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Ladymob Will Play TT the Bear’s Next Wednesday

Ladymob is anything but—consisting of singular lead lady singer Shannon Reynolds, the remaining members are all packed with testosterone (guitarist Joe Diaz, drummer Brian Becker, and bassist Matthew Paul McCarron) and are far more likely to draw a mob of ladies than be one. Though they’re less than a year into the scene after forming last October, the group has already built buzz with a series of released tracks including official single “The Ladder” as well as bonuses “Blackout” and “Regret”. The aesthetic is a little deceptive and it’s easy to jump to a goth rock conclusion, but give them a listen for a sound reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac from the vocals to the extended guitar riffs. This is a new sound for the underground Boston scene that’ll be on display at TT’s in Cambridge a week from Wednesday, and it shows nothing but promise. –Jamie Loftus


Bunny’s a Swine, Fax Holiday, Shepherdess, Pile Play Great Scott -- Show Wrap-Up

After recently releasing their latest album, Calling Out, Bunny’s A Swine set out to promote their tunes, and if the show on Thursday, June 28 sponsored by Eye Design at Great Scott was any indication, their record will have to be placed on back-order pretty soon. By the time the band took the stage, a sizeable crowd had gathered--apparently the fact that Bunny’s A Swine plays kickass rock n’ roll is not a secret to the people of Allston. From the first distorted chord to the last lyric, it was evident the band really enjoys being on stage and can really take over with their on-stage presence. While Calling Out is slightly more reserved, their live performance is anything but that. Drummer Dustin Cote was perhaps the most animated member of the band, flailing his arms and smashing drums in a blur of wooden sticks and cymbal crashes. The band played a lot of stuff from the new record, including “Lasalle” (the song highlighted in my preview of this show). “Lasalle” seemed to take on a new life when performed live--louder, more rowdy--with a great PIxies feel to the vocal combo of lead singer Emerson Stevens and guitarist Candace Clement. In addition to the impeccable performance by Bunny’s A Swine, I was also impressed by the rest of the line-up that night. The opening band, Fax Holiday, brought this great brand of grunge/stoner rock that was really incredible hear. Two things really stood out to me from their performance: their use of a guitar dropped several steps instead of a bass, and the fact that they used an electric auto-harp. Yes, that’s right: electric auto-harp. In case you’ve never heard one before, it sounds freakin’ cool. I’d highly recommend checking out some of Fax Holiday's material--specifically the track “Lots of Glass”. The lead singer kept reiterating during the course of their set that a new record was in the works, but apparently there are no immediate plans for a release date. Jamaica Plain all-girl punk rockers Shepherdess lit up the stage with some gnarly punk riffs. Several times throughout their set, their lead singer got so into the songs, she knocked over the mic stand and would just move around the stage screaming her face off--rock n’ roll. Closing out the night was Boston-based Pile. These guys played some loud, dark and heavy stuff. They kind of sounded like a nascent QOTSA. A lofty comparison, I know, but check out one of their shows and tell me I’m wrong. The entire night was full of great rock n’ roll, restoring my faith in the Boston music scene that it isn’t all full of trendy shoe-graze, synth-pop junk. Thank God for that. -Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)

Winter 2013, NYC Issue #33
Read it here


Krill to Play Great Scott this Saturday

All Joan Jett references aside, I love rock n’ roll. Really. And Krill’s latest release, Lucky Leaves, piles on the rock in heaping portions. I really like the guitar work on this record--loud and distorted, in-your-face, but reserved at the same time. The guys in this band really know how to play their instruments. The vocal melodies on this album sound like Alec Ounsworth of CYHSY had one too many beers and went out singing on Boylston St. What sort of sound is that, you ask? A glorious one, that’s what. I particularly liked the last half of “Purity of Heart.” The vocals, guitars, drums--everything comes together in this super-loud, super-emotional punch in the face of rock n’ roll goodness. Definitely worth a listen. While you’re at it, if you’re in the Boston area this weekend, you can check out the band at Great Scott in Allston on Saturday, June 29. Or just listen to/buy the record on their bandcamp site. Or both! -- Dan McMahon


Elephants to Perform at Midway Cafe July 5th

Have you ever first listened to a band and said "Once they nail down their sound, these guys will sound great"? Well, Elephants has nailed down their sound, and their sound is good--very good. I reviewed a disc of theirs, The Sea EP, in 2011 and was impressed by their brand of low-fi, punk-inspired rock. A couple years later, they've still got that sound, but it's much more refined and clean-cut, while still retaining an intense energy. Elephants' most recent effort, a self-titled album, reflects changes both in the band's musical quality, and the makeup of the band in general. The solos are more technical, the rhythm is tight--overall it's a great sound. I think what really makes this record is that the band really filled out their songs--instead of sticking with their two-guitar format, Elephants added bass and drums on this record, beefing up the sound and really maxing-out the potential of their songs. The vocals provided by front-woman Lauren Garant are somehow catchy, uplifting, indifferent and jaded all at the same time. Quite an interesting combination, but a great combination nonetheless. If you have a spare minute (or twenty), head on over to those-elephants.bandcamp.com and give Elephants a listen. The band will also be performing live at The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain on July 5.  -Daniel McMahon




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