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Skinny Bones

Video: Skinny Bones' "Sleep In"

Skinny Bones’ released a video at the tail end of last year to accompany “Sleep In” off of their album Noise Floor. This folktronica outfit from Jamaica Plain consists of Jacob Rosati & Christopher Stoppiello, and their array of pedals, triggers, and sequencers. The new video is fits their sound really well, disjointed but organic, and always a freaky juxtaposition of natural elements and digital splices and dices. It’ll definitely make you look at your breakfast a little differently that’s for sure. Filmed by the band and edited by Peter Ferris, the video is a really cool collaboration that resulted in a cohesive pairing of video and music. You can buy their tunes here. - Paul Jordan Talbot

Skinny Bones are pleasantly weird on "Noise Floor"

Upon opening Skinny Bones’ Bandcamp page, one is greeted by “Sleep In,” a track that is understated and yet sparkles with unique production tics. A ghastly pitch-shifted backing vocal supports the primary melody from below, an inexplicable crackle comes in and out during the chorus – and at 3:25, it all swells before disappearing like an apparition into a wonky bass line. The song is just one from their latest album, Noise Floor, a nine-track collection unleashed on May 6. Later on the set is “Jamaica Plain,” a delightfully odd tribute to the Boston neighborhood with a simple repeated hook: “Oh my J-J-JP.” Grab Noise Floor for a price of your choosing (yes, that includes free) and catch the band at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge, MA, this Friday. – Jake Reed, @jakejreed

Photo by Hannah Cohen



Skinny Bones at Discovery Zone, Thursday 6/13

Along with nearly everything in the digital age, the song writers’ instrument of choice has shifted from the guitar to the computer. The result is polarization of electronic innovators and the acoustic purists. Stuck in the beautiful and mysterious place in between, is Skinny Bones.  The duo’s psychadellic release “Skinni Dip” is available now. Its first track “A Moment or Two,” puts out a lure with a beautiful acoustic guitar riff, and then surprises you with the tasteful and inventive electronic effects. By combining environmental percussion, and subtle electronics the duo gives us some sounds I can say I’ve never heard before, all supported by solid songwriting. Check out “Skinni Dip” on their Facebook. - Paul Jordan Talbot


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