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New Music Video: "Qiet" - Vita and the Woolf

Vita and the Woolf are beautifully captured in a warehouse maze in their new video for the single "Qiet". Produced by Kaleida Studio and Silver Sound, the appearance of calm before a much-needed release tugs and pulls at the backbone of the recording, whirling us through the exciteable chorus. The video was directed and edited by Jukie Gratz. You'll find the track on their upcoming album, Tunnels, which is due out April 21 via Believe Digital. 

The Watters Let the Soul Flow on Great Unknown

Hailing from Sedona, the Watters came to Austin with lofty aspirations and their latest full-length album, Great Unknown, proves they're on their way. Jenna Watters sings with a delicate fortitude that weakens one knees while her husband, Dan, provides deft guitar melodies that are complimented by a bold brass backing section. Production on Great Unknown is unabashedly expansive and the big band sound packs a whallop, but the songwriting is also intimate, striking a balance that draws comparisons to Fleetwood Mac. The Watters have incredible range and a surplus of talent, which is no surprise that they have a headlining show at the Mohawk on Thursday, December 15th. Dan and Jenna have unmistakeable chemistry and with talented group of musicians around them, there doesn't seem to be anything holding them back.

-Lee Ackerley


New Thom McCarthy LP Available for Streaming & Download

Thom McCarthy quietly released his album, 2088: The Jumbo-Cricket Landfill Incident, last year, under the moniker of his space-age rockabilly alter-ego Rocky Kaminsky. The record possessed a dark undertone, heavily influenced by fears of our decaying environment and its future effect on the world around us. And with Idiot-elect Donald Trump’s moronic views about climate change and the doubling down on such beliefs with his picks of key cabinet members, it becomes a more frightening yet ear-opening listen. Now, as the year winds down, the Philly artist has returned to share new material that still resonates his environmental concerns, returning, however, to his more traditional songwriting roots and surname on his LP Marvin the Giant, which you can now stream and download below. You can also celebrate its arrival with McCarthy this evening at Bourbon & Branch, where he’ll be supported by Joshua Park. (Photo by Andrea Poulsen)


Sonya Kitchell releases single 'Funeral' about 2016 US elections

Since the appearance of Donald Trump on the US political scene, we've been receiving several submissions of protests songs, most of them filled with apocalyptic imagery and often also insults. We haven't published any of them, maybe because... we felt Michelle Obama was right when she said "when they go low, we go high." Single 'Funeral' by talented Brooklyn songwriter Sonya Kitchell certainly raises the level of the conversation, analyzing the complicated swirl of emotions brought by the 2016 elections, appropriately compared to the ultimate ritual of loss. Not new to the scene, Sonya earlier this year released her third full length album 'We Come Apart' after a long silence (her previous release is dated 2010), check out the video for single 'Mexico' below.

Buzz Alert: New Hampshire Singer/Songwriter Lina Tullgren Mesmerizes with EP "Wishlist"

New Hampshire songstress Lina Tullgren's Wishlist is a raw, vulnerable exploration of love, growth, and heartbreak.  Utilizing the warmth and character of analog, Tullgren invents a reflective melancholic sound that is both original and inescapably personal, sacrificing technical perfection for emotional connection.  With songs that feel more stream of consciousness than solid in form, Wishlist allows the listener a peek through the looking glass of what it is to be young and what it means to grow up.  Lina is a unique and mezmerizing voice, and we can't wait to hear what else she has to say. -Brian Varneke



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