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Electro-Soul from NYC: Frege

Named after German philosopher Friederich Ludwig Gottlob Frege, Brooklyn by way of Mexico City by way of Saturn band Frege explores the mathematics of funk. This live electro-soul quartet brings some fantastic stutter in your groove. Their unprecedented means of generating ambiance gives the impression of dancing in a black hole. From Victor De La Garza’s deep drum grooves to Sebastián Garrido’s boyish vocals, Frege can induce an undeniable shimmy into even the coolest demeanor. Their “Got Love” EP (a further play on their eponymous philosopher's moniker) is available on Bandcamp and a new full length is due out in June! Groovy. - BrokeMC


Get weird with Mobile Steam Unit - live at Shea Stadium on 05.03

Mobile Steam Unit (who recently made our list of the Best emerging NYC bands of 2015) is not your usual Brooklyn band. Their second EP, Country Raw, released this past February, is a collection of moody tracks that blend melodic and electronic elements in a personal way. While opener “Waste My Time In The City,” with its deep electronic synths and vocoded vocals,  sets a dark and weird atmosphere reminiscent of French duo Air, following track 'VHS & SEX' relies on a more classic pop melody, with electric piano accompaniment evocative of Supertramp. In the remaining three songs, things keep bouncing from eerie to airy. The band will be performing at Shea Stadium on May 3rd together with Silverteeth. - Adriana S Ballester


Preorder CAPYAC's New Album and Listen to Their Latest Sexfunk Single Here

Last year's Deli Austin Artist of the Year CAPYAC is back early in 2016 with a new single, and the music is as glittery and spacefunky as ever. This time though, the duo shakes up things in its attempts at making this universe a sexier place with every bit of power they can muster by having Potion, an alter ego of CAPYAC instrumental magician Delwin Campbell, commanding the spaceship with his debut CAPYAC vocal performance on gorgeous track "Talk About."

Potion's performance fits right in with the CAPYAC futuresexfunk vibe, but whereas the regular crooning of P. Sugz, aka Eric Peana, is ultradynamic and soulful, Potion comes in with a more subdued yet deeply confident and damned smooth timbre that is every bit as fitting to the coolness-dripping funk vibe that CAPYAC cultivates with seeming effortlessness.

It's just more goodness from these guys, who seem to be everywhere these days with their funky boat parties, future-leaning fashion shows and Kickstarter for preordering their full-length album, and it does our groovy hearts good to know that the reigning kings of Austin music (in The Deli's eyes at the very least, and with any justice those of the rest of the world sometime soon) are at it as hard and smooth as ever with the delicious beats and funky feats.

Listen below, and if you're liking what you hear, preorder these guys' full-length at their Kickstarter here.


Jocelyn Mackenzie of Pearl & the Beard plays The Knit on 05.03

Jocelyn Mackenzie of Pearl & the Beard is back with a solo project that's a clear departure from the sound of her previous band, which dismantled in 2015. The singer and multi-instrumentalist will be soon releasing her debut EP "Unlovely" and has just began a East Coast tour supporting You Won't. They will stop in NYC for a performance at The Knitting Factory on May 3rd. Check out the first single from the EP, 'Kids,' streaming below.


Caleb Groh has a little something for everyone on "Ocelot"

Ocelot by Caleb Groh is the kind of music you forget you love because not enough people are doing anything similar. There's the smooth electronic current that runs through the entire album, but Groh knows when to break convention a la the out-there folk leanings of revered freakpop headmaster Karl Blau. There's a delicate balance of being too weird for to be accesible and too vanilla to be memorable, and Ocelot confidently establishes a space for itself in the sweet spot between. -Austin Phy


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