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DOUBLE PREMIERE: Humululuman - "YDKWH" & "Freak Out"

 It's no secret that Kulululu and Human Ottoman have received much love from the Deli Portland because of the innovation they both flood into their recordings and live performances. We've premiered their songs, nominated them for polls and mentioned their names in show promoting posts, so when it came to the next endeavor Human Ottoman and Kulululu tackled it was sure to catch our attention. This time around, the bands have joined forces to bestow upon all of us a creatively energetic project that's entirely too good not to love.

Welcome Humululuman.

The premise behind this musical marriage sees them covering one of the best songs by each of their respective bands, "YDKWH" by Human Ottoman and "Freak Out" by Kulululu. Recorded at The Map Room Recording Studio by Hasmood (and some editing by Rollstars Productions), the performance videos are filled with all the craziness we typically see from each band live, with splices of entertaining animations that give a humorous element.

The supergroup will be celebrating the release of the audio downloads for these joint efforts at the Fremont Theater on May 12. Abronia will also be gracing the stage and with tickets being only $5, there's no reason not to see this sonic force in person.

Until then, get lost in the chaos that is Humululuman by watching the videos for "YDKWH" and "Freak Out" below.


New Track: "Fangs" - Slomo Sapiens

Slomo Sapiens latch on and won't let go with their latest single, "Fangs". Our ears definitely perked up to what the garage-psych power trio threw down. It's a most excellent follow-up to their Fishtown Tapes EP. A true full-length release from Ceallaigh Corbishley, Greg Geiger, and Jon Pritchard is sounding very promising right now. Let's hope to hear one from them sooner than later.

Members of Buscabulla, Ela Minus, Escort and Beverly play The Hum on 05.08

LPR Presents will present another night of The Hum, the curatorial, programming, and production child of Rachael Pazdan. A night of "womanly" collaborations will be held this coming Monday at Greenpoint venue Good Room.  The lineup is of particular importance to us here at The Deli because it features some favorite artists we've covered in the past including BuscabullaEla MinusBeverlyEscortNovelty Daughter and NOIA. You can purchase tickets over at the LPR site and we've created a playlist of our favorites while you wait for the festivities. 

-Andrew Strader


PPL's Reincarnated Shoegaze

PPL is a three-piece outfit from NYC that has dragged the shoegaze aesthetic from its late 80s/early 90s heyday right up into the present. They play extensively with dynamic shifts, layering feedback, using delay to create dronescapes, soaking guitar hooks in chorus and reverb, and providing sudden bursts of carefully crafted sonic walls. For such a bare bones lineup like guitar, bass, and drums, it's genuinely impressive how massive this band can make itself sound. Every noise they make is meant to serve the song. The sonic textures they design prove remiscent of My Bloody Valentine while the arrangements of songs often carry alternative rock and pop sensibilities that bring 90s classics like Weezer to mind. Be sure to catch their record release show for their self titled EP Post Personality Loss on May 24th at Union Pool

-Andrew Strader

Artists on the rise: slack rockers peaer play Sunnyvale on May 13

Brooklyn-based Peaer crafts understated indie rock songs that feel raw and unpolished enough to reflect the types of real-life concepts wrestled with in their lyrics. A highly dynamic band with a lot of heart, Peaer is tight enough to flirt with the wildness of coming undone, without ever succumbing to it. Active since the beginning of the decade, the band in 2016 released a noteworthy 7 track record, one of our favorite within the genre, check out "single Cliff Song," below, and opener "Pink Spit," here. - Olivia Sisinni

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best garagey/punky songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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