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March 2010
Judson Claiborne
"Time and Temperature

On the inside cover of the sophomore album, Time and Temperature, from Judson Claiborne you will find a quote from Daphne Rose Kingma. “We tend to think of relationships as static, as if we could just get into them, assume a position inside them and then continue to hold it, essentially without changing forever, world without end. But in fact our relationships are fluid, vivid, mercurial, and constantly changing.” It perfectly sets the stage for the plucked strings, melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that follow. These ten tracks crave a graceful notch into the static image of love. The instrument Judson uses to crave is the fable as he tells tales of a CIA worker struggles to keep a relationship with his wife, or a student falling a little to deeply in love. The tale keeps changing as the type of relationship changes. Musically, there are element indie folk, country, and just plain Americana, but Claiborne’s web is complex and refreshing. This album is beautifully put together by La Societe Expeditionaire, and topped of by incredible photos from New York’s Sarah Wilmer. The album will be released on April 6th and will become one of the top Chicago albums of the year.

Selected artists for Music Tech Mashup Party.

The organizers of the Tech Mashup Party have selected the 3 artists that will play at their show in Austin during SXSW. The lucky ones are LA alt rock band Voxhaul Broadcast (in the picture), Austin indie rockers Red Leaves, and NYC singer Songwriter Dion Roy - congrats to them and thanks to all the bands that submitted through The Deli!

Joe Pug on Daytrotter

Yesterday, Daytrotter posted their session with Joe Pug. Joe performed one track from his first ep, Nation of Heat, and three songs from his new album Messengers. My favorite line from the Daytrotter write-up is as follows, "It's like reaching for a cup of coffee, intent of enjoying a small and toasty sip, believing that you're going to have to take it slow or risk burning your tongue out of your mouth, only to find that the liquid in the cup has gone disgustingly cold in the span between sips." Joe Pug's music is filled with continual sense that live is out to get you, but he delivers with a warm and understanding of a veteran bar-hand after close.


Last Minute Plans: The Laureates @ The Hideout

Tonight at The Hideout, The Laureates celebrate the release of their third effort and EP entitled No Kontrol. The ep is released through Funambulist Recording Company and finds the band continuing on their enjoyable path of mixing classic rock sound with ‘90’s underground and surprisingly Brit Pop. It’s a fun mixture that sounds nostalgic and original at the same time. The band has been working together since 2005, and over the last four years have now released two eps and a well received full-length, There Are No More Gentlemen (2008). You can download the EP for free from the website Candy Dinner.

Joining The Laureates tonight will be Tiger Bones, The Runnies, and Only Children. The show starts at 9pm and tickets are $8.


Exclusive Offering

White Car are one of the more unique and exciting duo’s in town, and this month they released their debut self-titled 12” on Rainbow Body Records. They are celebrating the release of the ep on March 2nd at Danny’s Tavern (1451 W. Dickens) with DJs Beau Wanzer and Gatekeeper.


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