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At The Delancey on Tuesday 10.18 we'll have a truly fantastic bill with 9 NYC based electro-pop bands - and it's going to be free!. 21+ - $8.
Full listings of the Deli's CMJ shows here. See below for the Dream Pop and Alt Rock stages that same night in the same venue (downstairs).

P.S. If you are into Pedal Effects, don't miss The Deli's STOMP BOX EXHIBIT at CMJ on Friday and Saturday!!!


7.00 - The Casualty Process

7.40 - Illuminator
8.20 - Tiny Victor ies
9.00 - Mitten
9.40 - Computer Magic

10.20 - Psychobuildings

11.00 - Pretty Good Dance Moves

11.40 - Caged Animals

12.20 - Slam Donahue


Claude "Oh, To Be"

Claude recently released a new single called "Oh, To Be". This is the gorgeous Dream Pop of Claudia Ferme, and her second single on the Just For You record label.

You can catch Claude at Schubas on April 13th with Ellis and Jessica Mindrum.


Relive prom night with Forever Honey’s “Christian” (plays Alphaville 3.11)

Newly (re)formed jangle-pop four piece Forever Honey (formerly known as Queue) evoke the late 80s / early 90s zeitgeist on “Christian,” offering soft bops, sweet licks, and playful atmosphere in their debut single. The song (and accompanying visuals) draw heavily from the “clever, no nonsense spirit of brit pop,” in turn channeling this energy into a syncopated, upbeat track, lushly orchestrated by interweaving, dreamy guitar lines. Its John Hughes-inspired video, likewise, adds to this aesthetic; the track’s poppy chorus chorus (“Christian, well you warm my hands, but will you hold my hair back?”) soundtracks images of the band playing a high school prom, all in all coloring the release with a vibrant, youthful tone, the sort of production that makes viewers and listeners feel 17 once more (but without the associated teen angst, thankfully). Watch it below ahead of Forever Honey’s next show at Alphaville on March 11th. —Connor Beckett McInerney



North By North "Get Weird"

North By North has released a new album called "Get Weird". This is the first new music from the duo of Nate Girard (Vocals/Guitar/Bass) and Kendra Blank (Drums/Keyboard/Vocals) since their 2016 album, Last Days of Magic.

North By North will be touring the Midwest and West Coast through out March and April.


PREMIERE: Guilty Giraffe's self-titled is a pedalboard dream, plays Berlin 3.1

Uptown overdrive champs Guilty Giraffe shine on their newly released self titled LP, incorporating an aggressive smattering of varied guitar-driven subgenera over the course of ten immaculately-produced tracks. From the introductory “Babyface” the Yonkers quartet makes their love of effects pedals well-known, quickly pivoting from a shoegazing overture to dream-pop arpeggios; this dynamic blend of sounds dark and bright continues well-through album standouts like “Xanax” and “Washed Out,” wherein frontman Mathew McGinnis’s growling vox shifts between grungy, full-throated yells and plainspoken singspeak, a delightful performance that places him somewhere between Kevin Shields and Andrew WK. With acrobatic licks and a penchant for the occasional, experimental soundscape (“Cool as a Fan”), Guilty Giraffe shreds through and through — listen to our premiere stream of the record below, and catch the band at Berlin on March 1st.


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