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Brooklyn Vegan: Mark Bell of LFO, RIP

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Jensen Sportag "Stealth of Days"

One of the most rewarding and often hardest things to do is take music solely for itself without attaching genres and judging it for a whole slew of trivial reasons. So before you count yourself out of this one, answer this: do you know any local easy-listening bands? Didn’t think so, and I didn’t either until I found out about the future of jazz.

Local act Jensen Sportag incorporates elements of smooth jazz, R&B, and easy listening into a dreamscape of futuristic fizzles and gallons of reverb. What ensues is a hallucinatory nod to the 80’s packaged in the comfort of soft-jazz and fluid beats. Their latest release, "Stealth of Days", is like a sensual elevator ride with Prince on painkillers. -Michael Perry


Stone Jack Jone's Releases "Ancestors"

Stone Jack Jones  is preparing to release his third album, on March 4th. It is 11 sleepy tracks, influenced by his varied life experiences, which unfurl with the slow, fascinating pace of bubbles in a lava lamp. Members of Lambchop, “Nashville’s most f****d-up country band,” make an appearance in this record, as well Patty Griffin contributing background vocals. All can be heard on “State I’m In” which can be considered a gateway to Jones' little universe. “Ancestor” plays like an audible scrapbook: memories mixed with moods interspersed with random sounds that are significant in a way that may no longer be remembered. It’s beautiful in its intimacy, but little electronic touches here and there elevate it to a cosmic level. Basically, it’s a folk album recorded inside the TARDIS. –Terra James-Jura


Weekend Itinerary

Have you been checking your phone every time you pass the Salvation Army folks outside of Kroger? There are a few ways to redeem yourself this weekend…

Friday: Beatles vs. Stones Charity Bowl at the Basement. This is a two-day event with Beatles and Rolling Stones covered by Mayhem, Bill Lloyd, Howling Brothers, Blank Range, DeRobert & The Half Truths, Shut Up Natalie Prass and Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes on Friday night, and Mayhem, Grimey's Follies (w/Cory Chisel, Nikki Lane, Jenny O, and Chuck Mead), Sadler Vaden, Derek Hoke, The Danberrys, Langhorne Slim, Beech Benders and Grant Lee Phillips on Saturday night. The show starts at 8pm both nights, and $7 gets you in (proceeds benefit Second Harvest Food Bank).

Failing that (grinch), these are sure to be two excellent shows: Cory Branan at the High Watt (8pm, $10.)

Those Darlins with Churchyard and D. Watusi at the Stone Fox (9pm, $10.)

Saturday: Nashville Saves Christmas at the High Watt (8pm.) This is a ridiculous lineup of Nashville favorites playing 2 songs with a narrative tying them all together. Daily Howl, Lipstick, Fable Cry, Regdar and the Fighters, Blue Matches, Chris Davis and His K-Pop All Stars, Hurts to Laugh, Trigger Digit, Tall Dark Stranger, Kill City, Chris Dunnett, The MAN POWER, Chase Allan,, Fable Cry, Snake Vomit, Zasz & Lady E and the Black Light. Listen to the theme song by Lipstick below to get into the spirit. You $5 for admission will benefit Alive Monarchs, a hospice in Franklin, TN dedicated to caring for children with cancer.

Sunday: Wind down at 3rd and Lidsley with sweet soul from Andy Davis and reflect on your weekend of great music and giving a damn about your fellow man. -Terra James-Jura


Video Premier: The Smoking Flowers "A Bow and Nothing More"

The Deli Nashville is thrilled to premier this original Christmas song by The Smoking Flowers. Titled “A Bow and Nothing More,” it’s a swinging tune that wholeheartedly embraces 60’s camp. Featuring the ethereal Kim Collins as Sexy Housewife, Sexy Drummer, and Sexy Woman-Only-Wearing-a-Bow, it indentifies and fills the need for more innuendo in holiday music. The video was co-directed by the husband and wife duo, and filmmaker Davis Adams. It’s a fun mini-film, and black and white bits make it classy, despite the vignette ending with Scott Collins (‘Hipster Santa’) scrambling out of the frame in a dash for some Christmas nookie. This one goes out to all those who just can't hear "Jingle Bell Rock" one more time. –Terra James-Jura


Great Peacock, "Tennessee"

Whether you’re a local, or Nashville is the nearest city to where your car finally gave up the ghost, there’s nothing like an anthem to your native (or current) land to make your heart swell. “Tennessee,” the new single by Great Peacock has everything that’ll misty up your eyes: swooping pedal steel, mournful fiddle, mentions of whiskey, creeks, and loneliness. Great Peacock are currently Lightning 100’s Artist of the Week, meaning “Tennessee” is in their rotation, so you can weep quietly to yourself on your drive to work. They will be taking the stage at for a free show at Soulshine Pizza Factory this Friday at 7pm. –Terra James-Jura




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