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Ticket Giveaway: Humans, Blood Sound & Risky Disko at Underground Arts Tomorrow

There is a serious dance party a brewing this Thursday, April 7 at Underground Arts with Vancouver electro-pop duo and JUNO Awards nominee Humans (who will be performing at Coachella this year), Philly dark/new-wavers Blood Sound, and Risky Disko! To enter for a chance to win a pair of tix, just send an email to thedelimagazinephiladelphia@gmail.com with the subject line "Wuder Wuder!" Please also include your cell number in the body of the message (in case of an emergency). Good luck!

Frankie and the Witch Fingers release new video for "Merry Go Round", 7" inch out now

Frankie and the Witch Fingers are a garage rock outfit with jingle-jangle arrangements whose slyly textured brand of psychedelia is disticntly trippy. The foursome have just released a promo cut for "Merry Go Round", a delightfully odd video in which a young, yéyé-looking femme commits a murder and decides to, well, dance to her heart's content. Its distinct, dreamlike ciematic touches are like imagining some lost connection between French New Wave and British horror cinema. 

"Merry Go Round" was just released as a 7-inch via Hypnotic Bridge.



Watch Rikroshi's Melancholic and Symbolism-Heavy Video for "Drug Lords"

Rikroshi is a band that seems like they get more polished in an exponential way with every new thing they put out. Recently that has included their full self-titled album that we previewed at The Deli last October, and which was fully released in early February, as well as a gripping new video for track "Drug Lords" from that release.

We've got the latter here for you today, and it is damn well-made. "Drug Lords" is heavily impressionistic and full of almost-grim symbolism that's yet somehow darkly comforting. Concentric collapsing circles, shots of weathered statues and religious symbols, and a triptych of the same image of the sun's strangely muted body sitting over the ocean (that coincides with the dramatic climbing piano climax of "Drug Lords") couple with a semi-transparent image of Bjork-influenced singer Tessa Bennetch that has her face mostly out of frame and looking away from camera as she sings, all of which is masterfully cut together for a video that combines with its song in a ideal and fitting way.

"Drug Lords" is the rare music video that takes an already-good song and amplifies its aesthetic, making it feel like this is the true version of the piece, it adds that much to it. Give it a watch below, and let it envelop you in its mood and symbols, and head over to Rikroshi's Bandcamp for more from this strong album.


Harsh Vibes Opening for Ecstatic Vision at KFN April 2

Harsh Vibes takes more of an introspective shoegaze-y angle to psych rock, but drops it out of airy, ethereal textures with an oversized Acme anvil of fuzz and rude, distended guitar tones. The pairing of heavy psych and shoegaze evokes bands like The Telescopes, but unlike The Telescopes, Harsh Vibes has the capacity and the audacity to seemingly explore both genres and all the space between in just a single song. The disembodied vocals are sparse and seem to take a backseat to the hungry, fuzz-laden riffs and textural experimentation. Harsh Vibes will be helping to sendoff stony, rapture-inducing, Hawkwind-style freak rockers, Ecstatic Vision, as they head out on an international tour. Come wish them well, and embrace a bit of sonic nirvana! Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 10pm, $6, 21+ - Bryce Woodcock

Magic Shoppe play Great Scott on 4.4

Back in February Boston’s psych band Magic Shoppe released their second E.P. Interstellar Car Crash and it’s a trippy sonic masterpiece. The tracks are guitar centric pieces with distorted vocals floating in the background and cavernous reverb unabashedly pounding in your head. With beautifully languid melodies pulsing rhythmically throughout the E.P., Magic Shoppe succeeds at creating dynamic tunes that manage to maintain a sense of calm despite all that’s happening around them. The last track, “Interstella Car Crash” (streaming below), is the perfect example of that. Starting off with with an uniform tempo, vocals echoing in the distance the guitars sputter evenly before exploding into a spirited riff in the final minute. It’s like watching a star collapse into itself in slow motion and then witnessing it burst into a supernova of brilliant colors and sounds– a wondrous natural phenomena of galactic proportions that leaves us with our mouths agape, staring at the sky in awe.



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