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Indie Rock

The Daisy Heaves “If I Could Tell You”

The Daisy Heaves have released a new single called “If I Could Tell You”. This is the first new music from the duo since their latest EP, Gramophone Ghost, which was released back in January.

This is Dream Pop of Ryan Dahl (Vocals, Guitars, and Bass) and John D’alessandro (Drums).


Cold Expectations blend folk and indie with grace in new EP, "No Panic In My Veins"

More indie than folk, more folk than indie, or maybe just perfectly both is the music of Arlington, Massachusetts group Cold Expectations. The band’s latest EP, No Panic In My Veins, opens up with resonant drums and crisp electric guitars. The lead song “Can You Feel The Distance?” displays rich harmonies and lead vocals that are rugged against the clean instrumentation. That same contrast follows in the Growlers-like psych-tinged track “Aliza Don’t Care” which lets its guitar leads linger and its choruses pop. The band keeps things cool and collected and offers music to kick your shoes off to; each tune releases tension. Cold Expectations are what New England cooks up best: comfort indie-folk music. Stream the hopeful track “You Are The Ocean” below and relish in its atmospheric guitar solos. Happy Monday, folks! - Rene Cobar

Jakob Battick releases folk psych collection Tour Tape 2019

Earlier this month Jakob Battick, the Berkeley-based musician (originally hailing from the great state of Maine) released Tour Tape 2019, digitally and as a limited edition cassette. For fans of quiet psych folk who appreciate a touch of drone and drifting off into spacey realms. A personal favorite off the collection, “Lilac Bloom” showcases more melodic moments and a lovely female vocal accompaniment. Props to Liam Herb for the crystal wine glass work on these tunes and just the right amount of mystical synth. Feels like just the right kind of tunes to stargaze to. -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor

Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker

Thrill Jockey is preparing to released a collection of songs recorded over a two year span by the duo of drummer Charles Rumback and Ryley Walker. The album is called Little Common Twist and was produced by John Hughes.

These are meditative, almost ambient, creations that grow and develop with each listen. There are currently two tracks available, “Half Joking” and “Menebhi”, prior to the album’s release on November 8th.


Elk Walking “Over The Hills"

Elk Walking has released a new single called “Over The Hills”. This is the first new music from the group since their October 2018 single, “Walk Away”.

This is the work of Savanna Dickhut (of Burr Oak) (guitar /vox), Julian Daniell (guitar /vox/ percussion), Jeff Sullivan (Guitar), David Thrift (Bass), and Tommaso Veronesi (Drums).


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