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Muy Cansado and The Lights Out Release EPs Saturday at Middle East Upstairs

Typically, it's the vocalists on any given night of live music who leave with the odd satisfaction of a hoarse voice - the physical manifestation and deep impression of a noisy night, a good time shared with friends and strangers, and a job well done.  This Saturday, get acquainted with your vocal exercises and expect to leave the Middle East (Upstairs) like a singer.  Okay, sans glitter and makeup, maybe, and perhaps a little less sweaty - but sore voice, ringing ears and all!

Muy Cansado and The Lights Out release their latest EPs, "Love and Fear" and "Rock Pony," respectively, with star-studded support:  Boston's Sidewalk Driver and Brooklyn's The Press.  If that bill hasn't already gotten you humming a melody, head over to their websites and learn them.  Really.  That'd be an order if we could enforce it.  It's as solid and infectious an evening of high-energy rock (both pop- and, er, -and roll) as you'll find.

Check back here at the Deli New England soon for a spotlights of "Love and Fear" and "Rock Pony."  

The national release of "Love and Fear," which we can go ahead and tell you is a thoroughly wonderful collection of indie rock gems, on Goodnight Records is September 14th - but you can grab your copy early at this show.

9pm - The Press
10pm - Sidewalk Driver
11pm - Muy Cansado
12pm - The Lights Out

$10 / 8:30pm doors

- The Deli Staff


MEISA Math Rock Showcase Tonight at U. New Haven


Looking for something to do with your Thursday night?  Need a math rock fix?  The Music and Entertainment Industry Students Association (University of New Haven chapter) is launching a math rock showcase tonight at the University of New Haven's German Club.  Even if you don't necessarily need a math rock fix (or if you don't really know exactly what math rock is), you should catch this bill.

The lineup is far-reaching and varied, and sees veterans of the game sharing the stage with fresher talent.  Giraffes? Giraffes! is a duo from Northampton, Massachusetts, and their juxtaposition of calculated twitching and expansive nigh post rock movements lifts the genre to rarely mined potential.  Like Nomads (West Warwick, RI) is a five piece that takes the traditional tapped guitar, stumbling rhythms, and stabs of dissonance, and adds warbling synths and lo-fi noodling - it's a rather psychedelic angle, and it works.  Zona Mexicana (Purchase, NY) is a fast-moving onslaught of frenetic meter and kicks, side by side with layers of in-your-face vocals - something like math punk.  Good Citizens, a duo local to Connecticut, lets the tempo push and pull while keeping an incredibly tight guitar-drum chemistry; Full of Birdy (MA and RI) shares some of the same territory, but the thorny, "mathy" sections are dense and the open parts have an almost Primus-like twang to them.  Shrk Wk might have some of the densest movements to be found on the bill, and is probably the band most likely to cause a head banging-induced concussion.

The showcase is free, by the way.  So get down there at 7:30pm and see where some of the new voices in math rock are pushing the genre.

There are a lot of bands and some are traveling far, so the line-up may change only slightly (from bottom to top):

Giraffes? Giraffes!
Zona Mexicana
Like Nomads
Good Citizens
Shrk Wk
Full of Birdy

- The Deli Staff


Spotlight: This Blue Heaven's "Spinning and Shining"


"Nova Love" could be the most aptly-titled opener of the month.  A short snare fill and This Blue Heaven's latest effort, "Spinning and Shining," explodes to life.  It's rowdy and dense, a lead piano line sparkling over tectonic guitar riffs and a powerful rhythm section.  There's even a little extra time tacked onto the introduction for a little synth freakout.  And when the floor is finally cleared for MacKenzie Outlund's vocals, it isn't long before the band bursts in again and the energy is kicked back into, well, supernovaic proportions.

It's clear as the EP progresses, though, that This Blue Heaven is finding new footing.  There's a nice sense of space and pace throughout; the instruments are thoughtful in their involvement, and background layers support the production without making themselves overly obvious.  The song structures are effective - the songs guide or push, tumble or flow, and each has its own character.

The hooks fly fast and frequent; the verse of "Generous Soul" flirts and winks, while "A Serious Mistake" is a dizzying waltz that falls into what almost sounds like a barroom anthem.  If the melodies occasionally have trouble keeping up with the music, it only adds to the energy.  (Surely, these songs will find themselves as comfortable on a stage as in headphones.)  And although "Slow Dance Slow" will have the crowd reaching to get their lighters in the air, step back and pay attention to the gentle build and the bittersweet chorus melody.  The swell and culmination may be the most gratifying moment the band has crafted yet.

You can hear This Blue Heaven perform on Thursday at TT the Bear's.  We should also mention that the rest of the bill is stellar!  See you there.

9pm Apollo Run (from Brooklyn)
10pm This Blue Heaven
11pm The Backup Factor
12pm Apple Betty

$8 cover charge

- Cullen Corley


The Doctors Fox Art Project Residency Begins Tonight

The Doctors Fox play a wholly unique brand of indie rock.  It brings in elements of alt-folk, funk, garage guitar tones, ska, and alternative rock a la its days of yore.  But despite the various rhythms, textures and influences, it all has a distinctive sound, cemented by the melody-oriented lead vocals ("Sarah" has gotten stuck in this writer's head more than once).

It fits then that the band has put together an awesome and hugely collaborative residency for the month of September over at The Savant Project.  The four nights are all headlined by The Doctors Fox and include one other special musical guest each.  Additionally, there's a local artist spotlighted each evening, and his or her art will be hanging to see and to buy!  It's a thoughtful approach to a residency that should benefit greatly from the mix of art on display and the mix of friends and fans in attendance.

If that all didn't sound good enough, they're all free.  So take your admission cash and put it in the donation bucket, and/or support a local artist by buying a disc or artwork.

9/4 with Walri; art by Ian Sanity
9/11 with Left Hand Does; art by Holland Deiringer
9/18 with The Gypsy West; art by Courtney Keilty
9/25 with Audrey Ryan; art by Elizabeth Ellenwood

9pm Art Opening
10pm Guest Band
11:30pm The Doctors Fox

See you there!

- The Deli Staff


The Honors EP Release, Friday at Great Scott

The Honors release their debut EP, "xoxo," Friday at Great Scott.  The EP is riddled with hooks, often sounding like retro pop filtered through modern sensibilities:  the vocals in the opener, "New Girls," are a well-timed and thoughtfully catchy corner-of-the-eye glance at new romance, yet they're soaked in reverb and play against short bursts of distorted guitar.  The songs are punchy and concise, with a solid, danceable rhythm section and some nicely playful guitar lines.  It's the relationship between oldschool songwriting and newer sonic textures that seems to guarantee an electrifying live show.  The vocals often steal the limelight - there's a serious ear for melody evidenced here - and it's the verse of "Call Me From California" or the chorus of "Driven By Strangers" that will leave the club with you.

Their EP release show is part of a Pill event, so take your dancing shoes and expect there to be plenty else to stay on the floor for.

10pm / Great Scott

- The Deli Staff


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