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Newish Toronto garage trio Wine Lips has dropped their debut EP. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them a couple months ago. They impressed me then and this EP is spot on. Its noisy and raucous while still keeping you interested with catchy melodies and hooks. It opens up with a quick and to the point banger called "Slaves". They had previously released the tune "Dead Beat" which is a wicked 2 minute track featuring thumping drums and a wacky solo. "The Shakes" sings about what most of us feel on a Monday and has a surfy drum beat to go along with the controlled madness that is Wine Lips. The highlight of this EP for me is "Out of Control". Right from the opening riff you can tell it's gonna be a good song. The verse is tight and catchy but when they slam into the chorus thats when you'll be hooked. Add in a deadly solo/breakdown and you're good to go. This EP is available on their bandcamp page for only 5 bucks. Celebrate their release with them on Saturday April 23rd at Bovine Sex Club. - Kris Gies


The old new wave is new again with Order Of Operations, live at Alphaville on 04.20

The deadpan vocals, minimalistic electro arrangements and sober melodies of some of the new wave of the '80s are brought back to life by Brooklyn's Order of Operations, the project of Brooklyn songwriter Alain Paradis. Single 'Pheromones And Molecules' (streaming below) channels Brian Eno's commanding melodies with early electronic simplicity reminiscent of the early Human League. Lovers of that sound can witness Order of Operations live at Alphaville on April 20th.

Steve Wood Music's "Transformation" is a look into the eye of the robot

Tasteful in its execution, Steve Wood Music's debut Transformation is a well-rounded retrofuturistic voyage that avoids all the indulgences that lead to cheesy electronic music. It's dancy but not robotic, retro but not novel, emotional but not saccharine. There's an element of Tame Impala brand psych to be found in there as well, floating hand-in-hand with the textured synths and delayed vox in Wood's chosen space somewhere between lofi and stereo recording. Get a taste of the future right now and stream the album below. -Austin Phy

Nothing, Nowhere. weaves together various genres in 'Who Are You?'

In a world where the lines between genres keep blurring it’s no surprise when bands or artists create works the defy fitting into any one of them. What is refreshing, though, is when they do it well. Enter Nothing, Nowhere. With self deprecatingly analytical lyrics glazed over with a layer of anger, dreamy reverb guitars, rapping, and samplings from movies and readings Nothing, Nowhere. builds tracks that take cues from emo, indie dream pop, and hip hop. Thus forging an LP (streaming below) that explores love, frustration, religion and loss of faith with an unique style. Keep an eye out on their facebook page for any future concerts.

Mo Troper debuts "Star Wars" and it's awesome

Whether you're a fan of the Star Wars movies or not, we've all at one point experienced the "screw you guys, I'm going home" feeling Mo Troper's new track, "Star Wars" is basically centered around. This clamoring, relatable song debuted on Consequence of Sound yesterday, and speaks of a desire to stay home and just watch Star Wars as opposed to partying with a bunch of bro douchebags. Well, same. 

Beloved drops at the end of the month and Troper will be kicking off a tour next month in support of it, including two release shows in Portland.


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