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Selected artists for Music Tech Mashup Party.

The organizers of the Tech Mashup Party have selected the 3 artists that will play at their show in Austin during SXSW. The lucky ones are LA alt rock band Voxhaul Broadcast (in the picture), Austin indie rockers Red Leaves, and NYC singer Songwriter Dion Roy - congrats to them and thanks to all the bands that submitted through The Deli!

4th Annual New England Americana Festival


The 4th annual New England Americana festival kicks-off today at Church in Boston and runs through Saturday. There is an amazing line up for this event. Guns, Girls and Glory, Jimmy Ryan and Hayride, Three Day Threshold, The Bees Knees, Movers and Shakers and many more will be celebrating the very American genre in with the spirit of the Northeast. They have different ticket bundles and you can check those out here.

--The Deli Staff


Good Kids Sprouting Horns, Jakob Battick & Friends @ Geno’s, Portland, ME, 2.4

Review of the Deli's Band of the Month winner, Jakob Battick and Friends. Stay tuned for an interview with them in the future.

Taking their name from an Andrew Bird song, Good Kid Sprouting Horns set the stage with their incredibly minimal setup of guitar, Casio keyboard, and small drum kit. While Horns’ music was rooted in folk, they showed different shades of influences from the lo-fi rock explosion of the 90s and a lick of alt-country. Anthony Bitetti’s voice was subdued and creaky and he could belt away in a beautiful descent. Horns’ performance was powerful and satisfying.

Following Horns was Bangor native, Jakob Battick who was accompanied by his ragtag team of musicians from the local university. Going under the name Jakob Battick & Friends, the group is constantly evolving, always welcoming new members and saying goodbye to the old—sometimes cycling through the same people, allowing for the reinterpreting of already interpreted songs. What’s so special about Jakob Battick & Friends isn’t only the folk and sometimes punk-infused songwriting, but also the group’s willingness to change and experiment with songs that never end up sounding exactly the same.

A year ago, Jakob Battick’s songs would have sounded almost gentle and quiet—with the support of acoustic instruments and maybe some light drumming. With a year passed, the group has changed and know have a sound that’s jagged and loud. While the songs are still rooted in folk music, the group isn't afraid to show a little contrast between the soft and sharp. This was especially evident in the elegant sounds of Roy MacNeil’s violin set against Mark Dennis’ pummeling war-drums. It was during these moments that the folk switched to a more tribal sound.

Planets Around The Sun performed next, I suggest you check them out!

--Dylan Martin


Forest Fires at TT's 2.16


Christopher Pappas’s solo project Forest Fires is an organic incarnation of this preternaturally gifted musician. The show at TT the Bear’s on Tuesday, February 16th consisted of seven songs from Forest Fires’ debut album Hark! And Other Lost Transmissions. Backed by a full band, Pappas blended his bittersweet lyrics with master showmanship to build his venue into an atmosphere fitting for the music he plays: something familiar and accessible while also testing the audience’s willingness to open themselves to the implications itinerant in his music.

Pappas played a tight seven-song set showcasing Forest Fires’ range from the tender, lulling opener “Lost at Sea” to the show closer “The Dying Physicist”, a tongue-in-cheek anthem to quantum physics, foregone opportunities and squandered time. There’s a controlled grittiness in Forest Fires, something gleaned even in more upbeat tracks like “Sweet Tooth” and “Static Gloom.” In “Son Son (Son)”, a tender apology to an unborn child, Pappas’s voice wavers between seduction and guilt, enough so to make the audience suspend the knowledge supplied by Pappas himself, “This is about the son I never had, not one I abandoned.”

Throughout, what ties the music together is Pappas’s ability to experiment with variations on melody, theme and genre conventions. The result is ultimately catchy, alluring and accessible while maintaining an impish degree of challenge. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the song “Fooling Everybody, All of the Time,” a coy, catchy dirge about the ubiquitous need to be accepted that began with Pappas near-cooing into the microphone and ended with the proclamation, “There’s no song to sum up the way you feel.” The music captures the sense of ongoing loss and elation inherent in any innocuous moment. Forest Fires hints at complex ideas through pristine songs, music that cycles back to key concepts and chords alike. Ultimately, Forest Fires strives to expose the bittersweet revelation of everyday experience and the mark it leaves upon us.

--Meghan Guidry


Villanelles and Ghost Weapons Tonight @ Radio Bean 11pm

Burlington veterans, The Villanelles, along with promising new comers Ghost Weapons will be headlining the late shift at Radio Bean tonight at 11pm. Ghost Weapons have decided to unconditionally bring the huge classic alt rock sound (Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du) to Burlington. The single song available on their otherwise deserted myspace page speaks for itself. Tonight will be their debut and hopefully we'll be welcoming some promising new sounds to the area.

--The Deli Staff


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