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The Cordovas Release "Prison Guards" EP

Last Tuesday The Cordovas released their new “Prison Guards” EP. Accompanying the album was this simple video of frontman and former Carson Daly bandleader Joe Firstman picking through the title track. It's a gentle song championing the strength of the spirit that remains true to itself, the same uplifting, beautiful stuff that Firstman has proven so adept at casually tossing out. This EP is quite bare-bones compared to previous efforts. It's a departure from the genre-hopping of 2014's "Love Bravely" and the Southern blues of their self-titled debut, placing Firstman's songwriting front and center. The Cordovas mainly stick to their acoustic guitars and keys with some handclaps thrown in, and raise a some goosebumps with a few instances of striking vocal harmonies (check out the end of "Winter Blues.") "Prison Guards" is a straighforward EP of unembellished lyrics with amazing flow and a little bit of soul. Check it out for yourself HERE. -Terra James-Jura


Tickets Now Available Online for The Last Chance Dance 2.27!

 We hope you are just as excited as we are for The Last Chance Dance this Friday. We've teamed up with Kelly Ruth to put on a pop-up show at Lucky Bamboo China Bistro (5855 Charlotte Pike), an unlikely but then again totally perfect venue to catch a night of great music, giveaways, and fun. In addition to Kelly Ruth and her band, we have Twiggs, Blackfoot Gypsies, and Korby Lenker in the lineup, as well as DJ AyDamn spinning between sets.  We've even made if Valentine's Day-themed for all those lacking the huevos to ask out their crushes on the 14th. To sweeten the deal even more, tickets are up for sale via Soundstamp for a cool $6, saving you a couple bucks from door price of $10. Need another reason to get out on Friday night? How about the fact that this show is BYOB? Come on out, booze it up and maybe even get down. Do you have a crush like Korby Lenker's "Book Nerd?" This could be your last chance to make a move! -Terra James-Jura


Fable Cry Release Single "Onion Grin"

 Remember last fall when we we blown away by the weird, grotesque, grease-painted antics of "scamp-rock" troupe Fable Cry? It took us their entire 8 off 8th set to  realize we liked them, but when it his, it stuck. Well, they just premeired their latest single "Onion Grin" on Popmatters, and it is every bit the same ghoulish take on chamber music that we could only hope for. This go-round covers the pursuit and eventual murder of an ingénue-cum-entree, rather than visions of one's impending hanging. It goes without saying that their upcoming album is going to keep things light. Get sucked into their universe a fablecry.com. -Terra James-Jura


Congratulations to The David Motel, our New Artist of the Month!

Congratulations to The David Motel for winning our latest Artist of the Month poll! It was a close race betweem The Vamptones and The David Motel, until a last minute push sent the vote in their favor. "People, Places, Things" is the title of their debut album, released just last month. The trio (all named David, by the way) spin Americana yarns about love and the gradual heartbreak of living. Fiddle, harmonica, and straight rock'n'roll beats all find their rightful place on the album, though we particularly loved the Western twang to "Goodbye Loneliness."Check out thedavidmotel.com for shows, news, and a full stream of the album. -Terra James-Jura


Listen to Secret Club's New Track "Why Can't Friends Just Kiss on the Lips Sometimes?"

Secret Club just sent their song "Why Can't Friends Just Kiss on the Lips Sometimes?" into the world last week, just in time to fall into ironic lockstep with Valentine's Day. It's a heavy, psycho-surf track that the trio grinds through with just enough sleaziness to give it some flavor. There's a definitely a strain of frustration in vocalist AJ Babcock's voice as he sings "who makes the rules?" in the breakdown. This is the first single from their upcoming debut album. There's no release date yet, but the band has been busy playing gigs around Nashville, and have a big show on February 25th at 12th and Porter. Check out their website, and, if you REALLY dig them, visit their amazing fan site. -Terra James-Jura 




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