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Newton's Sun Down Sounds Summer Series

Sun Down Sounds

Magic Man

Looking for a break from your usual haunts in and around Boston?  Don't forget to look West!

Head out to the Green at Newton Center (Newton Center T stop on the Green D line) on Thursday, 7/22, for Sun Down Sounds, a free concert series featuring some seriously fresh talent.  The event will also feature locally-made art installations and picnics!

I'm a little late on reporting this one - this Thursday's is the second of four installments in the series - but that's fitting, as I'm also a little late in realizing what a hotbed for new, experimental and folky music Newton has turned out to be.  Some of it has infiltrated the Boston airwaves and blogspace, but much has stayed aloof.

The Sun Down Sounds series is showcasing some of the best of that talent.  Each evening seems to have some unifying musical theme or general sound; this Thursday features some down-tempo, relaxing acoustic folk music.  The evenings start at 530 and run until around 9.  There's more information about this series on their Facebook page.



-- The Deli Staff


Good Kids Sprouting Horns Summer Mini-Tour

Good Kids Sprouting Horns Summer Mini-Tour

Good Kids Sprouting Horns is a genuine alt-folk band.  The "genuine" part is worth noting because while many bands approach the folk genre with determination and, often, some degree of kitsch, Good Kids Sprouting Horns seem to belong there.  Despite their humble format (guitar, drums, and a small fleet of retro keyboards), they push folk to its boundaries, with quiet, reflective passages, momentous climaxes, engaging licks and harmonies, and song structures that lean on anything from pop to post-rock as much as folk.

If you haven't caught them live yet, here's your chance - the band embarks on a summer mini-tour on July 23rd.  You can see them off tonight at the SPACE Gallery or on the 23rd at Slainte, both in Portland, before they hit the road.  (Good luck with North Carolina in August, guys!  I'm sweating at the thought.)

7.23 Portland, ME - Slainte
7.24 Winooski, VT - The Monkey House
7.26 Somewhere in NY - House Show
7.27 Rochester, NY - Boulder Coffee Co
7.29 Pittsburgh, PA - Howler's Coyote Cafe
7.30 Richmond, VA - The Triple
8.1 Durham, NC - The Pinhook
8.2 New York, NY - Pianos

Find more information at the band's myspace.

- The Deli Staff


The Day's Weight EP release tour


Vermont's The Day's Weight recently released a new EP which has been mixed by Paul Kolderie and Mastered by Jeff Lipton, both Boston legends who have worked with The Pixies and Radiohead to name a few. The Day’s Weight will be touring around the East Coast through July. Tonight they are at Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan.

Thursday July 22nd - Garwood, New Jersey - The Crossroads

Friday July 23rd - Bethesda, Maryland - The Barking Dog

Friday July 30th - Situate, Massachusetts - The River Club

--The Deli Staff


The Deli Magazine's Presents Burlington Summer '10 Showcase @ Monkey House 7.16

The Deli is throwing a Burlington-based showcase tomorrow at the Monkey House in Winooski, VT with a pretty diverse lineup of native Burlington acts. The Day's Weight is into indie rock meets western vibes. Neon Magus is a heavy psychedelic tribal squadron. Nuda Veritas creates beauitful sonic textures with loops and her gorgeous voice. Busted Brix mixes ska horn play with tight indie rock rhythms. They will all be leveling the stage with an upbeat night of sounds starting tomorrow at 8:30pm. (Note: Unfortunately, The Feverbreakers will not be playing.)

--The Deli Magazine


PPALMM "Cal-Aesthetics"

We might be in a new golden age of underground electronic music, call it what genre you will. Glo-fi, chillwave, psychrock: sexy names that never quite do justice to the music they’re meant to describe. You’d think an entire generation of American youth was mainlining Robotussin while nodding off over a Moog in a sepia-tinted bedroom. But if all these kids were really huffing computer cleaner, you’d hardly get the choice selection of well-crafted, just-enough-polished electronica that we have today. Acts like Blackbird Blackbird, Pollination, Toro Y Moi, Truman Peyote and Boston’s PPALMM are putting out impossibly ready-to-play music that peels off into experimental directions while still maintaining a pop sensibility. Not all of these acts are touring, or even gigging; many remain bedroom wunderkinds. But it’s a sign of overall fertility that these acts are flowering in the absence of extensive club support. If the music is good, everything else follows. PPALMM’s Cal-Aesthetics is the latest crown of laurels on the brow of this burgeoning scene that’s going to outlive its half-snarky glo-fi label.


The tracks from Cal-Aesthetics hew more to the techno end of the spectrum, away from the warped tape warblings of a Neon Indian. In fact, the overall sound is pretty clean, though dense and detailed. There’s no magnetized tape stressing here to produce that half-step hurky-jurky fade-in/fade-out rhythm that’s so popular these days. PPALMM sneaks in rhythm the “old fashioned” way, with artfully constructed samples and beats. Tracks ‘New Nostalgia’ and ‘Revel’ bring to mind middle period Aphex Twin. The latter especially invokes the heavier, dirrrtier house sounds of Richard D. James in his UK club mode. The medium tempo ‘_outherewithme_’ and ‘elec_TR_olling’ have a leisurely pace and subtlety reminiscent of Endtroducing-era DJ Shadow. All great tracks, but the heart and soul of Cal-Aesthetics is probably ‘Acid Cops’, a techno-thriller that harkens back to the straightup house grinders of the early 90s while infusing the sampling vocabulary with digital treats those pre-Macbook luddites could hardly have fathomed.


PPALMM is probably one of those underground acts that trends more towards the bedroom wunderkind at this point. Though the man behind the music Paul Morse (Paul M. = PPALMM- get it?) has gigged regular in the Boston area, and been on some great bills with Toro Y Moi, Das Racist, Truman Peyote and Class Actress, you get the feeling that outside of New England PPALMM is an unknown quantity. Cal-Aesthetics should change this and hopefully open a few doors. It’s a good thing to hear music from this special scene that doesn’t lean hard on the warbled tape, tremolo-ed “chill thump” to grab the listener’s attention. The “chill thump” could become the new disco beat- played out, lamed out- if people don’t watch out. But if it does, PPALMM will be high and dry with an album that visits Chillville, yet, thankfully, doesn’t live there.


Download "Cal-Aesthetics" for free here.


--Mike Gutierrez



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