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Graham Wilkinson Refines His Sound With "Cuts So Deep"

Graham Wilkinson has never been shy about exploring the antecedents and outer fringes of the AOR idiom. Wilkinson's 2009 “YEARBOOK” memorably ranged from ballads to heavy riffs to ska, snagging appearances from local luminaries Alejandro Escovedo and Hayes Carll for even more variety.  2016's effort “Because of You'' brought as much reggae to the table as rock.  


That early work was enjoyable, but it was also uneven. “Cuts So Deep,” which dropped on March 5, feels like Wilkinson finally found his own idiom. The title track finds a classic rock rhythm that, while liberally seasoned with twangy vocals and electric blues licks, sticks with straight ahead rock and heartbreak lyrics. 


Other tracks go further afield, but all of “Cuts So Deep” gives a sense of consistent, settled skill. Wilkinson is in full control of his powers here – his forays into reggae and blues feel less scattershot now – they're built on a solid foundation of chops, riffs and hummable hooks. “Cuts So Deep” may not have as much experimentation as earlier efforts, but what is here is consistently excellent.


A final note – Graham Wilkinson had more to overcome on this album than a shift in genre. “Cuts So Deep” is Wilkinson's first full album since suffering a severe hand fracture.


It does us old Austin heads good to have him back and at his best.



- Matt Salter


“Cuts So Deep” is available for digital download now. A vinyl is due out in July 2021.


Zach Person Gets Loud at Geraldine’s for a Live Performance and New LP

There will be an outdoor, socially-distanced show at Empire Control Room on April 2, 2021 for Zach Person’s LP release. The LP features some tracks already available on the EP and special gems that he treated the audience to at Geraldine’s on March 10th. 


In the wake of Texas’ reopening and lifted mask mandate, BlackDenim Records hosts a safe, socially-distanced private showing at Geraldine’s for their premiere artist, Zach Person. For all of those who feel they are still on the bizarro side of reality, Zach Person’s uninhibited rock offers an assuring remedy. Yes, rock is alive and yes, life is strange. 


Doused in blue lights, the stage is set for Zach’s stellar vocals and handsome guitars with his impressive drummer, Jake Wyble, by his side. His vintage microphone projects his belting voice to fill the swanky venue. As he transitions to “Radio Man,” a new track from the LP, his crooning “ooh-ohs” and the catchy chorus capture the affection of the audience. The sound waves and sheer passion send the drapes flying and windows shaking. He moves into “How Long,” a song born from his quarantine experience  —  and a song worthy of bobbing, gyrating and romping about. Since the small group of invited guests are observing social distancing, dancing appears limited to clapping in rhythm and shoulder shaking for now… but the thunderous amplifiers — which are also retro — lead the imagination to wander, and crave the very near future of bodies dancing freely. 


Zach’s artistry is immediately apparent, and so is his humble, kind demeanor. Each guest received an EP and Zach made rounds to greet each table — mask on, of course — his charismatic scorpio presence beaming through. Laudable comparisons have already been made — Zach’s name has been mentioned next to Lenny Kravitz, The Black Keys and Gary Clark Jr. — but this youthful artist is carving out his own space for his own name. 


Back to the show — there is a walking disco ball and $200 martini on the menu. The experience paints an interesting contrast of a blaring rock band playing in an upscale cafe. It feels like we should be rowdy in the presence of rock and roll, and that day will come, but the event is organized, smooth and polished. Nearing the end of the set list, Zach plays a demo track that made it to the LP. It’s a softer tune without percussion that highlights his clean guitar and songwriting skills. He closes the performance with “Can’t Stop Running,” which will surely be a takeaway anthem from the album. Live, loud music is out there and making its safe way back to our city. 


- Mel Green


Gypsy Brydge - Blistering Rock n' Roll Debut "Up Jumped the Devil"

Long haired dudes from Hamilton. This power trio play serious rock n’ roll that ranges from glam rock to the blues. You can hear this on their debut single “Up Jumped The Devil” which features a harmonica intro, a KISS inspired party rockin’ verse, shredding interludes and a thrash solo. Crank it up! Their next gig is at Stonewalls in Hamilton on February 29th. – Kris Gies


Jam FLEXÏ’s varied noisy debut “EP I,” plays Our Wicked Lady 12.4

Post-punk outfit FLEXÏ’s debut effort EP I is a scorching affair, marked by aggressive deadpan vocal performances, acid-washed guitars, and a seemingly unstoppable momentum. Starting on a stuttering, syncopated invocation of the trio’s proclivity for asynchronous instrumental lines and a screaming vox (“Post Synapse”) and concluding with tactile, nearly spoken word trudge on closer “No Sense in Reason,” FLEXÏ explore a range of noise throughout the extended play’s six tracks, never letting their sound get stale. Listen below, and catch them on December 4th at Our Wicked Lady, supporting BRNDA, Fat Heaven, and Dougie Poole. Photo by Joe Saturday (via Instagram)


Happy Birthday, Deli Magazine New England!

There are so many things to be grateful for today: family, friends, good food, good times. Here at Deli New England, we are grateful for one more thing, and that is the opportunity to cover New England’s always-thriving music scene. For ten years, we have been privileged to witness the rise of talented artists from Connecticut’s New York border to Maine’s Atlantic seaboard. Since the birth of this branch, on this date ten years ago, we have had our many editors explore with delight hip-hop acts, indie-pop darlings, rock-punks, and so much more. Below you will find nine posts from different editors of this magazine over the last ten years. A big thank you to Meghan Chiampa for kicking off this journey and letting me know of the special occasion at hand. Happy holidays and happy reading! - Rene Cobar

Meghan Chiampa on Brendan Hogan (2010)

Chrissy Prisco on Boy Without God (2011)

Dean Shakked on High Pop (2012)

Jake Reed on Deja Carr (2013)

Daniel McMahon on Here We Just Dream (2014)

Zach Weg on And the Kids (2015)

Olivia Sisinni on Dreamtigers (2016)

Cameron Carr on Clairo (2017)

Lilly Milman on People Like You (2018)


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