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White Flowers

I can’t believe it is almost March and everything is still covered in snow. Here is a video from Kristin Ronne that really captures the feel of Chicago right now.


CD Review: The Right Now

Coming March 3rd the soulful collective known as The Right Now will release their debut album Carry Me Home. Lead by the powerful voice of Stefanie Berecz, The Right Now play pure funk and soul without apologies. It’s clear this large band, Brendan O'Connell; guitar, keys, & vocals, Chris Corsale; guitar, Jonathon Edwards; baritone sax, Jim Schram; tenor sax, John Smillie; drums, and Greg Nergaard; bass, feels like family. In fact Stefanie’s daughter goes on the road with band consistently, and the band wouldn’t have it any other way. In the album’s title track was written by Brendan for Stefanie’s daughter Angelene.

The are so many highlights on this album for the soul music fan, but my favorite has to be the steady stomp of “ Ain’t Going Back”. It seems to be the perfect mix of sultry vocal, gospel choir backing, and a steady walking groove. “How many years I wasted try to reach my peak…, I’m coming on quick so get out of my way”, Stefanie says it clearly. This band has arrived and their power will be felt.

The Right Now is celebrating the release of Carry Me Home on March 19th at Lincoln Hall.


Body Rock

Rita J. brings it on this track from her latest album “Artist Workshop” on All Natural Inc. This video is simple, and basically lets the music speak for itself. It’s a perfect compliment to Rita’s laidback style.


In A Dream

Not only is the song “In A Dream” one of my favorite tracks so far this year, but Skybox has just made one of the strangest and coolest videos for the tracks. “In A Dream” appears on the band new album Morning After Cuts.

The band will be touring the entire month of March, and will be performing at Lincoln Hall on March 12th with Tally Hall and Jukebox The Ghost.


Interview With Christa Meyer of Puerto Muerto

Just weeks after the release of Puerto Muerto latest album Drumming For Pistols, which has finally found the band the critical praise that they have long deserved, the husband and wife duo, Christa Meyers and Tim Kelley, announced that were splitting up. Their free show tonight at Empty Bottle will be unfortunately be their last. I recently had the chance to ask Christa a few question about the album, the show, and her future in music.

The Deli (TD): Many critics are proclaiming Drumming For Pistols to be your finest work to date, and it might be, but it doesn't seem to be radically different than previous albums. Why do you feel the press seems more receptive to this album? Do you feel their is something that sets Drumming For Pistols apart?
Christa Meyer (CM): The fact that we are experiencing relationship difficulties could help, (sadly enough). Also, Miranda Lange from PMA PR is a top notch publicist who knows how to push and reel in a couple of insane characters like us.

TD: All of this praise is unfortunately coming at very difficult and private time in your life. I am sure you have discussed trying to remain a band despite your personal difference, but it has been reported that the band will split up and your free show on the 22nd will be your last. What can fans expect from your final show?
CM: Emotional terrorism. A whole lot of fun and fireworks.

TD: Are you of going to continue to pursue music and do you have anything planned?
CM: I am writing every day. What I seem to be producing seems to be contemplative, yet subversive.

TD: In your recent interview in the Sun Times you did leave the door open in a way to further collaboration. I'm sure time will tell, but is there a possibility of more Puerto Muerto material coming down the road?
CM: That really depends on how the dust settles. We'll see if we are able to work together in the future and how we feel after the hand wringing, hair pulling and yelling subsides.

TD: You have been performing music in and around Chicago for many years. Do you feel there is more going on in Chicago music now than at any point in the last ten years? It really seems like a great time to be a musician in Chicago. Do you feel the same?
CM: There is an open air to the scene in Chicago right now. I think that the lack of a defining Chicago sound is incredibly liberating for many artists. Chicago has been a vibrant music town for many generations, it definitely could be attributed to the work ethic Chicagoans have.

You can see the final appearance of the duo tonight at Empty Bottle with The Glorious Vapors and Daniel Knox. This is a free show and it begins at 9:30pm.


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