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Violet Sands unveil "Airy Canary' + play Palisades on 05.20

Featuring the mellow vocals of former Savoir Adore lead singer Deidre Muro, the virtuoso electronic programming of French Horn Rebellion's David Perlick-Molinari (her husband and MGMT collaborator), and the atmospheric guitar work of Derek Muro (her brother),  Violet Sands can certainly be described as an uber-talented family group! The first single 'No Matter What' from debut EP 'Strange Attractor' sounded like a musical experiment aimed at demonstrating that quirky arrangements and intense vocals can coexist, and that cut and paste music can have a heart. Their newest single 'Airy Canary' is a more linear and airy electronic mid-tempo that nods to the sophistipop of the '80s. You can see the trio live at Palisades on May 20th.

Check out this Delicious Audio Q&A with Violet Sands about their creative process.


Hear Fog Father's Newest, "Trapped in a Web"

 *photo by Red Bull Sound Select

After sharing their tripped out video for "RIP" with us a couple months ago, Fog Father has now released the first single from their upcoming full length The Plague of Fantasies. "Trapped in a Web" is art pop at its finest, swirling between psychedelic, electronic and indie rock tendencies as singer Bryson Hansen croons. 

The Plague of Fantasies came from the roots of a collection of songs performed solely by Hansen, before the rest of the band came to be. Once the band fully formed the songs were redone to include everyone's instrumentation, elevating each track to its full potential.

The Plague of Fantasies is set to drop within the next couple of months and for a peek into the full product, listen to "Trapped in a Web" below. 

Deli Premiere: Notelle has confidence to spare on "No One Else Alive"

Sometimes you hear a song and know right away that it's going to follow you around for a while. "No One Else Alive" is the unshakably catchy new track from the unshakably talented Notelle, and it's got just the right kind of hook to dig itself in deep. The sound on display is big, in a perplexingly minimal way. "Anthemic" is an easy descriptor that comes to mind, but there's a measure of restraint in the actual execution that keeps the whole affair from becoming too bombastic. It's radio pop perfection, and you can catch the ear worm down in the stream below. -Austin Phy


TEEN announces June tour in support of Wye Oak

TEEN's 2016 album, entitled Love Yes, can be described as a playful aural kaleidoscope that follows in the footsteps of imaginative, brainy, NYC based pop bands like The Talking Heads and They Might Be Giants. Check out the playful video for single 'Free Time' below. The four ladies just announced a June tour in support of (awesome) DC avant-pop duo Wye Oak - locals will want to mark June 21st on their calendar, the day the two bands will perform at Brooklyn's Warsaw.

With all those crazy sounds going on in TEEN's music, we couldn't refrain from asking band founder and main singer, guitarist and songwriter a question about her guitar pedals - check out what she answered on our littlle Delicious Audio feature.


Panic is Perfect Release New Remix - You´re Alive (Cavego Remix)

The San Francisco based band, Panic is Perfect has released a new remix for their single, You´re Alive! Make sure you take a listen and keep an eye out for the band´s upcoming shows and music.

The “panic” in Panic Is Perfect has a lot more to do with adrenaline than it does with anxiety. On the San Francisco-based band’s debut full-length Cellspace, there’s a sense of urgent wonder that drives the unique, eclectic and undeniably accessible songs. It’s something also apparent in the band’s legendary live show, which is known for captivating audiences with instrumental sagas, high-energy percussion and soulful grooves that make it nearly impossible to stand still. The band sums it up aptly, describing their own music as: “finding a fire that burns bright enough to transcend your life; finding joy that can burn through the sorrow.”

"'You're Alive' is about finding joy through pain and how sometimes those two things can exist together at the same time. We filmed part of this video at one of our shows in San Francisco. As a band, our most joyful moments are on stage playing music for people. We we really wanted to capture a little piece of that experience in this video." - Mike Hoffman


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