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Mixtape:1993 - 6/12 - Rosebud Diner, Somerville, MA

1993: Kurt Cobain and Bradley Nowell were still with us. The Alt-Rock Seattle scene was finally making it to national radio. Music videos were reaching awesome heights. When I was a teenager I jumped up to record "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies (came out in 1994 though, but you'll get my point) on the radio on to a blank tape and cut my leg with a pair of scissors I was using to cut out pictures of famous people to paste on my wall and needed to receive eight stitches. It is the biggest scar on my body and it reminds me of that time when I was desperate for the angsty awesome of 90's rock. 1993 was the year music changed from the poppy-WTF 80's cheese into something solid, new and powerful. The kids of the 90's were lucky to have had such a creative bunch of kick-ass musicians on the radio and on a radio who didn't entirely care about corporate sponsors.

This Saturday a group of Boston bands are getting together at the Rosebud Diner in Somerville to celebrate the fateful year. Promising to play songs by: Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Counting Crows, Nirvana, Belly, REM, Cracker, Morphine, James, New Order and The Breeders. 

The following Boston Bands will be there:

The Luxury
The Rationales

Exile in Somerville (members of Apple Betty, Kingsley Flood, Dark Martini & the Dirty Olives, The So-So's)
St Helena

381 Summer St  Somerville, MA- Rosebud Diner

--Meghan Chiampa


Other Music Festival Day 2: Ryan Power, Paper Castles, the le duo, and more

Ryan Power and bandBurlington's Other Music Festival continues into day 2 proper tonight at 8pm at North End Studios once again. Today features a few more Burlington vets along with some exciting high profile out of town acts. Ryan Power, the le duo, and Paper Castles are representing the Burlington area, but also making appearances are MA's Deadwood and a collaboration between Ethan Snyder, Aaron Burnette, and Casimir Liberski. The biggest news is Tzadik's Mr. Anthony Coleman who will be making a couple collaborative apperances throughtout the week, tonight with Derek Beckvoid and Bob Jordon. A wildly diverse night to be sure.

--The Deli Staff


Otis Grove in Burlington! Today and Tomorrow.

Boston's best jazz-funk band, Otis Grove, is playing two nights Monday June 7th at Nectar's and then Tuesday June 8th at the City Hall stage from 7-8:30 in Burlington, Vermont. Otis Grove played in the Deli's first showcase and recently at the House of Blues front room.

--The Deli Magazine


Other Music Festival Day 1: Even The Dew is Porous, Lady Lioness, Nuda Veritas, and more

Burlington's first Other Music Festival is kicking off day 1 tonight at 8pm at North End Studios with a lineup currated by local promotional blog Angioplasty Media. Appearing tonight is ambient/electronic duo Even the Dew is Porous, lofi singer-songwriter Lady Lioness, folktronic loop mistress Nuda Veritas, Chicago-based Distractions, Alive and Well, and Folk Heroes with DJ Disco Phantom providing in-between sounds. The Other Music Fest seeks to showcase a segment of Burlington's lesser known artists and will be going on all week at North End Studios. Check their myspace page for the full lineup and more info.

--The Deli Staff


Dogs on Television - CD release - Church, Boston - 6/5


Dogs on Television, is a Boston based band who play kick-ass blues-infused rock. Their tunes are filled with hopeful, but desperate angst, and it is awesome. The structure of the songs are picked from the pockets of deep American blues, but are successfully modified for modern, electric rock. "Dumbstruck #2" is more on the old-timey blues style side while "The Jailer" has more of a Black Crowes emotional but heavy 90's feel with brushes of ol' 70's blues-rock, reminiscent of the Rolling Stones or Steve Winwood.

Dogs on Television is about to put out their first CD this Saturday, June 5. In celebration, DoTV will be hosting a CD Release show at Church, near Fenway Park in Boston. Some really excellent bands will be joining DoTV on the bill such as Jaxon Boom, Blackbutton (who just released a killer CD themselves), and Mikey P and the A Company.

Church -69 Kilmarnock Street Boston - 9pm - $10

--The Deli Staff

Editor's note: I've been listening to DoTV's front-man, James Houlahan for at least 5 years since he was in The Jody Grind and I was always happy to see him come in a the Lizard Lounge Open Mic on Mondays. The album is stellar to the max.


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