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Brooklyn Vegan: Mark Bell of LFO, RIP

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Ugly Kids Club Release Single "Good Love"

Ugly Kids Club released this single "Good Love" on Tuesday in anticipation of their upcoming EP "Head Games," due out September 30th.  It blazes by you like a comet of 80's nostalgia, as interpreted by sparkly-eyed youths who would have no idea what to do with a Popple if they saw one. Age disparity aside, it's a concrete track, thanks to glossy production and an irrepressible, unflagging energy that can't help but bubble over out of the speakers.  It's hard to dislike a band that describes themselves as "A pop-grunge band formed by Madonna, Andy Warhol and M83." Ugly Kids Club has a decent track record so far of making good music despite their insistence in reviving some of the worst bits that god-forsaken era, (evidenced here) so hopes are high for this EP.  Their next Nashville show will be August 26th at The High Watt with Lylas and Field Days.  Keep up with the band at http://www.uglykidsclub.com/. -Terra James-Jura




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