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We Are Parasols

PREMIERE: We Are Parasols - "dim"

 Industrialgaze trio We Are Parasols are just like the rest of us - they see what's happening in the world, who the main propagator of all that nonsense is, and have been wracking their brains as to how to cope with it all. Like many creative types, We Are Parasols took to their expressive outlet as a form of release, but it wasn't what they originally had planned.

Today, they're premiering a video for their newest track "dim" off their upcoming album Inertia. The song itself keeps on with their shoegazey electronic, but the video notes on a serious movements currently happening. We Are Parasols guitarist Jeremy Wilkins had this to say on the concept behind the video:

       This isn’t the video we intended to make but it’s the video we felt we had to make. The track, “dim,” is the first single from our new album, Inertia. It’s a concept album which follows an android sex worker through a dystopian future. We sought to make a video that explored the same themes of the record; anti-authoritarianism, oppression, violence, and human nature. Much as the themes and sound of our record were drastically effected and shaped by the election of Donald Trump, the events of the past few weeks took a toll on our ability to make the video we wanted. 

      After several attempts at creating something nuanced, subtle and thoughtful we realized we were hitting a wall. Due to the nature of our album’s story it’s hard to portray our protagonist’s journey without images of fascism. Unfortunately, our real world is currently filled with disgusting images of fascism inside our own country and others. Without the artistic space for nuance or the willingness to risk appearing at all sympathetic to fascists we realized, as all good people have to do at some point, that we needed to change course. 

     So, we made an anti-fascist protest video. We realize this is a performative protest. It is not a substitute for concrete action. We do not intend for it to be. We have been in the streets and we will continue to engage. We encourage you to get involved also. #RESIST. 

And there you have it. Watch the video for "dim" below. See We Are Parasols' next show on 9.6 with Sex Park and Vacant Stares at White Owl Social Club. As always, #resist and #fucktrump.

PREMIERE: bdRm - "She Comes in Waves II"

 No Movement Records is ironically making tons of moves, especially by way of label founder Jeremy Wilkins. Not only is he a very active member in two of the label's bands We Are Parasols and Hawks Do Not Share, but he's since taken elements of both projects to create yet another, called bdRm.

The first bdRm release, Are You Friendly?, explored dark and moody 'jazztronica' with existential themes flooding throughout the album's lyrical content. This time around, we're bringing to your ears a new bdRm track from the recently dropped Identité.

Identité is a conceptual darkwave album based on personal identity. It's considerably broken down into four parts - the first focusing on birth, awareness and early onset damage, the second and third focusing on realization and healing, and the fourth focusing on peace and acceptance. Today's track, "She Comes in Waves II," falls into part one.

It's heavily brooding with a video to match, like a trip through consciousness. Check out "She Comes in Waves II" below and head over to bdRm's Soundcloud to hear all of Identité.  

PREMIERE: We Are Parasols - "No Movement"

On this gloriously sunny Friday the 13th, the Deli would like to cloak the sun's bright rays with a new, darkwavey track from We Are Parasols. "No Movement" guides you through its aphotic tones, baiting you with low tempos and hauntingly angelic vocals. Brooding and moody, the track is both calming and chill while still provoking sonic interest.

The satisfyingly hypnotic video for "No Movement" is hard not to zone out to. Its black and white cyclical machine work visuals calls for a droned mental state. As the second single to come off We Are Parasol's upcoming debut Infrastructure, "No Movement" makes a lasting impression as an indicator of the band's potential output, and more than substantiates their place in Portland's darker scene.

Infrastructure comes out May 20th on the bands' No Movement Records. Check out the video for "No Movement" below.


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