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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Yellabird's Little Brother Makes Quite a Fuss

Boston's Yellabird know how to pack an incredible amount of energy into a short time-frame. Their latest effort, Little Brother, may only be comprised of five tracks, but each one will blow your mind--guaranteed. The guitar sound on this record is so fat and loud and the drums are so heavy, I'm constantly amazed that such intensity can come from only two people. I reviewed their previous EP, Mountainosaurus, and while those songs were all heavy in their own right, Little Brother raises the bar exponentially higher.

The highlight of this album for me is "Darlin', Sugar", with its fast pace and face-melting guitar work. I'd compare them to Queens of the Stone Age, but after listening to their songs for even a minute, you'd probably already guess that, and I'm sure they've heard that plenty of times as well.

Be sure to check out the band's Facebook page for updates about future shows and any other wicked cool stuff they might have going on.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)



Fall 2013. NYC Issue #36 (CMJ)
Read it here


Deli Issue #36 is out! CMJ 2013, Wilsen, Drowners + more!

Oy musical people!

The Deli NYC's 36th issue infested the streets of NYC yesterday (Wed 10.09), look for a physical copy in venues/rehearsal studios/music instrument stores, or read it online HERE!

The Deli's Staff

Pleasure Gap's new release "Tropical Barn"

 Pleasure Gap, a trio from the woody mountains of New Hampshire, have just release their new album “Tropical Barn”.  There’s definitely a rural coldness to their sound, aggressive and trippy mixed with a slight folk twang. Reminiscent of old school Modest Mouse mixed with The Violent Femmes, the record is full of incoherent shouts and yelps, emotional outpourings, clean tone guitars, and distorted bass.  Definitely give the track “Too Close” a listen; it’s a perfect intro to this psychedelic folk-rock outfit. Check out their new album here. - Paul Jordan Talbot


Girls Guns and Glory have a new album "Sweet Nothings"

Alt-Country unit Girls Guns and Glory sing sentimental tunes about that timeless subject central to country music: Heartbreak. You wouldn’t need to understand a word to hear that. Lead Singer and guitarist Ward Henry has a passionate and vulnerable voice, singing more in the style of classic country singer Hank Williams than Henry’s contemporaries. Fittingly, they even recently played a whole set in September of Hank Williams tunes. These masterful musicians respect the history of their genre, and focus on delivering honest songs that both rock and pluck those heartstrings. Check out their new album “Sweet Nothings” and their Facebook here. - Paul Jordan Talbot




Which of these emerging local acts should be The Deli New England's next Artist of the Month?

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