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Soft Fangs play Baby's All Right on April 29th

Shoegazer John Lutkevich of Soft Fangs will play Baby's All Right on Friday night, opening for Wildhoney from Baltimore and Froth from LA. This will mark Soft Fangs' second show with both bands; the three of them performed at Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Lutkevich will also play to support his latest release, a split EP with fellow Brooklyn bedroom pop band Bellows. You can stream the whole record -- which includes Soft Fangs' tracks "Sugarblood" and "Nine Lives" - below. - Will Sisskind


Sam Sowyrda (Cloud Becomes Your Head) releases 'Luminous Horizons'

This debut solo entry by percussionist Sam Sowyrda (also of Brooklyn psychedelic-pop sextet Cloud Becomes Your Hand) is the sound of a well-oiled machine running full efficiency just moments before it breaks down. Its two instrumental tracks—each clocking in over twenty-minutes—recall the trance-inducing Terry Riley of In C and the eremitic Brian Eno of Ambient 1-4. Of his two cuts, “Occidental Error” is the more diverse, featuring a spate of maddening, industrial-sounding tones, which transform midway through into wistfulness and end in hints of melodicism. The title track (streaming) remains the more eerie: its layered patterns of minimal vibraphones pushing the limits of the instrument as a lead voice. In all, there is much anguish to behold here; yet there's also refuge from it, as Sowydra's primary inclination seems to be both esoteric and ambiguous. Experience his music-of-the-head in a live setting at Trans Pecos, May 13th, where the LP officially launches. Kindred spirits the Hallowed Bells (Philadelphia) and Ashcab Orchestra (Brooklyn) fill out the show. - Brian Chidester


New Music Video: "Falling Out of the Universe" - Oolala

We first came across Michael Baker as part of Philly folk duo The Spinning Leaves. He later took on the funktastic alter-ego of Rumi Kitchen in party band Johnny Showcase & The Mystic Ticket. The over-the-top persona has continued to take on a life of its own, bringing us the riff-heavy glam rock of Oolala. Bow down to the awesomeness of their debut music video for "Falling Out of the Universe," the first single off the group's forthcoming album The New RockRoll Cosmology (The Giving Groove). And catch Oohlala in the flesh at their record release show on Saturday, May 27 at Boot & Saddle with MINKA and Carol Cleveland Sings!


New Littler EP Available for Streaming

Bad Hand, the new EP from quartet Littler, will be released on both 7” (Disposable America /Yellow K) and cassette (Disposable America/Anxiety Pop) on April 28, but you can stream it now at The Fader. Interspersing mellowing waves of acceptance, while also exhibiting aggressive points of raw, emotive venting, the album continually shifts perspective. In the midst, they find a melodic middle ground between peaks of peacefulness and potency. The band has a series of West Coast dates (including a record release show) that start next week.


Cousin Liar release video for "Soft Paws," debut EP out now

On ther debut EP, Daydream Backwards, Cousin Liar serve up a striking fusion of atonal electronic elements into their dark-tinged experimental pop. It constantly keeps you guessing as it's rarely straightforward, like on their latest "Soft Paws," which is ornamented with an alluring display of oozy, aqueous synths set against some Can-resembling drum patterns. The accompanying video also opens another portal into their inquisitive minds.

Daydream Backwards is out now via their official bandcamp page.



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