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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Woodferd, "We Are Dead"

Last night we finally had the chance to get on the trolley and check out a Sofar Sounds show. Not only did we enjoy seeing artists presented in such an intimate, respectful setting, we were also pleased by the thoughtful curation of the evening's entertainment, featuring acts all at some level of new to Nashville. We dug the lineup enough to dedicate a post to each artist, starting with Minnesota transplant Woodferd.

Peter John McKeown employs himself, a few strategic loops and occasional friends to perform under the handle Woodferd. He made the jump from his hometown of St. Paul, MN to Nashville in September, and released his self-titled debut album two short months later. McKeown touches on themes such as death and the Earth as a whole through light, easy-swilling folk. Take a listen to "We Are Dead" to get a sense of this subtle juxtaposition. There was talk of a Nashville album release show in the works, so keep up with Woodferd here and here as details emerge. -Terra James-Jura 



Winter 2015. NYC Issue #41
Read it here

Easy Roscoe Release Debut Album "Keep the Dancin' Dancin'"

Easy Roscoe, a 5-piece self-proclaimed "Party Rock" band, spent over a year working on their first album. They decided to drop "Keep the Dancin' Dancin" during the coldest part of 2015, a sharp contrast to the summery jams contained therein. Underneath the initial sugar-shock of the beachy veneer of the album lies ten tracks of vivid storytelling. Easy Roscoe draws on pop punk, ska, reggae, even some country twang to serve whatever yarn they're spinning, be it about escaped prisoners ("Man in a Cell") working stiffs scrabbling up the ladder ("Happy to See You"), or 21-year-old alcoholics barreling towards the slammer ("Bad Situation".) They're clever without being cloying, and lighthearted while maintaining some bite, and evoke shades of Bradley Nowell and Elvis Costello. "Alright; Regina" was a track about young love that stood out as a favorite and left us craving the smell of sunblock. "Keep the Dancin' Dancin'" is a solid first effort that is going to get some heavy play as we inch towards summer. Follow Easy Roscoe for upcoming events and developments HERE. -Terra James-Jura

Easy Roscoe submitted their music to The Deli Nashville for review; you can do the same here.


Mouth Reader at Phat Bites Deli 1.10

Garage stalwarts Mouth Reader just released this video for "Melt," that pays as much homage to hallucinogens as it does the sacred tradition of the liquid light show. The duo have been kicking up dust around the state after the November release of the 4-track EP by the same name, and have returned from a 6-show run through Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. They're letting Nashville know they're back with a show this Saturday at Phat Bites Deli with Ebony Eyes and Heinous Orca. Check out the show and see if there's any chance they have just one more of these gorgeous 7"s squirreled away. -Terra James-Jura


Kylie Rothfield Releases Video "Like You Should"

Keeping up with our emerging unofficial "In with the New" theme this week, blues chanteuse Kylie Rothfield released this video for her latest single last Tuesday. "Like You Should" unfurls like a a slow-burning missive on bad love, but the chorus is puncuated by one of the most visceral vocalizations that we may hear all year. It comes out of nowhere, and totally makes the song. We love a gal with a good yell. Check out Kylie's website at www.kylierothfield.com and keep up with her whereabouts on her FB page. -Terra James-Jura



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