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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Allen Thompson Band at Exit in 2/16

Allen Thomson makes music that appeals to star children and Springsteen fans alike. He’s been kicking around Nashville for a few years, churning out sentimental Americana with a cosmic slant to it. At the moment he is booking himself a solo tour for the summer, and knowing his relentless work ethic made me chair-dance even harder upon seeing his name alongside Lucero and Cory Branan for a show at Exit/In on February 16th. This is a sampling of some of Tennessee’s finest, made even more awesome by the fact that tickets are available for $3 with an RSVP HERE. That’s a buck a band, and about 14 cents for each member of Lucero. Here’s “Dirt to Dust” for a little preview of the evening. –Terra James-Jura


Weekend Itinerary

Before you slip on your parkas, scarves, balaclavas and gloves to head out of the office this Friday, here is a sampling of a few of the events this weekend:

Friday: Mercy Lounge Anniversary Party with Fly Golden Eagle, Majestico, Clear Plastic Masks, BullyBad Cop, Heyrocco, and 1933. This is a free show celebrating another year Mercy Lounge has welcomed music fans into their establishment to get lost amongst its many levels. Party it up with some of Nashville’s finest on Cannery Row; things get going at 9 pm.

Get all manner of nostalgic with this lineup at The Basement: Allen Thompson Band, Magnolia Sons, and Little Bandit. Cover is $7, show starts at 9pm.

The Grayces emerge from the depths of the recording studio to play with The Asian Teacher Factory and Featuring Richard Koozie at The End. Since The Grayces have been in small dark rooms working on their new album for most of the winter, please, no flash photography. The show is $5, and starts at 9 pm.

Coin is playing at Exit/In with Sol Cat and Phin. Check out Coin’s amazing cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” and try not to smile. Cover is $10, and the show starts at 8 pm.

Saturday: America’s favorite punkgrass couple Grace and Tony will be performing at The Basement. The Christian Lopez Band opens; cover is $10, the show starts at 7.

Alana Royale is throwing a single release show at Mercy Lounge with Buffalo Clover, Milktooth, and The Future. Ms. Royale and the gang are preparing to enter the studio to begin recording their first album, so buy some merch to finance their undertaking. Cover is $10, the show starts at 9. Here is the single in question, “Phantom Limb.” Get into it.


The Ascent of Everest at The Stone Fox Tonight, 1.24

Experimental rockers The Ascent of Everest’s last undertaking was the soundtrack they were meant to compose for the short film “The Devil’s Damned to Try” (available to hear HERE). Their sense of tension and dark orchestrations made them a natural fit for the project, which was released September of 2013. Their Facebook profile promises “a stellar set in the works-“ which may see its first audience in 2014 at the Stone Fox this Friday, 1/24. Rounding out the bill is The Inscape and Hollow Ox (this may be their last performance, so it would behoove you to be in attendance just to say you were); the show starts at 9pm. –Terra James-Jura


The Chewers "Chuckle Change and Also"

The Chewers could possibly Nashville’s most fearless band.  Their unique take on avant-garde expression invokes the satirical plight of Zappa and layers it with a fumbling rhythm similar to that of Captain Beefheart’s more experimental releases. "Chuckle Change and Also" is their latest lengthy release, boasting 22 tracks of captivating noises and melodies that are off-putting butoddly catchy. It’s like catching Shel Silverstein in a bad mood while he’s on an enormous amount of hallucinogens. “Can’t Sleep” is a mix of eerie humor that won’t leave your head for a few hours after listening. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a moment to peer into the Chewers’ world. -Michael Perry 


Salamanders "Super Demos"

Although I haven’t heard Salamanders’ name around town lately, I know there still sneaking around somewhere, which is why you should check out their EP "Super Demos" and spam them with fan mail about playing a show again soon. The four-track release is a laid back mix of rock, pop, and doo-wop that seems to care about little except for having fun. The standout track off the EP, “Gotta Get A Hold of Myself,” is a nod to early rock’n’roll doo-wop that your Dad used to really like. In its entirety, Super Demos is an album that you can just put on and let it play through without worrying about picking songs. Hopefully those elusive slimers find their way out from under the deck soon. -Michael Perry



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