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Sweatheart and Sgt. Sass Get Naughty for MEN at KFN June 26

When Kung Fu Necktie rounds up a show that features the newest project from Le Tigre members JD Samson and Johanna Fateman, it winds up needing some bands that know how to keep the crowd hot and dirty. And fortunately it might have just put together a lineup that borders on scandalous! Whether they’re cooking up chickens with potato implants and carrot areolas for music videos or partying alongside debauched diva and friend Amanda Blank, Sweatheart manage to deliver some fingerbangin’ tunes with a twisted sense of humor. They revealed a new version of the band with the release of Tell Your Sister. And ever since coming onto the scene, Sgt. Sass have shaken the very foundation of the queer underground hip hop scene. They keep on getting more impressive with each and every show. So when these three bands come together things are sure to heat up! Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 7:30pm, $12, 21+ - Bill McThrill



Live Review: Deli SF Presents The Dashing Suns and Tokyo Raid @ The Hemlock

Our most recent Deli SF Presents show began with a slight setback after we heard the unfortunate last-minute news that Meta would have to pull out of the line-up. In spite of that announcement, and with an air of laissez-faire for how the evening would unfold, Tokyo Raid and the Dashing Suns went on to deliver wonderful performances.

Summoning all the dark and brooding post-punk they could muster, Tokyo Raid took to the stage for an enthusiastic audience. A immensely powerful three-piece band, Tokyo Raid pounded out an impressive set that fused the pulsing drone of Joy Division with blues-inspired psyche rock. Layered with aptly placed shrieks of feedback, Tokyo Raid bludgeoned the crowd with their wall of sound that eagerly awaited dissection. An intricate tableau of tones and frequencies, Tokyo Raid is certainly a band for those with an inquisitive ear.

Closing out this fairly laid back evening were Oakland's The Dashing Suns. Combining the power of punk rock with the youthful jubilance of 60s pop, The Dashing Suns exploded onto the stage in an exciting contrast to the preceding act. While similarities to the Kinks and The Troggs definitely jump to mind, perhaps an apt contemporary comparison would be the Austin punk band Harlem. Both groups exude an almost dangerous level of energy while maintaining something akin to childlike innocence in their sound. They have recently signed with a label in New York, and we've heard rumors of a new album soon to be released; lets all look forward to following the Dashing Suns on what should be a promising musical career.

With such intricate and fascinating music, this show suffered no disappointment in the face of a last minute cancellation. I thoroughly encourage you to check out Tokyo Raid and The Dashing Suns at the next opportunity you get; and stay tuned for the announcement of our next Deli SF presents show at the end of July.


-Words and Photos by Ada Lann


From our Open Blog: Machinegun Mojo

Chicago's psychedelic folk rock outfit, Machinegun Mojo, is releasing their full length record "Souvenirs from the Other Side of Here" and have pre-released two of the tracks off the record for FREE DOWNLOAD JUST FOR YOU!!!! The record is set to be released on August 15th, but they need your help to get it completed. Check out their Kickstarter Project page and pre-order "Souvenirs from the Other Side of Here" today for just $10. You can also receive even more ridiculously awesome rewards by donating more money to the project. The boys need to raise $3000 by August 2nd, so every dollar counts and every donation is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! For every pledged donation, Machinegun Mojo has some awesome rewards lined up for you, from free CDs, to t-shirts and posters, to a personalized thank you letter and a home cooked dinner right in your kitchen by the Mojo boys themselves. Seriously, they will cook you dinner. So download the new songs, pre-order the CD, and come see the boys live on August 12th at the Double Door. Tickets are only $5. Thanks for listening and thanks for your support.


From our Open Blog: Paskey

Paskey makes something along the lines of new-wave alternative pop-rock. Influences orbit The Killers, R.E.M., U2, New Order and Joy Division. Imagine rhythmic programming, synths, echoing guitar lines, hushed vocals. A modern artist with a summer cottage in 1987. Just released a video for "These Saturday Nights" that was recorded on a hundred-dollar camera and edited over four evenings. For a limited time you can download the latest album, "What Goes Up," for free from the band’s website.


TONIGHT: Kata Rokkar Presents Snob Theater @ The Dark Room

In places you should probably be news, tonight local Blog Kata Rokkar will presenting the second round of their series Snob Theater. Hosted by Kata Rokkar's Shawn Robbins, at The Dark Room in the Mission (9:30 Doors), this months line up features acoustic sets by Stomacher and Judgement Day, as well as comedians Red Scott, Melanie O'Brien, Alex Koll, and DJ Real. For more information check out Kata Rokkar's blog post. Tickets can be purchased here.


-Ada Lann


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