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Indie Rock


Ted Evans is a wild n' crazy guy from Kingston, Ontario. He's a busy fella doing work with various bands and solo projects . Now his latest release as the Ted Evans Band is set for release this Friday called "Pedal". The title track is an excellent blend of pop and rock from various decades. It's like Buddy Holly playing with the Odds. Very catchy tune for real. Follow Ted Evans Band on facebook and get ready for the "Pedal" EP comin' out this Friday March 3rd. See them live at the Mansion in Kingston on March 10th! - Kris Gies


Best of NYC Indie Rock: Readers' Poll top scorers: Baby Acid and Rachel Angel

Our Best of NYC 2017 poll keeps rolling and last week, after you-the-people cast your vote, we had the results of the readers' poll for he Indie Rock category to share with you!

Readers' Poll 1st Place Winner: Baby Acid

Readers' Poll 2nd Place Winner: Rachel Angel 

Our yearly poll winner for Indie Rock, Baby Acid, blends and bends generic conventions to create entire sonic spaces. The accuracy of their self-described "grunge-gaze" immediately becomes apparent upon listening. They use the fuzzy, screechy, heavy-weight characteristics of grunge to layer sound, creating sonic atmospheres that eventually take on the qualities of psych and shoegaze. If you're a fan of noise rock and grunge classics like My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Nirvana, Baby Acid serves as the perfect for vehicle for fusion.

Rachel Angel took second place in the readers' poll this year. She's the type of artist who makes music out of a sense of necessity. Her songs serve as a form of survival, something solid to hold on to in the overwhelming current of existence. The lyrics adopt the refined aesthetic quality of poetry while the content may as well be pulled straight from personal diary entries, offering a vulnerability that proves undeniably relatable. The sonic niche she occupies rests somewhere between fuzzy indie rock and alt country, with Frankie Cosmos-style guitars resting atop a cushion of atmospheric organ you might hear in the work of classics like Wilco or Phosphorescent. 

Devy Metal to Release New Single, Play Sunday Sessions Tomorrow with And And And

Devy Metal may be somewhat new as a band, but they come with all the spirit and vigor as seasoned vets. They've got a couple singles out now ("Greenleaf," "Baptism" and a cover of "Tempted" by Squeeze), but they're releasing a mystery single with us all tomorrow as part of their Sunday Sessions at Rontoms with And And And.

As always, Rontoms Sunday Sessions are free, so come here Devy Metal's new track and some Portland favorites in And And And. Check out Devy Metal's live recording of "Tempted" for Noise & Color's Cake Away Show below.

Devy Metal - Tempted (Squeeze Cover) from The Cake Away Show from Devy Metal on Vimeo.

Party at the Spare Room Tonight for The Wild Body's EP Release

The Spare Room on NE 42nd doesn't do many shows but when they do, they're worth checking out. Tonight's show will be eclectic, fun and free, which are the three best qualities a show could possible offer.

We're finally getting The Wild Body EP release we've all been waiting for. The cassette will come with quite a few versions of artwork to choose from, so if you find yourself a fan of their experimental post-punkcore dream rock (which you should be), you'll have your pick of the litter while supplies last, of course!

A bit of fun from Karaoke Star, the improv project from Cat Hoch and Bryson Cone, will be kicking off tonight's entertainment, with the gazey garage stylings of The Tamed West closing the night out.

Music starts at 9pm, so be sure to show up on time before the place packs up!

Pearla releases debut EP

NYC-based singer-songwriter Pearla released her debut EP at The Bowery Electric on 2/24. Pearla, also known as Nicole Rodriguez, has begun to stir up interest in the indie rock circles around the city. She's played a few shows with fellow rising singer-songwriter Belle-Skinner, most recently at Rockwood Stage 1 earlier this month. Pearla's first release, the single "Waking Up", came out last July on her Soundcloud page. It's a swirling rock ballad full of passion that might remind you of Alanis Morisette or Ani DiFranco. Listen to "Waking Up" below. - Will Sisskind


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