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Grand Lake releases video, album and opens for Ok Go

Last week, Grand Lake released the video for "Louise (I Live in A Fantasy)" from the fourth-coming album Blood Sea Dream which was co-produced by Jason kick of Maus Haus. This week, they announced they'll be opening for Ok Go at The Fillmore on May 26th. Things are heating up for the Oakland based band so catch an intimate acoustic set with them while you can this Friday, April 23rd at Mama Buzz.

Blood Sea Dream comes out next month off of the Hippies Are Dead label but you can listen to it now on Grand Lake's site.

-Nicole Leigh


An American Chinese Worth the Journey to North Star Bar April 22

Panic Pilgrim masterminds, a.k.a. An American Chinese, keep things fresh with peculiar pop and buzzing vocals. With an end in sight for the release of their long-awaited debut full length Utopian Tree in May (we’re still a little salty about their posting of a January release so let’s stay friends, OK :o), the beats and blips of “Chasing Rabbit” are enough to elicit toe-taps and the occasional handclap while hissing snare and vocals rise beneath feverish chords. An American Chinese is well versed in rockin’ out and keeping crowds screaming for more. Their tracks are infectiously dancey without sounding trite. With subtle hints of folk and punk, this local seven-piece deserve to be part of the next crop of locals to get snatched up by a quality indie label. Between the driving beat and megaphone vocals of “Indian Punk” and the melodic crash of “The Distaste of Dairy Frank,” they’re well worth the cover charge. Don’t be surprised when they show-up visiting bands Roman Candle and Roadside Graves! North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 9pm, $10, 21+ myspace.com/anamericanchinese - Dianca Potts



Weekly Feature #202b: Keepaway - Live at Glasslands, April 30

The problem in coming to grips with success often involves the backlash to critical reaction, and Keepaway - exploding onto the Brooklyn scene this year after a 9/10 review from recurrent tastemaker Pitchfork – are no strangers to listener skepticism. But with songs comprising a central guitar, a hard-synth edge, and whirligig percussion, something lies beneath the surface of Keepaway that sets them apart: maybe it’s the narrative quality to their songs, or the darker aspect of their tunes that only gets hinted at, or it could have to do with the sheer exuberance the three possess. Whatever it is, the attention is deserved. - Read Dale W. Eisinger's interview with the band here.


Weekly Feature #201a: The Defibulators - liva at Jalopy on May 8.

A rag-tag witches brew of rowdy ramblers, five-time offenders, and filthy fiddlers, The Defibulators don’t shy from putting it all on the line. While greased-up pop sensations and corporate crooners spill out of Nashville by the dozens, this Brooklyn band mines the classics—Scruggs, Cash, Williams, Acuff and Wynette—and irresponsibly mixes them with jet fuel from the future. The resulting cocktail should be banned in fifty states because it’s high in proof that the thunderclap of rebellion and righteousness is alive and well. This isn’t weird science—this is true country music. And it goes by the name of The Defibulators. - Read Chris Nelson's interview with the band here.


Dreams and Bones

A behind the scenes look at the new album from Model Stranger, Dreams & Bones. The band will be celebrating the release of the album on April 24th at Cubby Bear with Verona Red, Cavalry, The Flavor Savers, and 20 Mark Helga. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are $10.


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