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Other Music Festival Day 5: Greg Davis, A Snake In The Garden, Toby Aronson, and more

Greg DavisDay 5 of Burlington's Other Music Festival looks to be the cream of the crop for Burlington's ambient/noise outfits and artists. Burlington's godfather to the scene, if you will, Greg Davis, will be making his festival appearance as well as other veterans of the area A Snake in the Garden, Toby Aronson, and Lawrence Welks & Our Bear to Cross. Another exciting collabartion with Ashley Paul and percussionist Eli Keszler is set to grace the stage. Other performers include Katarina Miljovic, Stencil/Magic, and Ensemble V. Looks like there will also be some sort of open improv session, which is sure to birth some interesting sounds. Everything is happening at 8pm at North End Studios.

--The Deli Staff


Left Hand Does release new EP, Lusica June 30th at O'Brien's

Lusica, the title track off Left Hand Does' new EP, is a dreamy but heavy tune influenced by 80's rock such as Crowded House, Tears for Fears and The Pixies. I heard Left Hand Does play Lusica at the Lizard Lounge open mic a while back and loved it immediately. Left Hand Does is fronted by brother and sister Luke and Jean Sullivan, who are awesomely musically dynamic. Check out the video above, and check them out IRL at the EP release party at O'Brien's Pub in Allston on June 30th.

--The Deli Staff


Other Music Festival Day 4: Ashley Paul, Elbow Room, Johnny T and the Raccoonists, and more

Ashley PaulDay 4 of Burlington's Other Music Festival is another jazz colaboration heavy night, but the big attraction of the night is ex-Burlington experimental giant Ashley Paul in collaboration with Anthony Colman. One of the most exciting acts of the whole week. Also fleshing out the night are Johnny T and the Raccoonists, Elbow Room, Michael Gardiner/Derek Beckvoice/Peter Negroponte, Xander Naylor/Ian Kovac, and Zack Cooper/Christ Madden/Vic Dimotis. Things kick off at 8pm at North End Studios as usual.

--The Deli Staff


Other Music Festival Day 3: Mohanty/Mallon Duet, Jazz Rehab, Chambers and more

Jazz RehabBurlington's Other Music Festival moves into day 3, which seems to be a more jazz focused night. Anthony Coleman will be making another appearance, collaborating with Chambers. Representing Burlington are long time residential jazz improv group, Jazz Rehab, and the fiery saxophone and xylophone free jazz attack of the Mohanty/Mallon Duet. Other performers include Toilet Phone, Dr. Thing, and a colab between Steve Goldberg and R. Bill Gangon. Everything kicks of at 8pm at North End Studios.

--The Deli Staff


Mixtape:1993 - 6/12 - Rosebud Diner, Somerville, MA

1993: Kurt Cobain and Bradley Nowell were still with us. The Alt-Rock Seattle scene was finally making it to national radio. Music videos were reaching awesome heights. When I was a teenager I jumped up to record "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies (came out in 1994 though, but you'll get my point) on the radio on to a blank tape and cut my leg with a pair of scissors I was using to cut out pictures of famous people to paste on my wall and needed to receive eight stitches. It is the biggest scar on my body and it reminds me of that time when I was desperate for the angsty awesome of 90's rock. 1993 was the year music changed from the poppy-WTF 80's cheese into something solid, new and powerful. The kids of the 90's were lucky to have had such a creative bunch of kick-ass musicians on the radio and on a radio who didn't entirely care about corporate sponsors.

This Saturday a group of Boston bands are getting together at the Rosebud Diner in Somerville to celebrate the fateful year. Promising to play songs by: Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Counting Crows, Nirvana, Belly, REM, Cracker, Morphine, James, New Order and The Breeders. 

The following Boston Bands will be there:

The Luxury
The Rationales

Exile in Somerville (members of Apple Betty, Kingsley Flood, Dark Martini & the Dirty Olives, The So-So's)
St Helena

381 Summer St  Somerville, MA- Rosebud Diner

--Meghan Chiampa


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