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The Honors EP Release, Friday at Great Scott

The Honors release their debut EP, "xoxo," Friday at Great Scott.  The EP is riddled with hooks, often sounding like retro pop filtered through modern sensibilities:  the vocals in the opener, "New Girls," are a well-timed and thoughtfully catchy corner-of-the-eye glance at new romance, yet they're soaked in reverb and play against short bursts of distorted guitar.  The songs are punchy and concise, with a solid, danceable rhythm section and some nicely playful guitar lines.  It's the relationship between oldschool songwriting and newer sonic textures that seems to guarantee an electrifying live show.  The vocals often steal the limelight - there's a serious ear for melody evidenced here - and it's the verse of "Call Me From California" or the chorus of "Driven By Strangers" that will leave the club with you.

Their EP release show is part of a Pill event, so take your dancing shoes and expect there to be plenty else to stay on the floor for.

10pm / Great Scott

- The Deli Staff


Live Review - Jason Myles Goss, Dietrich Strausse at Lizard Lounge

On Friday night, a warm and welcoming crowd filled the Lizard Lounge’s intimate basement room for a homecoming concert of sorts for former Cambridge singer/songwriter (and current Brooklyn resident) Jason Myles Goss Goss performed with his 4-piece band in a show that also featured local supporting acts Dietrich Strause and Beth Colegrove.


Colegrove kicked off the night, and despite her admission that she was still recovering from bronchitis, she managed to subdue the crowd with her bubbly voice and confessional, intimate songwriting style. Standouts included the upbeat tune “Yellow Canary” and a delicately picked rendition of Leonard Cohen’s break up ode “Hotel Chelsea #2”.


After a short break during which the crowd continued to swell, singer/songwriter Dietrich Strause proved himself a rising local star by bringing the boisterous crowd to a hush with his opener, the understated ballad “Susquehanna” from his debut album. He just as quickly brought the crowd back to life with “Nuns With Guns," a foot stomper featuring nimble finger picking and pointed social commentary ("Are we swimming for the next war / or treading for our lives?"). Several upbeat numbers followed, including a two-step take on Bob Dylan’s “Buckets of Rain," and alternated with more intimate ballads that showcased Strause’s excellent guitar playing and smooth, straightforward vocal delivery. The highlight of the set was a track from Strause’s forthcoming second album, a driving bluesy number called “Brickyard,” which was intercut with a completely acoustic rendition of Paul Simon’s “Graceland” that again brought a noisy crowd to dead silence for nearly the entire song - an impressive feat for a Friday night at the Lizard Lounge.


Finally, headliner Jason Myles Goss took the stage with his roots rock outfit.  The bass player rocked one of the best handlebar moustaches I have seen in a while, a fact which led my companion to comment, “With a moustache like that you know these guys will be legit.”  Sure enough, Goss’s anthemic and energetic songs were catchy and memorable from the very first listen.  The band was tight and well balanced, giving Goss plenty of breathing room for his mellow and well worn vocals to drive hook-filled tunes like “Come Back To Me” and “Heavy."  Each of his bite sized portraits of city life went down smooth with just enough grit and emotion to keep the audience enthusiastically riding along, so that by the time the crowd starting shuffling out after 1 AM, it felt more like breaking up a party among friends than ending a show.

- Patrick Coman


Dietrich Strause and Jason Myles Goss, Friday at Lizard Lounge

On Friday, 8/27, Dietrich Strause and Jason Myles Goss bring their exceptional songwriting to the Lizard Lounge.  

The two musicians take different but complementary approaches to folk rock.  Goss has a lush, full approach, with full-band kicks and strong vocals.  The once Cambridge-based artist (now working in Brooklyn) uses his ear for dynamics to spotlight memorable melodic hooks.  Strause, on the other hand, conveys a just-for-you intimacy, his thoughtful chords and structures supporting his clear and present voice.  Deft fingerpicking gently propels many of the songs, creating a timeless and warm atmosphere.  

Opening the evening and rounding out the bill is Beth Colegrove.

Aug. 27 / Lizard Lounge / $8 / 8:30pm doors

- The Deli Staff


One Night Band 2010 is Saturday, 8/21

Boston Band Crush's One Night Band 2010 is this Saturday, 8/21!  Boston Band Crush, a Boston-based music blog, launched its first One Night Band in August of last year to great success.  

The event is fashioned after the Rock Lottery, which had happened in Seattle and Denton, Texas.  The idea:  Take a bunch of local musicians, throw them into randomly selected groups, and give them a day to write music as a band.  

It's only fitting that Boston Band Crush, a blog highly reflective of the collaborative, social and fun elements of Boston music, should bring it home.  "I loved the idea and wanted to bring it to Boston," says Ashley Willard of BBC.  "I think the coolest thing is that it brings musicians together who wouldn't normally cross paths."

BBC's version features forty Boston musicians grouped into eight bands of five.  They have about six hours to complete four songs - three originals and one cover.  Then they hit the Middle East Downstairs in the evening to showcase their day's work - the good, the bad, and, if last year is any indication, the improbably amazing.

As with last year's, your ticket will not only grant you access to this incredible event, but it will also support Zumix, a local organization working for music education.  "We were worried we wouldn't draw enough to pay for the room," Willard reflects.  "But we ended up almost selling it out and raising $1600 for Zumix."  And if that isn't enough of a bonus, if you're one of the first three hundred one night fans to enter the Middle East Downstairs, you'll get a gift bag full of local music cd's, stickers, and other swag from bands all over the Boston music map.

Check out the official One Night Band website for a list of participants (complete with biographies) and more.

8pm / $10 adv, $12 door / 18+ unless with parent or guardian

- The Deli Staff


Shoney Lamar's Precinct Residency Continues Thursday


Shoney Lamar & the Equal Rights continue their three-date residency at the Precinct on Thursday, August 19th.  The residency celebrates the release of the band's new EP, "eat fish and die."  (Download their last EP for free here.)

The band's comments are simple: "Shoney Lamar & the Equal Rights made the damn thing and it's awesome."  This writer is inclined to agree, but however awesome the recording may be, you better get there to catch it live.  Those familiar with Shoney's performances know what kind of red-in-the-face passion to expect, but those who are not shouldn't head to Facebook for photos or YouTube for vids - they should head down to Precinct to be there.  You'll be able to leave with your own copy of the EP and stories of the evening to tell to the suckers who missed it.

Also performing this Thursday are Infrastructure and Bitch Trifecta.

If you can't make this one, get to Precinct on Thursday, August 26th for the final night of the residency, with OTP and Streight Angular.

8pm / $8 (each night)

 - The Deli Staff


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