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Yucca King drops new single "Know It All"

Looking to get your dreamy, alt fix? Brooklyn's Yucca King produces heavy 90's indie vibes, where laid back instrumentals meet wretching, bare-all vocals and angst-ridden lyricism. They just dropped their latest single, "Know It All," a track that would almost qualify for a ballad, if not for it's bursting hook. Check out the band's latest single streaming below. - Olivia Sisinni


Fresh Buzz! Tino Drima drops LP "Her Kind of Man", plays Verdi Club 9/22

"Tino Drima is a cauldron of then, now, and what will be" boasts the band's profile. Though that may be a lofty statement for an artist to make, there's no denying that Tino Drima has the uncanny ability to effortlessly wade through multiple styles, feels, and time periods with their music. Frontman Gregory DiMartino's crooning vocals are as enchanting as they are distant, and the band's instrumentals manage to pull off both a laid-back effortlessness, and driving, visceral rock 'n' roll. The band's new album dropping 9/22, Her Kind of Man, is a hearty mix of lax, cool-kid ballads and borderline-experimental doo-wop anthems that leave us scrambling trying to choose a favorite. Listen to Tino Drima streaming below and catch the band live at the Verdi Club 9/22.-Olivia Sisinni


The edgy sound of NYC: LANZ unveils video for "Karla's Retreat"

Benjamin Lanz has played in several bands you might know, including the National and Beirut, but the solo debut of his new project LANZ is just as compelling as his other acts. "Karla's Retreat," from his upcoming album Hoferlanz I, is a driving and forceful track, laden with melodic hooks from piano, guitar and an unexpected brass section, and the song is helped along by a powerful, yet tasteful rhythm section. The instrumental breaks are some of the most confident we've heard this year, but their impact is deepened by Lanz's self-assured vocals, which also keep "Karla's Retreat" structurally sound. All this is supported by a charming video depicting Lanz in a slightly ominous, cabin-y studio, and outdoor scenes of potentially creepy houses. It's shot on film, which you might've guessed. "Karla's Retreat" is defiantly indie, but perhaps the most captivating thing about this song in a sometimes uncertain genre is that LANZ's feet are planted firmly on the ground. Hoferlanz I was released on August 25th on Brasslands Records, and will also be released as a cassette for Cassette Store Day. -Geena Kloeppel



New Track: "Business Acumen" - Downtrodder

Hardcore outfit Downtrodder's forthcoming EP II is marked for release on October 30. Its lead single, “Business Acumen,” serves as a snarling indictment of 45. Shifting the onus of blame and responsibility, the song tears down the facade, revealing the true motivations of the powers that be, in quick order. You'll find the quartet at LAVA space this Saturday, September 23 as part of a bill that also includes Manikineter, Disappearances, and Spirits.


VIOLENCE Releases Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden

Seven months after the single release "The 16th Descent to Verdant Victory," experimental artist Olin Caprison unveils Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden—a collection of seven songs blending power dynamics, industrial sonics, and rap composition—as VIOLENCE on New York-based label Purple Tape Pedigree. Blatantly irreverent toward genre conventions, the album ebbs and flows with blast beats, power electronic bursts, and permutations of metal riffplay.

"This music is a struggle," describes the Baltimore-raised Caprison.

"It is a struggle from within this anti-history vacuum, a struggle against the all-embracing, multicultural, ahistorical ecosystem of contemporary music that renders all hierarchies impotent and null."

VIOLENCE performs live on October 5th in support of experimental composer Aïsha Devi’s debut Los Angeles appearance, along with a live ambient set by Los Angeles by-way-of-New-York producer Kelman Duran. Cop tickets here, and stream "Human Dust" off the album below.


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