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A Thong by Any Other Name Would Sound as Sweet

It's damn near impossible not to think of Sisqo's 1999 ode to whale tails and the cheeks that complete the look when the word "thong" is heard, or really just thought of. That's probably not the reaction local psych-surf act Thong were going for with their name, though "Thong Song" was definitely an anthem of sorts. Regardless, Thong recently announced that they're going to be changing their name, and that these last few shows of theirs were the final times to see them as the thongs that once were.

As far as what Thong's new name will be, that's something we'll all just have to learn at their name change reveal show this Sunday, with garage poppers Marcy's Band and Este dropping rhymes. Visuals will be provided by Grayson Bear and there will even be a little bit of stand up from George Jones. But we all can rest pretty easily knowing that just because the band is changing their name doesn't mean they're changing their beloved sound.

Head over to 5th Avenue Cinema this Sunday to catch Thong's last show as such.

A Party for Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary

 Whether you feel like they're overrated or not, it'd be hard to deny the influence the Beatles had and still has on music. Their career filled with the quintessential hits that define them, the Beatles were some of the "first" to bring pandemonium, romantic pop and the steady transition into drug life to the public eye. Seeing as the first day of June marks the 50th anniversary of their considerable opus Sgt. Pepper's The Lonely Hearts Club Band, of course a commemoration had to take place, and of course it would be in fun Portland fashion.

The Funhouse Lounge will house a tribute show as an ode to the band Thursday night, featuring local rock musicians and special guests, many of which are likely to be in some sort of Beatles-like garb. Advertised are The Toads, The Dark Backward and comedian/loud sound creator Tinn Itus and the Strobing Visions covering hits from all throughout the Beatles' extensive catalog. The 21 and over event is only $10, but those that come in costumes themselves only pay half price. Those in costume will also be automatically invited to partake in other Beatles' themed special activities, so a lot of fun is sure to be had.

6 Questions: Horse Movies

Horse Movies are a band to pay attention to. The trio recently won our artist of the month poll, with their album Switch Flipper being one worthy of constant plays. They're heading off for a tour in the next couple weeks, so we wanted to exchange a few words with the band in hopes of getting to know a little more about them. Here are our 6 questions with Horse Movies...

Deli PDX: What are the songwriting dynamics in the band? Is it mainly one of you that writes the songs, take turns between the three of you or go into each track together?


Horse Movies: We get together and do that thing that birds do where the mom chews up the food and feeds it to the baby bird. But we do it back and forth with song ideas. 


How did Horse Movies come to be a band? Where does the name come from?


We're firm believers that all movies could use more horse characters. We originally met because we were all very active on a horse meme sub Reddit. We thought it'd be funny to start making music too, and eventually drifted away from our love of horse memes to focus more on the music. 

On your upcoming tour, are there any particular dates/cities the band is more excited to play than others?


Honestly we're just stoked to get out of Portland for a while, meet new friends and see cool bands. Hanging out with Mom Jeans for a week is gunna be a blast. And we get to play with Adult School in Santa Cruz, who are probably the best band ever. 


Who are some acts that have influence Horse Movies sound? 


Robin Williams circa '85, children's books involving lonely insects, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 soundtrack, and Toy Story on ice.


Being a somewhat "newer" band, how do you feel about the politics of Portland's music scene? What place do you all feel Horse Movies holds within the scene?


We've met a lot of great people in the PDX scene. Good hearted kids, ya know? Kids who constantly go to shows no matter who's playing. They're just in it for the music. It's frustrating when people are in it for the drama. We've learned to stay off the internet and use horse blinders on Facebook haha.


If there's one thing each of you could change about the current state of music (locally or globally), what would it be and why?


More all ages venues for sure. Kids need places they can feel welcome and enjoy themselves. Also, when it comes to music, we wish people would use their ears and not so much their eyes.


See Horse Movies off properly by hitting up their tour kickoff show June 19 at Black Water with Lubec, Tallwomen and Prison Dress. 


Poppies celebrate EP release party at The Glove on 06.09

Poppies have managed to gain a generous following with their introspective, melodic sound and singer May's childlike, delicate vocals. After debuting their very first "Double Single" featuring the tracks "Egghead" and "Mistakes," and the release of the subsequent "Told," the band is ready to finally debut lengthier work. On June 9th, they will be joined by BRNDA, Dougie Poole and Vas Deferens, for an exciting release party at The Glove, hosted by comedienne Gina Ginsberg. This gig will also be the kickoff of the band's upcoming tour, which will see them take their emotionally-charged, languid ballads all across the North East. Catch their latest release below, the video for "Mistakes," a soulful, nostalgic explosion into the New York transit nightlife. - Valentina Roja

NOPES Drop New EP - Fun Limbo

Oakland punk band, NOPES released their new EP, Fun Limbo, on May 26 via Magnetic Eye Records. The group, who dubs its sound "weird core", grinds out sneering spazz-rock incorporating melodies and extended instrumental passages not typically found in straightforward punk. Fun Limbo is the follow-up to NOPES' full-length LP, Never Heard of It, which was named as one of the "Best Underground Garage Punk Albums of 2016" by Pitchfork.

While the majority of today's "punk" bands come off as far too polished and safe, NOPES sound like a collision of early Hüsker Dü and The Replacements with nods to The Stooges and fellow Oakland rabble-rousers Lecherous Gaze. The band bases their grimey sound in the low, lumbering crunch of bands like Unsane and The Cows while demented vocals rant over the top of the crumbling racket. The sound of NOPES is one of a band playing by their own rules and having fun doing it.

Take a listen to their new EP below!


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