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The Novel Ideas Play Great Scott 6-25 with Other Boston Bands

The Allston-Brighton neighborhood may be known for dirty surf and punk, but there’s the occasional folky breath of fresh air found in groups like The Novel Ideas, who are playing Great Scott tomorrow night with The Ballroom Thieves and T. John Cadrin tomorrow night. The six-piece group, which blends acoustic and pedal steel with the occasional soaring trumpet solo is currently touring the area in support of third album “Home”, recorded entirely in a barn in Jaffrey, NH. Ah, America.

The Novel Ideas are known for punctuating their still-emerging tracks like “Heart of Stone” and “Running Speed” (both from Home) with terrific covers of crowd-pleasers, especially their rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”. Introspective and lyrically fueled, this group is bound to bust out of Boston any day now, so catch them at an intimate venue while you still can.


Bunny’s A Swine Coming to Great Scott in Support of Their New Record, Calling Out

Northampton-based Bunny’s A Swine will be coming to the Boston area on June 27 to play a show at Great Scott in Allston. After recently releasing their fourth full-length, Calling Out, at The Thing in the Spring in New Hampshire, Bunny’s A Swine is taking to the road to help promote their album. This new collection of songs is full of bluesy, powerful guitar riffs, packed with enough energy to make even the most casual rock n’ roll listener get up and move. The vocal combo of Emerson Stevens and Candace Clement really makes these tracks stand-out. “Lasell”, the third track on the record, sounds like it could have been a B-side on Sonic Youth’s Rather Ripped, especially during the bridge. Stevens’ and Clement’s voices blend together perfectly, culminating in a raucous wave of guitar distortion and cymbal crashes.

According to a recent post on the band’s website, Calling Out  is currently only available in digital-download due to issues surrounding the pressing of the vinyls. But fear not, the band is working to resolve those issues and physical copies should be available shortly (you can still pre-order the vinyl on their bandcamp site).

The show at Great Scott starts at 9PM on June 27. Tickets are $8, 18+ with proper ID. - Dan McMahon


Skinny Bones at Discovery Zone, Thursday 6/13

Along with nearly everything in the digital age, the song writers’ instrument of choice has shifted from the guitar to the computer. The result is polarization of electronic innovators and the acoustic purists. Stuck in the beautiful and mysterious place in between, is Skinny Bones.  The duo’s psychadellic release “Skinni Dip” is available now. Its first track “A Moment or Two,” puts out a lure with a beautiful acoustic guitar riff, and then surprises you with the tasteful and inventive electronic effects. By combining environmental percussion, and subtle electronics the duo gives us some sounds I can say I’ve never heard before, all supported by solid songwriting. Check out “Skinni Dip” on their Facebook. - Paul Jordan Talbot


Thick Wild's creepy folk album "O Sinister Force"

Thick Wild’s latest release, “O Sinister Force,” is loaded with songs to creep you out. Boston/Brooklyn based Amelia Emmet’s voice has the sound of some alien time and place. It cracks and slips consistently, but she sells every sound. The imaginative lyrics on the record show glimses of a monster lurking beneath that light voice. She embraces those horrifying thoughts, and instead of shaking them off, she revels in them to make this wonderfully unsettling album. - Paul Jordan Talbot


The Deadly Gentlemen at Lizard Lounge 7/10

The Deadly Gentlemen, Greg Liszt’s latest project after Crooked Still, are pumping out some seriously fun, politically charged folk tunes. Every member of this new-grass outfit knows their instruments in and out, which lets them go nuts on their innovative solos. Politics aside, they know how to have foot stomping good time, and there’s nothing more fitting than seeing a Deadly Gentlemen at a pub show.  Their new single, “Bored of the Raging,” suggests a change in the band's attitude on the upcoming album, but I trust these guys not to disappoint. The Gentlemen’s are releasing their new album, "Roll Me, Tumble Me" on July 9th. Their earlier release, Carry Me to Home, can be purchased on their Bandcamp. (Paul Jordan Talbot) 


What's your favorite Emerging New England Artist on this list?

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