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New Track: "Myth of the Groove" - Kilamanzego

Kilamanzego recently shared a new single via Amsterdam based collective/label ZenSupremacy. “Myth of the Groove” crackles and quakes, as the warmth of synth invites, but simultaneously creates a mysterious atmosphere. Then, it finds its footing in vibrant, 8-bit matriculation. Step into that futuristic, funky, weightless beat, propelled naturally but not pushed. Kilamanzego will be joining a lineup that also includes Masie Blu and Gender Work, on Friday, November 23 at World Cafe Live.

Chanti Darling at the Holocene

Chanti Darling, the disco prodigy of Portland, released his much-acclaimed debut album RNB Vol.1 this past August. If you’re one of the many people who’s been waiting with anticipation to see it live, boy do I have good news for you. Chanti Darling is going to be at the Holocene October 11th, this Thursday. Don’t miss this chance to dance the night away to Darling’s wonderfully hypnotic rhythms.

You can read The Deli’s previous coverage of RNB Vol.1  here.

  -By Nick Hartman

TOPAZ "Tender"

TOPAZ recently released the first single, “Tender”, from his forthcoming LP, High Society. This is the lush indie pop of Zack Johnson, and High Society will be his sophomore LP and the follow-up to 2017’s Faux Linear.

Deaf Poets release raw & riotous EP at Alphaville 10.27

New York City band Deaf Poets recently released a new addition to their discography with new EP Change and Bloom. The new collection may contain less material than their previous full-length records, but it certainly does not make less of an impact. Building on their core sound of heavy, distorted guitars, the tracks hit with a wall of dialed-up noise that blends classic rock and 60s psych influences with a modern, hard hitting twist. Their sound leans on their raucous drums and vocals, forging a style that is carefully produced but executed with grungy, carefree aggression. Do not, however, mistake this group’s recklessness with thoughtlessness. After their relocation from Miami back to their NYC roots, their need to produce a new path for themselves carried enlightened ideas of progression and self-discovery into their latest work.  Tracks like “Change and Bloom” and “Cigarette” give a look into this band’s continual development, and a listen into the inner torment of feeling displaced and confined – but for these guys, there’s no better therapy than getting on stage and causing a sonic riot.  If that's up your alley, check out Deaf Poets’ release show at Brooklyn’s Alphaville on 10.27. -Rebecca Carroll 

New Barney Cortez EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Although the new EP from Barney Cortez is titled Pretty Thin, that isn’t because it lacks depth. There’s a rollicking, infectious, let-loose aspect, with melodic, alt-country, silky, soulful introspection. Crisp, composed tracks feel at home in their own skin, and adhere so that you’ll catch yourself humming them as you work through the day. It's a diverse sampling, hitting on an array of aspects yet fitting together in a pleasant, compact package. (Photo by Michael Zallie)


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