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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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2011 Chicago Music in Video

- by Jason Behrends

With every year that passes the medium of video becomes increasingly important in how people discover, enjoy, interact, and experience music. In this post I am going to attempt to recap 2011 in video by posting my 15 favorite, but I would be missing something if failed to mention all of the wonderful live video that was captured this year. With sites like Small Chicago, Giant System, Rooftop Sessions, Lightbox Sessions, Living Room Songs and others dedicated to capturing local live performance fans of local music have access in ways they never have before.

Here is my disclaimer, as with all year end lists, this is in no way comprehensive, but these are my favorite video from 2011 and so how shape my year as a fan of Chicago music.

15. Shapers "Jar"

14. Scattered Trees "Sympathy"

13. Paper Thick Walls "Orange Tree"

12. Eight Bit Tiger "Bad Advice"

11. Secret Colours "Faust"


10. A Lull "Some Love"

9. Archie Powell & The Exports "Skip Work"

8. Ezra Furman & The Harpoons "Bloodsucking Whore"

7. Dastardly "Villian"

6. Roommate "August Song"

5. Gypsyblood "Take Your Picture"

4. Young Man "Nothing"

3. Salem "Sick"

2. Supreme Cuts "Issues"

1. YAWN "Acid"








Deli Regional Year End Polls Update: Open Submissions Results slowly released

Deli readers, indie bands and artists,

This year, our Year End 2011 Polls for emerging artists are proving to be more challenging than ever, with 11 US scenes involved and 1,500+ submissions between our own system and the Sonic Bids applications. We are spending a significant portion of the our Holidays listening to your music (thanks for that by the way!), and we haven't even had the chance to check out the bands selected by our jury of local promoters, bloggers and scene makers yet...

ANYWAYYYY... the results of the Open Submissions are slowly coming toget and we are slowly going to publish them starting with NYC (check back!). Sonic Bids selections will be coming after that.

Whether you were selected or not, it's always good to remember that in 1961 The Beatles were rejected by Decca with the following gems: "guitar groups are on the way out" and "The Beatles have no future in show business." Take that as a friendly reminder that there is no final authority on music, despite what pitchfork.com would have you believe.

Year End Poll Next Phase: The Fans' Poll
The next phase of the Poll - a vote open to the fans - is likely to start in the first week of January and end at the end of that same month. We'll spread the cities out a little bit to minimize contemporary traffic spikes that repeatedly brought our site down last year. So stay tuned. We should have the final results for our two separate final charts (fans poll and composite chart including the jurors' vote) by the end of January.

Also, of course all this is possible also because of our sponsors - many of them are providing free studio time and prizes for the winners. Here they are - God Bless 'em!


The Deli's Staff

Anna Vogelzang's Christmas Spectacular!

After Anna Vogelzang left Chicago in 2008 for Madison, WI she began the tradition of recording holiday songs every Christmas and releasing them for her fans to enjoy. This year she has released the three tracks that she recorded in the form of a digital ep called Christmas Spectacular!.

Anna's next release will be coming out on Feb. 28th and will be called Canary In a Coal Mine. You can preview the first three songs from the full-length album here.


Gold Motel @ Lincoln Hall

Although the only released a single in 2011, it still seems like Gold Motel had a great year. The band performed at Lollapalooza and continued to tour in support of their 2010 release "Summer House". The band plans to release the follow-up in 2012.

You can catch Gold Motel at Lincoln Hall tomorrow, Dec. 23rd, at 7pm with Deserters and Chaperone.


Owen "Everyone's Asleep in the House but Me"

Owen is closing out his live acoustic video tour through his latest album Ghost Town by bringing it back to his home. Check out his performance of "Everyone's Asleep in the House but Me".


From Our Open Blog: Shalloboi @ Empty Bottle

shalloboi will be headlining a show at the empty bottle on december 27th, 2011 with the flying cars (from new york) and local duo nervous cloud (which includes travis from schizophrenic pop band essex chanel). after playing with a trio of live strings players for over two years, shalloboi has pared back down to the core duo of singer/guitarist/songwriter tyler ritter and singer/percussionist stefanie goodwin with some very pleasing (and loud) results. the band will play a few new tracks, a few from their last three releases as well as some old surprises that haven't been played in years. the show is free w/ rsvp through the empty bottle's website and costs $8 at the door.


The Buddies @ Empty Bottle

Up from the ashes of Welcome to Ashley and Pale Blue Dot comes The Buddies. This band has been everywhere lately following the release of their new album F*** The Buddies. The band is performing at Empty Bottle on December 22nd and the show is free with an rsvp sent to rsvp@emptybottle.com. (photo by Kari Terzino)


The Wall & The Window

On November 30th, Adam Mormolstein and Kristen Holtschlag (aka The Wall and The Window) released their new ep The Years. This modern folk duo have created five charming and beautiful tracks. You can purchase the album through facebook here or through bandcamp below.



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