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Rival Maps

Rival Maps is a indie rock band consisting of two brothers (Dave and Andy Zigler) and their sister (Laura Ogren). The trio splits time between Muskegon, MI and Chicago and are preparing to release their debut album Echoes next week. The band recently released album's first single, "Montreal".


NYC Artist on the rise: Company of Selves' intimate psychedelia

Boys and girls, we have the feeling that a quirky psychedelic wave is about to flood the streets of NYC - how awesome! After Jerry Paper and Jib Kidder, Company of Selves is another really talented (presumably) Brooklyn based artist who released in September an intriguingly unique record entitled 'Butterfly Handlers & Memory Travelers.' The LP features heavy psychedelic influences and imaginative arrangements and lyrics blended with an intimate "bedroom pop" sound reminiscent of early Momus - a modus operandy that seems reflected in the band's name. We are streaming below single "Presidential Model," but we recommend giving a listen to the entire album. We are digging in particular third song "Pyramid Schemes," where things get a lot more noisy and upbeat.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


From the Deli's Open Submissions: Lindsey Webster

Bringing jazz to the masses is a complicated task. In most cases, to be accepted and enjoyed by a multitude of people, the genre needs to be heavily processed and (like KFC's chicken) reformed within a more traditional pop structure. Also, this is music that most young fans (the main consumers of popular music) don't really get, which doesn't help. Sade managed to accomplish this task with a mix of beautiful songs, great voice and her uniquely discreet sex appeal. NYC (via Woodstock) Lindsey Webster seems to follow in her footsteps with music that charms in very sophisticated ways. Check out single "Fool Me Once," from her sophomore album "You Change" (out in the summer of 2015), to be enjoyed while lounging in the company of your favorite human being - or simply of a good scotch and cigar combo.


Annie Girl and the Flight Debut New Music Video - Antidote

Annie Girl and the Flight have outdone themselves with a vibrant social commentary on cultural complications in the Bay Area and beyond. Making an appreciated attempt to return the power to a young, talented Black woman who seems to get played no matter what playing field of life she chooses to step on, Annie Girl and the Flight´s video for their song, Antidote paints a very vivid picture of how it feels to be Black and female in America. The Deli is always into poingent reflections on diversity and empathy for others who give everything they have and sometimes fall short, ending up with their hands in the air for no reason at all. This is a great video!

¨The video features a political statement about racial profiling by the police and also cameos from many local San Francisco musicians.¨

Annie Girl and The Flight will be supporting Micachu & the Shapes on November 10th at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.


Tall Juan releases new EP + plays Baby's All Right tomorrow (11.10) with The Britanys and Acid Dad,

I wonder how many musicians move to NYC just because of their love for The Ramones. It feels like garage rock has been in vogue in NYC since the beginning of time, and Baby's All Right tomorrow night will celebrate the most NYC centric of all genres with a trio of quality local artists. The Britanys (Deli Artist of the Month earlier this year and recently part of our CMJ shows) will headline the bill, sharing the stage with psych-garage rockers Acid Dad, another band that's getting some deserved buzz these days. But in this post we'll focus our attention on opening artist Tall Juan (pictured), since he just released a new EP entitled "Why Not?," where his mercurial and whimsical songwriting reaches new heights. The Queens via Buenos Aires artist got his EP recorded and mixed by Mac DeMarco, with whom he shares a bizarre attitude, an uninhibited vocal delivery and a preference for clean guitar sounds. 


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