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Snow Angel

Snow Angel Gears Up to Release New Album

The Psych-Pop girls of Snow Angel, doused with hard hitting drums, bass, omnichord, guitar, keys and electric sitar turned all the way up to 11, are back with more sunshine, funkier jams and full moon, crystal power in the year of the monkey! In short, a technicolor rainbow cheer party, sing-a-long, group hug with a happy ending. Eight girls strong, can't go wrong!

Snow Angel, originally from Oakland, is the brainchild of Gabby La La, who is most famous for touring with Les Claypool's Fancy Band. Claypool also produced and released La La's first album "Be Careful What You Wish For..." on his record label.

Snow Angel self-released their first 7" record in April 2015, and the girls will release their first full-length album in 2016 on cassette and digital. Partnering with Off Planet VR, the girls will couple the debut of their first album with a virtual reality experience, artfully joining the past and the future into a unique musical experience. The virtual reality segment of their release will tell the story of the girls of Snow Angel as flower cats in space, protecting a cat nebula, getting blown away by a cosmic wind to Earth, and finding their way back home.

Flowers, cats, space, all tied together with unstoppable positivity and girl power—all available to view in a 360° virtual reality experience—what’s not to love? By contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, you get an all-access pass to “Snow Angel in VR”, all while supporting music and women in the arts.


Snow Angel Prepares to Release Debut 7 Inch & Plays Bottom of the Hill - 4/22

San Francisco based psych dream pop band, Snow Angel will be releasing their debut 7 inch single, So Sick So Cool on April 22nd. Snow Angel, which features Les Claypool protégé and sitar player, Gabby La La will be celebrating the release of their album at Bottom of the Hill on April 22nd. The dynamic psych rock band, Be Calm Honcho will be supporting Snow Angel at their album release show.

Do your best to support this hard working Bay Area band. They're self releasing their album, so buy a record and return all they've given to make their art and entertain the world!


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