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Turbo Fruits: Q&A about the creative process

Turbo Fruits' new album 'No Control' sees the Nashville quartet tackle more "adult" themes like relationships, break-ups and losses, conveying a full range of not-so-fun emotion without ever giving up their signature, punchy rock'n'roll sound. While on tour with Eternal Summers and Surfer Blood, front man Jonas Stein answered a few questions about the creative process of being in a band - check out the Q&A on our sister blog Delicious Audio.


Rocko Wheeler, "The Book of Rocko Wheeler"

May 14th is the Nashville album release show for Los Angeles transplant Rocko Wheeler. His debut effort, "The Book of Rocko Wheeler," dropped earlier this spring, and the songwriter has a tour with Kyle Cox in the works this month that will kick off a The 5-Spot next Thursday. Though now a Tenessee resident, Wheeler's music remains true to his Sunshine State origins. Dripping with organ, fiddle, and slide guitar, there's a vintage quality to his sound, and there are a few moments in the album that pay homage to the ghost of Gram Parsons. There's also some handy wordsmithing at play which makes for and engaing and ever-changing listen as new turns of phrase surface. For instance, the last refrain of "Emmanuel, your well's run dry-" in the first track "Time to Change," has a satisfying ring to it. Check out the song below, and put May 14th down on your calendar to pick up the album in sweet, sweet vinyl and see the songwriter before he hits the road. -Terra James-Jura



Andrew Combs, "All These Dreams"

An album where both the lyric and performance find honesty is a gem. May I introduce you to Andrew Combs recent LP, "All These Dreams."

Think David Gray with Texas country-folk roots, soft-spoken and strummed, well-versed and mature. Combs poetry neither plunges too dark nor tries too hard. His melodies and arrangements offer pop sensibility for repeat listening, without ever being pop. Even the most soul-searching of tracks carry enjoyable serenity, with space to reflect all the same if you wish.

No song screams single, but all songs yell craft. In the land of singles we call that an album. In this case, the kind where the artist writes first for himself, with no one to please, and nothing to prove. Just damn good songwriting.

Singles are a modern obsession, anyway. Take a sundown drive with "All These Dreams," then thank me for the introduction. -Ben Neumann

"All These Dreams" was release March 3, 2015 through Coin Records.




kidDEAD, "Patrick Swayze"

kidDEAD released this video for "Patric Swayze" on April 30th, along with the caution that "this video could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised." Of course, this should perk up that brain center where one's 5th-grade mentality still resides, because anything that comes with a warning label is instantly better. Morbid fascination for forbidden fruit aside, this is a solid video is for one some the sleeper hits off of kidDEAD's debut album "Rap and Destroy" (though, seriously, don't watch it in a dark room.) We enjoyed his first album very much last year, and we're glad that this most serious of tracks, with all of its urgency and self-loathing, is getting another go-round. It puts a spotlight on Norton's strength as a lyricist, and his ability to show some emotion without being insufferable. This video coincides with kidDEAD’s “No Gods, No Genres” tour (which just kicked off at the Stone Fox on May 1st,) as well as the release of his brand new 3-track EP “Truth Bombs.” Check out the new material over in iTunes, and keep an eye out for his next home town gig at www.kiddead.com.


Congratulations to Lauryn Peacock, our New Artist of the Month!

Congratulations to Lauryn  Peacock, our new Artist of the month! The transient songstress lead a strong and tireless campaign straight out of the gate (excuse the derby reference...) that would eventually secure her rightful place at the top of this site. Peacock built the foundation of her musical career in Chicago and Philadelphia, where she worled on her solo endeavors as well as toured with mewithoutyou. She's drawn upon the great reperetoire of friends and experiences built over the last few years in the making of her newest album, "Euphonia." The album is due out June 26th, with the plainative, haunting single "Wounds Grow Grass" offering a tantalizing glimse into the rich and highly orchestrated universe Peacock has spent the so much time and energy constructing. Peacock will be playing a album release show on June 27th in the loft at Mad Donna's. Check out www.laurynpeacock.com/ for more information and to learn more about our winner!



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