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High Tides' Intuitive Melody

High Tides, we know despite their relative mysteriousness in the internet realm, is the lo-fi, psychedelic, and highly captivating new project of Aeris Hennings, Aaron Diebold, and Xavier Bond. They explore a sonic niche relying heavily on guitar work, one that could easily be compared to indie rock greats like early Real Estate or Tennis. The group's instrumental work is complimented by a series of synth and lo-fi samples that might well work as spaceship noise in a sci-fi movie. Not all their work is so far out, however. Their earliest songs showcase acoustic fingerpicking interwoven with electric guitar work that creates an expansive atmosphere in contrast to close, crisp acoustic strings. There's no voice attributed to High Tides, but this only seems fitting. The group trusts their own sense of melody enough to let the instruments speak for themselves and the result is the creation of intimate arrangements that feel uniquely inuitive. High Tides is a band with work that predicts a fruitful and authentic future. Be sure to catch their next show with Dream Wave at Drkmttr on Thursday, May 25th. 

-Andrew Strader

Little Racer Carries New Wave Tradition with Jangly Guitar Pop

Little Racer's jangly guitar hooks and intricate percussive elements sound distantly familiar, as if the band had been making music for decades. Is it Talking Heads? Is it a band from the '60s that opened for The Byrds? The trio's concocts a sonic cauldron of influences that, though inspired by past musical traditions to the point of being downright nostalgic, perfectly represents the current state of indie rock. If you want to understand what I’m talking about, you can catch them in Brooklyn at Lantern Hall this Saturday, May 13th, or at Rough Trade on June 6th. - Andrew Strader

Mouth Reader's Fuzzy Psychedelia

Mouth Reader takes a hybrid approach to constructing their sonic niche. They harness the timbre of fuzz rock classics like Dinosaur Jr. to create massive sounding psychedelic power ballads reminiscent of slow-moving but powerful shoegaze bands like Slowdive. The percussion is big and reverby and the vocals are belligerent in their tone, making for a band that sits perfectly in the dive and basement venues of Nashville and Murfreesboro. Their work is tastefully lo-fi, with production developed enough to be accessible, but carrying the kind of DIY nature that makes you wish you had made the songs yourself. Be sure to catch their next show on June 6th at Ddrkmttr.

-Andrew Strader

Deli sponsored series The Hum returns on Monday 05.15 at Good Room with Elysse, Brittany Campbell and more

The two wonderful soul voices of Elysse and Brittany Campbell will be among the sound you'll hear reverberating this coming Monday May 15 at Greenpoint's Good Room during the third appointment with the Deli-sponsored, LPR Presents organized concert series The Hum. While we covered Campbell at length (she was on the cover of our magazine last year), Elysse is a new face in the NYC scene, and a very promising one. The only track she has currently available online showcases a delicately expressive artist supported by an uber-intriguing production that strikes a balance between classic soul and trippy, Lynchian atmospheres.

Check out the full list of Monday's collaborations, tickets can be found here:

Caroline Rose + Zoe Brecher (Sad13) + Noga Shefi + Joy Morales ///
Little Kruta + H3R ///
Brittany Campbell + Maya Lazaro + Kate Ferber ///
Joy Elysse + Bria Monet + Adi Meyerson + Taylor Zaro + Savannah Harris  ///

The Deli interviews Chamber Band

With pure, dulcet vocals and driving, twangy instrumentals, Brooklyn-based Chamber Band serves up folk rock in a style all their own. Recently, The Deli was able to talk with the band a bit about their background, and how they manage to churn out such powerfully penned tracks. Read the full interview here

P.S. The band won this interview through The Music Building's Expose Yourself Campaign - you can sign up here to be considered!


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