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Show Up Early for Octajohn at The Basement 9.27

Just to throw some more options at you for where to destroy some auditory and/or brain cells this weekend, here's another: The Basement will have Sol Cat, Future Unlimited and Octajohn on their stage this Saturday, September 27th. While the first two names are common topics around the Nashville dinner table, Octajohn is a little less so. This could be changing in the near future, judging by the bout of activity from the group this summer, which does not seem to be slowing as we hit fall. Their unorthodox instrumentals seem right on for warming a crowd for this particular bill. Songs like "The Landing" are at once cinematic and ambient, and sound like there could be some extraterrestrial DNA in the duo behind the music. Better check them for fingerprints on Saturday night. Show starts at 9pm, and cover is $7. -Terra James-Jura

Can't make it out this Saturday? No worries, Octajohn also has a show on Monday, September 29th at the East Room!


The Grayces Kick Off "Westing" Tour Today

The Grayces have recently put out a video for their song “Do It To Me”. It is pretty cool, a little trippy, and cute. The trio’s album “Westing” is set to be released October 14th, but their 18-date tour supporting it kicks off today. Heaven help the states on their route. The Grayces play freaky, heavy garage rock that you won’t want to stop listening to. Ever.  Check out our review of "Westing" here. If you haven’t listened to their music, that should do it. Songs like “Do It To Me” and “Lord and Gods of Alcohol” are worth listening. The videos are also pretty sick. Sick meaning awesome, of course. –Amanda Aydelott


BASECAMP Release Video for "Shudder"

As a follow-up to their August release of their single, BASECAMP put out this video for "Shudder" on September 22nd. The single was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, having been featured in not one, but four different dance remixes (including GXNXVS, Goodnight Cody, and Twinztrack.) This video puts a visual element to the low-profile trio; it maintains their sublety and starkness, and allows stillness to speak as many volumes as their quiet they deploy in their music. It is also as high-tension as their sound. There is just something unsettling about a girl in a lake looking lonely.  It doesn't bode well. The group is preparing to put out another EP later this year. For anyone itching to see this aural black magic unfold in a live setting, BASECAMP is opening for Mikky Ekko at Acme Feed & Seed this Saturday. The show begins at 8pm, and, being a Redbull Sound Select event, there is the oppurtunity to drop the $15 cover to $3 with an RSVP. -Terra James-Jura



Daddy Issues, "Ugly When I Cry"

The Deli is a big believer in balance; for every yin there is a yang.  So after this past week of not being able to turn a corner without running into something Americanaramalama-ding-dong, it's nice to hear a song like this one. Daddy Issues could be the antithesis of all the Ritters, Ellis' and Eastons out there; three gals driven by pizza, the Electra complex and reviving the corpse of grunge rock circa 1991. Single "Ugly When I Cry" was released September 18th. This is half of the entire two songs recorded, and Daddy Issues have only a handful of shows under their skirts, but the way these tunes gnash along with the girls' cheekiness keeping their music's doom-y apathy in check shows the promise of future darlings of Nashville's garage rock. This band hase a handle on their sound, and it won't be long before they have a handle on their scene. -Terra James-Jura



Mouth Reader Release Video "Inside You"

Mouth Reader had us at their first submission to the Deli, where they made it perfectly clear that they were at the front of the ranks in this garage rock revolution in Nashville. This fact was driven home with their win in our Artist of the Month Poll back in April. Hard, fast, and fuzzy, they hold down their corner of the DIY scene with furious tenacity while hustling the business side; they have a single on Culture Cringe Records compilation and a split with Private Lives on Semi-Pro Records, both to be released on Cassette Store Day on September 27th, and just put out this video for “Inside You” last week. It’s lo-fi to its core, but has everything you would want in a video: aliens, junkies, sparks flying off guitars and half-eaten babies. It contains all the attitude that 2 minutes of film can possibly fit, along with, and pardon us for fixating on details, one of the most pitch perfect yelps about a minute in. Keep up with the band here. -Terra James-Jura



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