes of Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie and Built to Spill. The 5-piece group, started by long-time friends Alex Caplow and Sam Lee, produce artfully-crafted synth-pop, with a unique energy and enormous sound that is seldom found in local acts. While Magic Man have quickly moved up the ranks of the pop music ladder (playing alongside bands such as MS MR and Walk the Moon), they are very aware of the steps it took them to reach where they are today.  “Playing in basements and living rooms was how we started as a band,” says Caplow, “and it’s that same energy that we try to bring to shows like Boston Calling.”

With record crowds anticipated to descend on City Hall Plaza in only a few short weeks, Magic Man will be quite comfortable on such a large stage, though it took them awhile to have such composure. “I remember one show in Columbus, OH with Walk the Moon. We hadn’t done our research on the venue and from backstage we could hear the place filling up, [but weren’t expecting a huge crowd],” recalls Caplow. “We came out and there were thousands of screaming teens--we were in entire shock.” Since then, the band have played many large-capacity venues and are scheduled for even more this summer (including a set at Firefly in Delaware, MD and a string of dates on the West Coast). For more updates about the band, check out their website. More information about Boston Calling (as well as info about Tigerman, WOAH!--the second local act to be featured at this spring's concert) can be found here.


-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)


Photo Credit: Gavin Thomas





Loom creates "Echoes" on new single

If you remember d’s house sounds, you’ll want to check out the latest single from Loom – a band that consists of d, or Danielle Capalbo, alongside Willis Touri, Jared Thompson and Ashley Kenney. “Echoes” trades in the foggy vocals of house sounds for a catchy melody that sounds like Gwen Stefani tackling dreamy indie pop. On its B-side, “Every Crime,” the New Haven quartet gets even dreamier, with guitars and chimed “ooh”s that reverberate through brazen chords. Peep the songs on Soundcloud now and keep your eye out for a full-length release in the near future. – Jake Reed, @jakejreed


Handsome Ghost debuts single, goes viral, plays Cameo on 05.09

Split between NYC and Boston, Handsome Ghost is a brand new electro-pop project that was born when songwriter Tim Noyes (presumably on the right in the picture) decided to delete his Tinder account and give the musical dream a serious shot - pictured, the moment when Tim let one of his Tinder dates know about his decision (we would have dropped her for the unfashionable fur anyway). He left the glamour of internet dating for a studio in Vermont and came out with a record. On April 22, after more than a year since the beginning of the creative process, Handsome Ghost's first single, "Blood Stutter" (streaming below) was premiered by Popmatters through a Spotify playlist curated by Noyes, featuring also tracks by some of his favorite artists (we gladly found Deli cover band Lucius and St. Vincent in it). Since then the song (or compilation, or both) went viral, and "Blood Stutter" got 75k plays in just two weeks, which by any standards is an awful lot for a new band.

Check out the melanchonic, futuristic track, and Tim vocoded (or auto-tuned?) vocals below and - if you dig - follow the hype to Cameo's Gallery for the band's first Brooklyn show on 05.09.


London native Covey brings his acoustic R&B style to Boston

Covey’s “Comes and Goes” starts off with handclaps and reversed guitars before the singer’s silky voice takes the spotlight. The song is a soft, introspective number; “life only bruises those who want to spend theirs alone,” he remarks on the bridge. The song reaches a perfect conclusion with the deep bass and tinny bell of its final understated chorus. Last month’s cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” proves the singer a versatile one as well. Before attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music, the London native spent time in Indonesia and Hong Kong, which he credits to his unique sound. If you like what you hear, catch Covey at The Red Room @ Cafe 939 at the singer’s alma mater on May 14. – Jake Reed, @jakejreed




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