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Shoney Lamar's Precinct Residency Continues Thursday


Shoney Lamar & the Equal Rights continue their three-date residency at the Precinct on Thursday, August 19th.  The residency celebrates the release of the band's new EP, "eat fish and die."  (Download their last EP for free here.)

The band's comments are simple: "Shoney Lamar & the Equal Rights made the damn thing and it's awesome."  This writer is inclined to agree, but however awesome the recording may be, you better get there to catch it live.  Those familiar with Shoney's performances know what kind of red-in-the-face passion to expect, but those who are not shouldn't head to Facebook for photos or YouTube for vids - they should head down to Precinct to be there.  You'll be able to leave with your own copy of the EP and stories of the evening to tell to the suckers who missed it.

Also performing this Thursday are Infrastructure and Bitch Trifecta.

If you can't make this one, get to Precinct on Thursday, August 26th for the final night of the residency, with OTP and Streight Angular.

8pm / $8 (each night)

 - The Deli Staff


Deep Heaven Now is This Saturday, 1pm, Union Square

Starting at 1pm on Saturday, Union Square's PA's Lounge and Precinct host Deep Heaven Now's triumphant return!

The storied festival began in the early 90's, spotlighting some of the best East coast psychedelic bands of the time.  It was often held in private loft spaces, and was a merging of auditory and visual arts, augmented by projection videos and lights.  It carried with it a strong sense of artistic community - not just by nature of the festival, but, in many ways, inherent to the genre itself.

"I think it's one of the more charming aspects of the ambient/psych/experimental scene," says Jinsen Liu, singer/guitarist for 28 Degrees Taurus, one of two headliners for this year's reboot.  "It's timeless and there's far less ageism and boundaries within it.  Everyone has something to offer each other."  

Liu attended Deep Heaven Now back in its heyday in the late 90's.  He was a musician at the time, and the festival was an inspiration for his own music's direction.  Now, his band is one of the hardest working acts in Boston, self-funding records and tours, playing out constantly in Boston, and, as individuals, reaching out to collaborate with other local acts.  

More than a decade after he bought his first ticket to Deep Heaven Now, he's reaching back to that golden age of psychedelia and bringing the festival back.

"It all started with a conversation at a bar when the idea hit me," he explains.  "I think it was just a joke at the time, but the more I thought about it, I felt I could actually make it happen."  

"Make it happen" may prove an understatement; the 2010 installment carries the tradition with it, but stands also as a re-imagining.  The all-day event, held in Union Square, is a double-venue spectacle.  Nineteen bands, from as far as Minneapolis, will contribute their voices, their sets strategically staggered at half hour intervals, so the (rightly) ambitious in attendance can hop back and forth and catch music by every band.  One $10 ticket buys you access to both clubs for the entirety of the event, assuring fans get their money's worth and discover some new music as they go.

"The timing was right," Liu says of bringing the festival back.  "The scene here in Boston is vibrant and electric enough right now and there's a deep core of talent here within the ambient/psych/experimental genres.  But it's still very fractured. [...] I felt I was in the perfect position to bring back the community that was so exciting and cohesive back then. [...] I had trust and familiarity with the veterans and people already established but I also had close ties to the younger kids in Allston coming up.  I felt I could be a good bridge."  

This year's Deep Heaven Now, with a line-up ranging from days-of-yore psych vets like Abunai! and Bobb Trimble to relatively new acts (did we mention there are nineteen bands?), certainly highlights the overlap between disparate but relevant circles within the scene.  What's more, it's also bent on raising awareness of the varied community and bringing new music to new listeners - it's sponsored by Narragansett, it's gotten as much press as anything in recent memory, and it coincides with the annual Rock and Roll Yard Sale.

"When most people look at the line-up, they'll list their top three or four 'must-sees,'" Liu continues.  "But I am confident that if people hang around they'll walk away with some favorite 'new' bands they like as well."  For those on a schedule, though, Liu points out that a handful of the bands are out-of-towners swinging through for the festival.  "Give them a nice warm Boston welcome.  Show them where the party is. [...] I'd say see the Roh Delikat and Abunai reunions, too, as you don't know when they'll play again."

Despite all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll, despite the free beer, despite the inevitable after parties - leave it to a psych rocker to get philosophical.  "What are we bringing back?" Liu mulled.  "Bringin' back some excitement, electricity, community, interesting new and evolving textures, redefining and remaking old established ideas, bringin' back a universal genre.. we're doing this for ourselves and for each other but just also hoping that maybe what we do will attract and inspire some new people too.  I was one of those new wide-eyed people back in the late 90's when I attended my first Deep Heaven 5.  Now look where I am!"

1pm / PA's Lounge & Precinct, Union Square / $10 / 21+

- Cullen Corley


Deep Heaven Now Pre-Party Tonight at PA's Lounge, 8:30pm


Saturday's massive Deep Heaven Now revival kicks off on Friday with a stellar warm-up bill at PA's Lounge.  The line-up is half Deep Heaven Now featured bands and half not, so expect a great introduction to the festival's music, but not a spoiler.

Headlining the evening is the fantastic Ghost Box Orchestra.  They released a new (and mesmerizing) EP mid-July and apparently already have new material to unveil.

Also performing are local legends Abunai!, reuniting for the Deep Heaven Now festival; Chatham Rise, of MN and also playing DHN, and the Concord Ballet Orchestra Players.

8:30pm / $8 / 21+


CD of the Month Winners The Highway, Friday at Tommy Doyle's

Catch the CD of the Month winners The Highway this Friday at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square!  

It wasn't mentioned in the CD of the Month review, but you can stream their entire album over at their Myspace page.  So check out the review, and then go catch up on their music so you can sing along with them.  Furthermore, it should be noted that the band does not disappoint live.  Their recorded music is represented brilliantly in their performances (they nail those oft-complex vocal harmonies, which can be such a trouble spot for even technically adept musicians), their sets are sometimes laced with impromptu soloing and jams, and their good nature and humor shine through and warm the room.  

They play with Portland, Oregon's Archeology.  Archeology's earthy, rolling folk is full of peaks and valleys, by turns exciting and quietly captivating.  They hit sweet pockets of melody and mood and sound like a grounded foil for The Highway's psychedelia, while still sharing much of the same ground.  A great bill.

9pm / 21+ 


Sunday at The Middle East Up: The Acre, Streight Angular, Night Fruit, Rabble Rabble


This show may prove a necessary outing if you fit into one of the following categories:

- You're spending Sunday, 8/1 moving,
- You enjoy rock music (anything from dance-and-sing-along to psychedelic),
- You enjoy fun.

Streight Angular will be performing their new single, "Alright!", as well as the entirety of their album  "After and Before."  Chicago's fantastic Rabble Rabble have made a name for themselves as one of the top live rock acts in their home city.  The Acre will lull with comfortable folk and rock with rollicking blues, and Night Fruit, a wonderfully noisy and driving rock force, will give you a taste of what to expect at August 7th's Deep Heaven Now festival.

Note this show's early start time - Streight Angular takes off at 8:30 pm, so get to the Middle East Upstairs on time!  $9.

The Deli Staff


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