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Kino Kimino brings their garagey post punk to Alphaville 9/25

Brooklyn darlings Kino Kimino serve up gutsy, garage-y pop with a serious side of post punk. The brainchild of Kim Talon, the band features deadpan vocals, gritty guitars and 90's cool-kid vibes. Their latest release, 2016's "Bait is for Sissies" is unapologetic, innovative, fierce and hits in just all the right ways. Check out Kino Kimino at Alphaville on 9/23 but stream them below in the meantime. - Olivia Sisinni

Debut Julia Rainer LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Spirits, the debut full-length album from singer-songwriter Julia Rainer, taps into a soulful, stripped-down serenity via Creep Records. Soothing, meditative vocals illustrate a full range of emotions, tugging at one’s heartstrings. Without the weight/protection of overly complicated instrumentation, there’s a subtle, haunting nature. The shield is down, allowing the songwriting spell to take hold.

Boon to bring psych sounds to Alphaville to 9/22

The transportive power of psych music is a tired cliche, especially in a scene overflowing with every flavor of psych rock imaginable, but Brooklyn-based Boon cuts through the packs with a sound that is distinctively immersive. Boon's brand of psych rock is multi-layered, glitchy, and nearly thick enough to wade through. Where other bands fall into pitfalls of rehashing ideas that have been tired since the late 70s, Boon presents the listener with edge-of-your-seat experimental tones and full-fledged freakouts that feel forward thinking instead of regressive. Check out the band streaming below and catch them live at Alphaville on 9/22. - Olivia Sisinni 


Arhcie Alone drops new single, "Heavy Hearts" - release show at Meatlocker on 09.30

Though New Yorkers have an eternal obligation to hurl mild-mannered disgust toward New Jersey Dwellers (I mean, have you been on those highways?) we still have to give credit where credit is due. Jersey's emo/post-emo sound is where it's at and it's long legacy of churning out seminal emo bands is admittedly hard to challenge. Archie Alone happens to be one of those bands eager to assume the Garden State's mantle. They produce emo  tunes with chomping choruses guaranteed to give you some serious mid-2000s nostalgia, while also managing to add heaps of atmospheric breaks in between, giving their songs a distinctly modern feel. Their latest single, "Heavy Hearts," does all this. It's a track crafted with more nuance and subtlety than its early naughts counterparts, but its raw emotionality and killer hook will satisfy you inner middle-schooler. We're stoked to premiere "Heavy Hearts" streaming below, and keep your eyes peeled for the latest EP from the band hitting the shelves on. The band will be celebrating the release of their self titled EP at the Meatlocker on September 30th. - Olivia Sisinni


Úlfur's New LP "Arborescence" Out October 2017

Úlfur, the post-rock project of Úlfur Hansson, readily reflects the artist's native Iceland. At times, his songs are as desolate and expansive as the country's central highlands, a trait shared in the music of some of his fellow Icelanders, like Sigur Rós or Ólöf Arnalds.

However, Úlfur's blend of electronic and acoustic instruments (some of which are homemade like his SEGULHARPA, an electromagnetic harp) never feels alienatingly robotic or inhuman. Úlfur's music is a nuanced reflection of the natural world. Since his move to NYC, his music has exchanged its wilderness sensibility for dreamier, folk-like soundscapes. Make sure to check out Úlfur's new single "Fovea" from his upcoming album Arborescence, available next month. --Amanda Ogea


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