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Steve Wood Music's "Transformation" is a look into the eye of the robot

Tasteful in its execution, Steve Wood Music's debut Transformation is a well-rounded retrofuturistic voyage that avoids all the indulgences that lead to cheesy electronic music. It's dancy but not robotic, retro but not novel, emotional but not saccharine. There's an element of Tame Impala brand psych to be found in there as well, floating hand-in-hand with the textured synths and delayed vox in Wood's chosen space somewhere between lofi and stereo recording. Get a taste of the future right now and stream the album below. -Austin Phy

Brooklyn artist on the rise: Fieldings

We mentioned Fieldings a few days ago in this blog, and we've been intrigued by their music since then. This is the project of a NYC based songwriter who recently moved from Sydney, Australia to Brooklyn, whose first name appears to be Lu. Her 2014 three song EP 'Wild Release Vol I' brings back to mind the emotional expressionism and experimental droney inclinations of Lisa Germano's early albums, although the tone here is more subdued and the production sparser. In it, Lu's voice shines for confidence and tone, together with her songwriting and production skills. Follow up EP 'Wild Release Vol II,' released a few months later, picks up where the debut left off, with acoustic guitars blending gracefully with electronic elements, samples, and percussion sounds that are alternatively acoustic and electronic. We are curious to hear what an edgy scene like NYC will do to this already original artist, in particular now that Lu appears to have band mates. Check out our favorite single 'Idioglossia,' strteaming below.


Nothing, Nowhere. weaves together various genres in 'Who Are You?'

In a world where the lines between genres keep blurring it’s no surprise when bands or artists create works the defy fitting into any one of them. What is refreshing, though, is when they do it well. Enter Nothing, Nowhere. With self deprecatingly analytical lyrics glazed over with a layer of anger, dreamy reverb guitars, rapping, and samplings from movies and readings Nothing, Nowhere. builds tracks that take cues from emo, indie dream pop, and hip hop. Thus forging an LP (streaming below) that explores love, frustration, religion and loss of faith with an unique style. Keep an eye out on their facebook page for any future concerts.

Ludwigs bring their funk-pop to The Knit on 04.18

Those familiar with the funk-pop of '80s British band Simply Red may find a welcome reference in the celan, staccato funk guitar permeating 'QLC,' by Brooklyn quartet Ludwig (streaming below). The group doesn't quite play the mainstream card the way Simply Red did, but in their debut album 'To Be Continued' they do offer well crafted songs through a formula that has the potential to intrigue many. You can see them live at the Knitting Factory on April 18th.


George Clanton releases '100% Electronica' LP + plays Alphaville on 4.22

Listening to 100% Electronica, George Clanton’s (aka Mirror Kisses) new release, is like walking in a hazy limbo somewhere between sleep and awake. Not quite a dream not quite reality. Lingering between the spacey drones and shimmering synths, Clanton’s 80’s styled crooning explores love, heartbreak, deception and frustration. You may call it chillwave or vaporwave, but the '80s new wave's imprint is still all over it, although it doesn’t stop there: Clanton keeps us teetering, never letting us settle into just one spot. He keeps us constantly moving. Immersing himself wholly into his performances, often abandoning his DJ set and rolling around on the floor, his live performances are always entertaining. You can catch him at Alphaville on April 22. - Adriana S Ballester


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