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Ambient artist Ana Roxanne named one of Bandcamp's best of 2019

Ambient artist Ana Roxanne began her debut album ~~~ several years ago as a private project, a personal reflection on spirituality and art as an act of healing. Upon its rerelease in March by Leaving Records, the record took on another life, particularly as Roxanne had since explored more about identity and gender, having come out herself as intersex late last year. The record caught attention from a slew of new fans, which led Bandcamp to name it one of their top 10 records of 2019. Its blend of field recordings, droning synths, and minimalist percussion keeps the music simple while allowing the listener to open their mind in vast and unpredictable ways. Roxanne will head out east in January to introduce New York audiences to her music; take another listen to ~~~ for yourself below. - Will Sisskind

01.14: Erin Anne brings "Tough Love" to The Satellite

After the new year, head to the Satellite to hear Erin Anne bring her new album Tough Love to life on stage. The singer-songwriter released her debut album back in June, but it recently caught the attention of indie label Carpark Records, who released a special edition vinyl version last week. Existing at the intersection of indie punk and folk rock, and dealing with matters such as queer identity, gender politics, and moon phases, Tough Love makes for an electric debut from Erin Anne, as well as material for an exciting live show. Don't miss it at the Satellite on January 14. Take a look at the music video for "Tough Love" below. - Will Sisskind


Little Misty - Prog-Folk Band Latest Single "Keeper"

Little Misty are a progressive folk band based in Montreal. Their latest single “Keeper” is a slow rollin’ folk tune equipped with a dark feel and some jazz influences. The inspiration for the track comes from the events of a sleepless night for singer Kathryn while caring for an ill, new born child. The self-titled album was recorded this past spring in Montreal at Mixart Studios with Joe Grass in the producer chair and will be available on Valentine’s Day 2020. – Kris Gies


12.16: Shannon Lay performs final show of residency at Zebulon with Ty Segall

On December 16th, Shannon Lay will perform her final show of her residency at Zebulon, with Ty Segall joining her on the bill. Lay released her first Sub Pop album August this past summer, but to add to her discography with the label, she's just released the singles "Blue" and "We Mend" for the Sub Pop Singles club. "Blue" spins the often-sad connotation of the word into something more hopeful and romantic, with Lay's lyric "I will love you 'til my hair turns blue" setting the theme for the song. "Blue" and "We Mend" share a mellow, folksy vibe, with something more intense brewing underneath. Lay already has big plans for 2020, with a European tour set for February. Take a listen to "Blue" and "We Mend" below. - Will Sisskind


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